Is Resistance Holding you Back from a Life you Love?

What is Resistance?

Resistance is pushing against something. Anything! Whether it’s pushing against something we don’t want or we think it’s wrong or whether it’s for somebody else. Emotional resistance is pushing against something unwanted in our lives.

It’s what we feel when we are arguing in our minds about something we want or need to do and just aren’t doing it. And it can also be as simple as not agreeing with ourselves. For instance, when you are saying affirmations.

  • I am beautiful
  • I love myself
  • I am rich

And your mind looks at that and says, look between the cracks. No, you’re not.

So the gap between where you’re standing and where you want to be is the gap created by resistance.

This resistance can be illustrated by building up ourselves with one hand by saying what we want and tearing our optimism down with the other hand by saying, well that’s not true, is it?

Resistance is a Measurement of our Belief

Resistance is the tension between what we want and what we believe. And what we believe creates our reality. So when our mind doesn’t believe what we’re saying or trying to convince it of, then it will argue the point and throw it out the window. And there’s nothing you can say that will convince it otherwise.

What we need to begin to do is question our beliefs.

Because often what we’re pushing against is a belief we have accepted as true and it doesn’t necessarily have a basis in truth.

Just as resistance bands need a lot of muscle tension to hold them in an extended position, so too does our mind use a lot of effort to keep convincing us of what it wants us to believe.

And this tension or a constant barrage of negative thoughts and statements produced seemingly automatically in the mind creates resistance.

Beliefs are not Always True

The beliefs we have about ourselves are not always based on truth. For instance, do you love yourself? Yes or no. Do you believe that you are loveable?

Did you know there are people who say they love themselves but they don’t? And do you know of people who say they don’t love themselves but they do?

Do you know of people that are loveable but don’t consider themselves worthy of love?

I chose this term in particular because many people were brought up to believe that loving themselves was a selfish thing to do.

When I went to school it was a taunt people used to say to others they thought were too big for their boots. Look, they love themselves. It wasn’t considered to be a favorable trait.

But I think you’ll agree with me that there is no basis of truth in whether somebody loves themselves or not. It’s up to them how they feel about themselves. What I’m getting at here is that there’s no yardstick to measure whether somebody loves themselves or not.


“The truth is that we are all deserving of love but there are times when we don’t feel loved, loving or lovable.”

Gayle Maree

Resistance Hinders Love

The truth is that we are all deserving of love but we don’t all feel loved, loving or lovable at times.

And because of this belief that we aren’t deserving or that we have to work hard for love, we do. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. so we then become resistant to allowing love into our lives.

So resistance causes us pain. It’s the tension of not being aligned with our Soul Guidance. And the pain can feel like anger, depression, insecurity, revenge, disappointment, jealousy, and many other uncomfortable emotions. It certainly gets our attention!

What is resistance all about? Why do we even have it?

The Importance of Resistance in Manifesting

Resistance communicates how we’re traveling between where we are and where we want to go. It’s an indicator of whether we’re getting closer to our Soul’s Blueprint or further away. Resistance is not a thing or even an emotion, it’s an indicator, of whether we’re getting closer to our dreams or the thing we want, or we’re moving further away.

Staying on the Path of Your Soul’s Purpose

You remember the kid’s game to find a hidden object. Somebody would say you’re getting closer, closer, warmer, warmer, colder. This is what resistance tells us. Whether we’re warmer or colder in relation to what we want.

Actually, in relation to EVERYTHING we want.

So, to connect with our Soul’s Blueprint and stay on the path of our Soul’s Purpose, we need to question our beliefs. And that’s something you can begin today.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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