This is How Your Mood Controls Your Life

What’s in a Mood?

It does seem a little over the top, doesn’t it? A simple mood controls your life. How can that be? Well, moods are emotions and they’re anything but simple.

The reason your mood has so much influence over your life is that your dominant mood becomes your vibration and a vibration is the point of attraction for all things in the Universe. So, your vibration is attracting things to you constantly, whether you like it or not.

This means that when you think a thought, you also have a mood or emotion and the dominant mood becomes your vibration. It’s important that you realize it’s the dominant mood as not all moods stick around. Not all emotions have the same influence at the same time.

For instance, if you are awoken to kids screaming in the morning and you know you haven’t had enough sleep, you might drag yourself out of bed begrudgingly. And now you’re feeling agitated. In fact, just the thought of this happening can bring your emotions into play. Your mood becomes one of agitation before you even get out of the door. Stay in this mood for a little while and it becomes your vibration. Now the Universe is bringing more into your life that resembles agitation. This is what we call manifestation. Yet most people just describe this as having a bad day and have no idea why.

Moods create Manifestations

Because your dominant mood becomes your vibration, this means it is the point of request. Your request to the Universe for what you want. You don’t ask for what you want with your words or your whining. Not even in noticing what you don’t have. You request what you want by your vibration. Your vibration is your dominant mood and your point of attraction.

You are all constantly manifesting but it’s not always what you want. However, it’s always a match with what you’re vibrating.

So that’s how your mood controls your life. A mood is the tool (not just a tool but the tool) that you use to request your future. It’s rather like using a vending machine. You put money in, press the button and out comes your desired product. It’s just that most people aren’t aware of how their moods work so they are using the vending machine with a blindfold and then blaming the machine when it spits out what they don’t want.

This is an Inclusive Universe

This is an inclusive universe. In other words, when you are focused on what you don’t want and therefore have created moods around this, be they agitation, anger, disappointment or something else, you receive more of this. It doesn’t mean that if you’re angry you’ll have somebody in your face get angry back at you but it means that you will attract situations that make you feel angry. Just think about it for a moment. It happens all the time. Whether it’s what you want or not, you are still requesting with your dominant mood. Whether you say, I don’t want this, you’re attracting it, or you say I do want this, you’re attracting more of the same.

The Universe doesn’t even respond to your thoughts, only to your vibration which is created by your mood. Now your thoughts do tend to be the precursor for your moods, so it is wise to know what you’re thinking so that you are aware of where your mood is heading. But it’s not your thoughts but your mood that controls your life. Your thoughts don’t become things, but your moods do bring those thoughts to life.

Remember, you are in an inclusive Universe. You can’t hang around in a mood and then say but I don’t want that, anymore than you can press a button on the vending machine and then say “but don’t give it to me because I really don’t want it”.  Just like the vending machine, the solution is to press the button of what you do want.

Every Journey Begins With a Thought

Your thoughts are your choice. It may sometimes feel as though the world is tearing your emotions in every direction. But you always have the choice to change your thoughts and emotions or moods at any time. You don’t need to become a victim of your environment because when that happens it means you will attract a whole lot of what you DON’T want.

Making a conscious choice for the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel is the empowered path and if you find your mood somewhere that you don’t like, then make a choice to change them and observe something else. When you begin to become sensitive to your own moods then you can make choices before they become a vibration. Therefore, your mood still controls your life but you are in control of your moods. You are mastering your moods and redesigning your life.

There are so many people that don’t have any idea why things happen the way they do. Yet, everything in your life begins with a thought. Sometimes the emotion is alongside the thought but the key to having manifestations you love is by being sensitive to your thoughts from the beginning. Whether they are formulated from your inner self-talk or instigated from what you observe.

Because if you can catch that thought early, you will be the one in control of your destiny and you’ll know what you’re attracting.

Your Mood is an Early Manifestation of your Future

Your mood is actually an early manifestation of what’s to come. Think of it as a loving warning sign of your very near future. If you like the mood then you’re going to love the next manifestation and the next. But if you don’t like the mood, chances are you won’t like what’s coming.

Many people have allowed outside influences to determine their mood. And that’s not a wise path to follow as it will give them more of the mood that they don’t want. Situations will manifest that will amplify what they’ve been noticing. And if what you’re observing doesn’t make you happy, then you’d want to be fussy about those observations.

If you have an idea that you’re being influenced by people, media, or situations then notice if you are frowning or smiling. Because not all influence is bad influence and if it makes you smile, then it’s worthwhile. For instance if you’re watching a comedy movie or listening to a funny anecdote.

But just ponder this: observations and opinions are allowing another person to determine your future. So decide whether that’s ok with you or not.

Because, when you think something they have asked you to think (whether a friend, foe or news reporter) and you react in a way that makes you sad, angry or many other moods on the scale, especially if it stays with you, then your dominant mood or vibration is going to request more. That means you are creating your reality based upon someone else’s thoughts and suggestions. So just decide if that’s what you want.

There’s no need to give your power away. Take it back by using these simple techniques.

  • Practice catching your thoughts so you’re aware of what they are. If you can’t catch the actual thought, then notice whether you are smiling or frowning as that will give you an indicator.
  • Interrupt your own thoughts. Interrupt your own thoughts and consciously look for something else to think about.
  • Recognize the patterns you’ve developed and choose something different.
  • Set your intentions to ‘Feel good, no matter what’.
  • Discern what you observe. There’s no need to have an opinion on everything.

Your Mood is Powerful

Your mood is a powerful tool that calls forth the forces of the Universe to create that which you’ve requested. So don’t take it lightly. Learn to Master your Moods and notice what you are creating for your future. Use moods to your advantage and create a life you really love.

So a simple mood really does control your life.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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