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Master your mood, create a new life by design and begin to heal yourself and others with 6 Dimensions of Healing.

6D Mood Mastery

Creating Life by Design

How many people do you know that are kind or work really hard, only to struggle, forever it seems? We all do. We all know these people, in fact, you might even be one. It’s such a common story of society all over the world.

We work at one, two or sometimes three jobs just to get ahead. We save money and invest, to live comfortably in the future. We pin our hopes and dreams on hoping things will work out for us. That we’ve done enough and accrued substantial brownie points to live a comfortable life sometime down the track. Work hard now and reap the benefits later on.

This is creating life by default. Hoping it works out in the end.

But there is another way and that’s what 6D Mood Mastery is about.

Leveraging Spirit

Freedom from delilitating past patterns, emotional pain and toxic relationships.

Leverage your spirit to design a life that both supports and uplifts so that you become inspirational rather than educational. Step into the power of your own independence and take control of your life.

Leveraging Spirit awakens the courage to live the life your higher self knows you deserve.

Heal Yourself & Heal Others

With 6D Therapy you can begin to follow the principals of healing. There are 6 Principals which will help you heal not only yourself but others.

Healing isn’t about ‘fixing’ someone but about bringing balance to the person or people. The healer becomes the facilitator to bring about balance.

It’s gentle and innate. These skills were something we were all born with. It’s just that over the years, you have come to believe that healing belongs to special and gifted people. That maybe so, but we all fall into that category. 

It’s time to uncover these skills once again and the 6 Dimensions of Healing is the guide.

Why Choose Us?

40 Years of Experience

Mood Mastery Experts of 40 years combined experience. Gayle and Allan have used the 6 Dimensions of Healing to Master Mood successfully.

Humble Beginnings

We began at the very beginning. With nothing, both on our second marriage and 7 kids. It was a struggle and a lot of tears before we understood mood mastery.

We Deliver

A mood is simple but it affects every aspect of our lives. When we begin to master our mood, our whole world changes and a new life begins.

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