What’s an Energy Field?

Does everybody have an Energy Field?

Everything has an energy field. Many people are aware they have their own personal energy field but they don’t really know what it is. 

Imagine a gossamer interconnected web of neurons and particles. So fine that it’s invisible to the naked eye and yet it closets you entirely, like a blanket. This highly sensitive blanket acts as a signal or communication field.

Everybody has an energy field. Sometimes it’s smooth and continuous and other times it is broken and jagged.

How does an Energy Field work?

An energy field can be likened to fly paper. Rather than ask what it is, it’s easier to notice what’s caught in it.

But the flies come from inside your energy field and not outside. The flies are the myriad of emotions and past events caught up in your energy field that weighs you down and make you feel dense and heavy.  This can be noticed by some in the murky colors of an energy field. It can be felt by others as they visibly cringe or react unfavorably to the display of murky energy before them.

Your Energy Field Communicates

Some emotions have become so dense in matter that they store themselves in the reserves of your body. As weight or stress, illness, disease. But always it is displayed in your energy field. This means your energy field is a petrie dish of mixed emotions.

When somebody presses your buttons it’s because your energy field is ready to erupt . That’s called activation. You may get angry, upset, depressed, sullen, resentful, you fight back or many other emotions that are disempowering and serve to weaken your energy. Often it’s a reaction and it seems automatic. So Why does it seem that you do that every time? It’s that you’ve conditioned your mind and your body to do so. 

Because you’ve already responded in this way in the past, you’ve sent each of the billions of cells in your body information about how you want them to handle these situations.

Providing the Manual for your Energy Field

Your cells do as they’re conditioned from past circumstances. They react the same way as before with the manual that you’ve provided. 

That manual could have contained sadness, humiliation, anger or whatever the response is. And we say people press our buttons. But really, we’ve pressed our own buttons by providing our cells with the same conditions as before so we’re not giving them new instructions. Yet we expect them to respond differently.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Once you’ve trained a dog to go fetch a stick, he does that. He doesn’t question whether you’re actually throwing the stick away or you want him to fetch it. Until you teach him differently he’ll go fetch the stick, repeatedly. Now, if the stick is on fire, that’s a different environment and he’s open to new instructions. And so it is with your cells.

So when you create a new environment within you, either from a painful situation or by being determined to do it differently, you also give your cells new instructions on how to handle situations differently.

That’s the beginning of a clear and vibrant energy field. One that resonates with joy and love and things going right for you.

How to Gain a Clear Vibrant Energy Field

To achieve this, recalibrate your body so that it will become unified with your mind for your very best outcome. It will respond differently to new instructions. The neurons in your brain will fire differently when they have new directions. This means because the body is now open and receptive it will receive a new manual of instructions on how to respond in a new and better way.

Secret to Recalibration

So how do you recalibrate? It begins with meditation. Regular, practiced meditation. When you still the mind, you can bypass the old manual and begin to shift the vibration of your cells to faster flowing energy. This is a higher vibrational pattern. Now, you’re in a position to create health, wealth and happiness as you have the cooperation of your body, mind and soul.

A regular practice of meditation, whether awake or asleep is necessary as the number one tool for healing your energy field and resonating with everything you want.

To Sum it Up

We all have an energy field that surrounds our body and communicates with the rest of the Universe. This energy field holds the vibration we’ve created through the choices and decisions we’ve made and how we feel about them. We communicate with others through this energy field and it changes depending on how we’re feeling and what our mood is. To raise the frequency of our energy field and communicate on a higher level, we can recalibrate to attract the best that our life has to offer.

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