What’s the Key to Happiness?

What makes you happy?

It was only recently that I realized there was a key to happiness. A few weeks ago it was my ex-husband’s birthday and it got me thinking. When I was married to him, I used to go out to the front verandah of our little house each evening and wish upon the first star. Have you ever done that? I remember that Starlight, Starbright song from childhood.

And what did I wish for?  I wished for the same thing every night. On that first star I would wish for happiness. I wanted to be happy.

So that really tells you a lot doesn’t it? Because if somebody is wishing upon a star with a nursery rhyme for happiness, chances are that they don’t have it. So that was me. Desperately unhappy and unaware that it was about me.

There Really is a Key to Happiness

And it wasn’t until years later that I realized what I was doing. I don’t think I realized until after my divorce that I hadn’t been happy and that that ritual each evening of wishing upon a star for happiness was my acknowledgment.

So what makes you happy?

Here, at 6 Dimensions of Healing, we tried to define happiness and came up with many different definitions. 

  • Happiness is sharing your life with somebody. 
  • It’s experiencing a magical sunset. 
  • Maybe it’s being successful in business. 
  • Winning a gold medal or even walking a few steps if you’ve had an accident. 

Of course happiness is all of that. But those things only bring temporary happiness. Because once you have them and experience happiness, they become normal.

Next, we decided that the key to happiness is a feeling. It’s the feeling you get when something you want or have been waiting for has happened. But still that’s temporary. Watching a baby take it’s first steps, 

a butterfly land gently on a leaf, 

the sun’s rays leaping out from behind the storm clouds. 

All of these can make you happy, but its still a temporary kind of happiness.

As humans, we are whimsical. We can be happy at one moment and then slam the door in our own faces when we notice something that turns our mood the next moment. 

So How Can we Achieve the Elusive State of Happiness?

Well, we came to the realization that it’s actually all in your control. That’s because happiness is within.  Within you, within us all. It’s a feeling you create within your heart. And it doesn’t have to be subject to conditions. For instance you don’t have to have achieved anything significant or have somebody you love beside you. That’s just a wonderful bonus which can be happy sometimes or annoying at others.

But there are some misconceptions around happiness that I’d like to clear up first.

Everybody has a perceived idea of what has to happen for them to be happy. But it’s even simpler than that.

Are you Limiting your Happiness?

Many people think they would be happy if they:

  • had a soulmate who loved them
  • won the lotto
  • could run a marathon
  • could fit into those skinny jeans
  • had the respect of their peers

But all of those attributes make happiness conditional. Because they’ll only make you happy for a few moments in time. Sure there are other benefits of running a marathon, but if you’re doing this to be happy, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Happiness is not found in a can or a marathon, or at the bottom of skinny jeans. And happiness is not conditional upon whether you think you’re deserving or not.

The Key to Happiness is not from Lotto

And it’s statistical that if you aren’t happy before you win the lotto then you aren’t going to be happy for long when you’re rich. In fact, the statistics say that within 5 years 95% of all lotto winners have the same amount of money and feel the same if not worse than they did before they won lotto. That’s worthwhile hearing again. Within 5 years of winning lotto, you’re going to be right back to where you were before. Of course, you could be one of the 5% but it’s a lot to bank your happiness on. So that’s not where happiness lies.

Instead, happiness is something you create through thought, focus or meditation. It’s on call at anytime you want. And that’s powerful, because it means that happiness is available to you at anytime. Without anybody’s approval and without the conditions of outside influences. Without the lotto, the partner, the skinny jeans or any respect from others.

When people study the happiest people in the world, they’re from countries that have little and they don’t want for much. They’ve learned to find happiness in every day things. Constantly.

So what is the Key to Happiness?

It’s a conscious attitude. A choice to be happy, no matter what. No matter what’s going on around you, the type of day it is, how much money you have to which government is in power.

It’s simply the observation of something in a way that makes you happy. That something can be anything. But it’s about having a trained perspective. Deciding to notice life in a way that makes your soul sing. That means that we can see the world with rose colored glasses or tainted with pain. The choice is really yours.

And happiness is doing this consistently.

How people perceive the world, is often by looking at life through the layers of their experience. This is a default setting and is often referred to as baggage and that’s what taints those glasses that you observe life through.

Look at Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses

So become the observer and decide to look at life through glasses shaded with the rose of your liking. Decide what makes you happy and then ask yourself if that would make you happy all the time or whether its conditional or temporary. Because you’re looking for consistency here.

If you want to be a happy person, you get to decide what makes you happy and chances are you’ll decide the same as I did. That it’s more important to be in control of your own happiness than to try and control people and events outside of you so that you can feel happy for a short time.

Begin with Happiness and Love Before you Even Get Out of Bed

The rest is just practice. Choosing to look at things in a way that makes you happy takes practice. It begins with breathing the feeling of love into your heart each and every morning to begin your day.

Put your hand on your heart and breath love into your heart center. Long breaths in and long breaths out. Do this for 3 minutes and feel your frequency shift gears.

And when you feel love, you are happy. This is a gift you can give yourself. It’s free and it’s available to you at each and every moment of the day or night. And it’s a wonderful way to begin your day before you even get out of bed.

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a commitment you make daily. It’s made up of tiny repeated moments of feeling happy and it’s your natural state of being.

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