It does seem a little over the top doesn’t it? A simple mood controlling your life. How can that be? Well this is the part where I try to convince you of why I think this way.

What is a Mood?

Let’s start by understanding what your mood actually is. Your mood is your vibration, the dominant wind force in your life, the prevailing attracter of reality.  This is because you think a thought, you feel an emotion and your dominant emotion becomes your mood.

For instance, if you are thinking about getting up in the morning and you know you haven’t been fully rested and you’re going to have a fight on your hands getting the kids to school, then your thoughts follow a particular track. Just the thought of this happening, brings your emotions into play. Think about it for long enough and you are now in an agitated mood. Whether angry, disgruntled, disappointed or overwhelmed, that is your current mood.

Mood is your Universal Request

Because your current mood is your vibration, this means it is the point of request. Your request to the Universe for what you want. You don’t ask for what you want with your words or your whining. Not even in noticing what you don’t have. You request what you want by your vibration. Your vibration is your dominant mood.

So now tell me your mood isn’t important. Your mood is the tool used to request your future. Rather like a vending machine. You put the money in and press the button and out comes what you pressed. You put the thoughts in, your mood is the button and so that’s what you get.

Let me explain further. Your request to the Universe is always for more of something. Just as you can’t say to the vending machine “Just give me what I want”, you can’t say to the Universe, “Just give me what I think I want”. Instead it will give you what you ask for which corresponds to the button on the vending machine. When you press the button of disappointment by being in a disappointed mood, then you are requesting disappointment. You are saying to the Universe, “Give me more things to feel disappointed about”. Therefore, it does.

We are in an inclusive Universe. You cannot emit a mood and then say but I don’t want that, anymore than you can press a button on the vending machine and then say “but don’t give it to me because I really don’t want it”.  Just like the vending machine, the solution is not to press the button if you don’t want it.

Every Journey Begins With a Thought

The button you press is your choice. You can make a conscious choice for the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel and if you find your mood somewhere that you don’t like, then make a choice to change that too. There are so many people who are living lives that don’t have any idea why things happen the way they do. Yet, everything in your life begins with a thought. If you don’t change it when it is a mood, then it will manifest. If fact, a mood is an early manifestation. It is a warning to you of what’s to come. So if you don’t like the mood you are in, I can guarantee you aren’t going to like what’s to come.

Many people have allowed outside influences to be their default mood setter. In other words, rather than make a definitive choice about the thoughts they think, there has been a habit of responding to people and situations outside of them. So, if you know that you are being influenced by others then just ponder this. You are allowing another person to determine your future.

Because, when you think something they have asked you to think (whether a friend, foe or news reporter) and you react in a way that is unwanted but stays with you, then your mood is going to request more. That means you are creating your reality based upon someone else’s thoughts and suggestions.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the thought of giving my power over like that.

So practice:

  • Practice catching your thoughts so you’re aware of what they are. If you can’t catch the actual thought, then notice whether you are smiling or frowning as that will give you an indicator.
  • Interrupt your own thoughts. Interrupt your own thoughts and consciously look for something else to think about.
  • Recognise the patterns you’ve developed and choose something different.
  • Set your intentions to ‘Feel good, no matter what’.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Mood

Your mood is a powerful tool that calls forth the forces of the Universe to create that which you’ve requested. So don’t take it lightly. Use it to your advantage and create a life you really love.

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