Your Attitude Creates Your Reality: Changing the Story in your Head

Have you ever stopped to consider that the world you see around you is not exactly as it appears? It might sound like a line straight out of The Matrix, but bear with me. The reality you experience is shaped by the story in your head. That’s right, you heard it here first: your attitude creates your reality.

Think about it – have you ever had a bad day because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, convinced that everything was going to go wrong? Or have you ever had a fantastic day simply because you were in a great mood and everything just seemed to fall into place? The common denominator in both scenarios is your state of mind. It’s the story in your head which determines your attitude.

Does your Attitude really Create your Reality?

Telling an old negative story is like putting on a never-ending, one-man show filled with drama, angst, and misery. It’s like being stuck in a time loop, reliving the same old tale over and over again. And let’s be real, who wants to sit through a show like that? Not us!

The problem with telling an old negative story is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It becomes your attitude. Your mind becomes so focused on the negativity that it’s hard to see anything else. It’s like wearing glasses with a permanent smudge on the lens – everything looks cloudy and distorted. That’s because your attitude creates your reality.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to live in this negative narrative forever. You have the power to change the story, to flip the script and write a new ending. Instead of telling the same old negative story, why not try something different? Tell a story of hope, of resilience, of growth. It’s time to give your mind a break from the drama and experience a different attitude to create your reality.

Releasing the Story in Your Head

There is always a better version of us waiting to be released from the bondage of the old worn-out stories we tell. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve achieved, there are always stories that we’ve developed from the past that now squash our growth. And those stories create our attitude toward life, the ones that then create our reality.

This means that we can never achieve what we want or become the very best version of ourselves while those stories are going on inside our heads. They’ve created our attitude, who we are now and unless we change them, we’ll get more of the same as last month, last year and even last decade.

So let’s begin the excavation of the story in your head.

The story in your head may go something like:

  • I’m too old to get another job
  • I’m too insecure to find love
  • I’m dyslexic or I have ADHD or 
  • I’ve had bad relationships or
  • I don’t look good anymore
  • I’m too fat or unattractive (yes, people do say this!)

But all of these stories mean that I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH and therefore I DON’T DESERVE TO BE LOVED.

Your thoughts are the architects of your reality. Change the story in your head and watch your world transform.
Gayle Maree
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It’s really your Attitude that Creates your Reality

If there’s something that you’ve wanted to be or do for a long time and yet you either haven’t begun or it’s come to a standstill and you’re still making excuses, then you have a story in your head. A narrative going on that needs to shift before you can achieve your dreams. And it becomes your attitude. This creates your reality.

So what’s the story that’s going on in your head that’s creating the attitude that determines your reality?

Whatever it is, this is what’s holding you back.

When you think about achieving that goal that you really want in your life, be it the job, the business, the relationship or even good health, what’s holding you back? Why don’t you have it now?

  • Is it that you don’t have know how to do something? That’s easily fixed.
  • What about that you don’t have the money?
  • Are you waiting for the right time?
  • Maybe you’re waiting on somebody else to be ready

When your Attitude Creates your Reality it can be Either Good or Bad

Whatever the answer is, it’s a story in your head. These stories are created by you. It doesn’t mean they aren’t justified but do you want them to be true? Because when you believe something it BECOMES YOUR TRUTH. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the truth for other people or even those around you, it’s yours. Therefore it creates your reality and everything fills in around the story as if to make it normal.

But as guidance has asked me many times: “Do you want to be right or be happy?”

And this is the choice you have. Hold on to the story in your head and tell the world that you’re right because you can see evidence that you are, or create a new story in your head. One that supports where you’re going and not where you’ve been.

Letting go and Reframing the Attitude that Creates your Reality

The only time people have struggle in their lives is when they won’t let go of the old story. They want to hang on to it and be right. But you have to let go of it to move forward. The old story in your head keeps giving you the same old results. And I’m sure that’s not the result you’re looking for.

I know what that’s like because for a long time I held on to the story that people didn’t like me when they said no to me. It was a strong confirmation that I wasn’t good enough and it held me back in business and in life. When I was younger it was difficult to put myself forward to get a job and as I got older it was a rejection that what I had couldn’t really help people.

None of that was true. But it didn’t matter, it was a story in my head that I’d created and it was running in the background, rather like an anti-virus software on a computer except that it was a virus. It was determining my attitude and creating my reality so it was doing damage in my life. It was creating a reality I DIDN’T like.

When I recognized it I could flip the old story in my head to become: every time somebody says no to me I become a better person. And so now I’m happy for somebody to say no to me as it means I become that little bit better every single time. 

How to Flip the Story so your Attitude Creates your Reality

Write down the story that’s holding you back and then flip it. Allow yourself to create a new story in your head that gives you back your power.

For instance:

Old Story: I’m too old to get another job.

New Story: My age is my wisdom and I have so much experience that can’t be duplicated. I’m a valuable asset to any company.

Old Story: I’m too insecure to find love

New Story: I feel happy and secure when I think about spending my life with the right person

Old Story: I have ADHD (or ADD) and can’t concentrate

New Story: I can do four things at once while most people are still working on the first thing

Old Story: I don’t trust Men as I’ve had bad relationships

New Story: I trust my own judgment as I’ve had lots of practice in choosing the wrong relationships so I now know what’s right for me

Old Story: I don’t look good and I’m overweight

New Story: I’ve taken up a new exercise routine and my body is improving every single day. Even my thoughts change my looks.

Keep going with yours. I’m sure there will be more than one.

Your Attitude Creates your Reality = your Future

You can see by comparing the old and new stories that they have a completely different energy. And where your focus goes, energy flows. When you notice the old story compared to the new you can see how you’ve been holding yourself back from the things you want in life.

When you want a new relationship and yet tell yourself the old story, then it’s just not going to happen in a way you want. It’s only the new story that will create the reality you’re looking for.

Have you ever had somebody tell you that you’re a dreamer or that you’ll never become anything important or do anything worthwhile? Have you ever had somebody say that you can’t? Or have you had them label you as who you were?

How You Create a New Story in Your Head

People say they are afraid of change and yet we all change constantly. You are constantly changing your stories to fit the evidence you see all around you. It’s just that in most cases the evidence is flawed. It’s the response of ignorant people who told you that you weren’t able to become successful having dyslexia or that you always choose the wrong guys. 

And when that happens it looks like the immediate evidence is overwhelming and so, in your mind, without even asking your permission, a new story in your head is created that affirms these statements must be true.

But they aren’t. They’re fabricated by you and without your permission. It’s because you weren’t aware of them at the time that they get adopted and become your reality. But nothing is true until you make it true.

So now is the time to challenge the old story in your head that has had a stranglehold on your happiness. Flip these to create new stories to live by. And when you notice the evidence that these new stories are working, your mind will adopt these as your new reality. And you begin to live a life you really love.

Here are Some Tips to help you with your Attitude that Creates your Reality:

  1. Practice gratitude. Start each day by listing three things you’re thankful for. This will help you focus on the good in your life and shift your perspective to a more positive one.
  2. Monitor your thoughts. Pay attention to what you’re thinking and question whether it’s helpful or not. If it’s not, replace it with a positive thought.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and who support your positive narrative.

This is continual work as you will always be changing your attitude because that creates your reality so you will always be excavating another story in your head. But don’t worry, it will get easier.

The story in your head has a massive impact on your reality. By taking control of your thoughts and shifting your perspective, you can write a new story for yourself and experience a reality that’s filled with positivity, joy, and happiness. So, don’t be afraid to let your mind be the master of your reality – who knows what kind of adventure you’ll end up on!

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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