What is a Soul Connection & Why is it Important?

What is a Soul Connection?

I talk about a soul connection in regards to merging your physical and non-physical selves. Only about 10% of you comes into this life in physical form. The other 90% stays behind in non-physical to guide your journey.

It’s called a soul connection because you’re actually integrating the physical you here, with the broader all-knowing you, sometimes referred to as your higher self, Source energy, or spirit guides. There are lots of names used to define the same thing.

You know you’re connected when you feel great. That’s what your Mood Barometer or inner guidance is for. To let you know when you’re closer to that connection and when you’re further away. So the better you feel, the closer you are to a soul connection and the worse you feel the further you are away from that inner connection with your higher self or purpose.

Does that make sense? It seems simple, doesn’t it? And it can be.

Why would you want a Soul Connection?

So why would you want a soul connection? Why would you want to feel connected to your higher self? What’s the advantage?

The single advantage is that it feels good, it feels great in fact. And when you feel great, things are working out for you. Inspiration flows, energy is high, ideas come that are incredible, you feel you can do anything and you really know you’re on purpose.

You notice what’s WORKING rather than what isn’t, solutions appear as soon as the question is formulated, people smile at you for no reason, others want to hang around you. You are very attractive to all sorts of partners and you’re happy. This is the place where you rendezvous with your dreams. It’s where they hang out.

And if you aren’t hanging out there, then you can’t unite with your dreams.

This is when you don’t have a Soul Connection

If you’re angry then you aren’t connected, when you are depressed, you aren’t connected, if you’re blaming someone, you aren’t connecting to your source or higher perspective. That’s why it feels so lousy.

If your higher self had the same opinion as you it wouldn’t feel so bad, but your Mood Barometer is letting you know, by how you feel, which direction you’re traveling.

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Are you Moving Towards your Soul connection or Away from it?

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, your higher self will always take a higher opinion in every single subject, with no exceptions. So if you decide to blame somebody or get angry at them, your mood barometer will let you know by how you feel, that this opinion you’re having is different from what your Higher Self’s opinion is.

So if your higher self’s opinion on the subject is one of appreciation, love or joy, which it will be, and your opinion on that same subject is blame or revenge, then there’s a discrepancy of about that far. That distance creates tension within you.

And the only way you can ease that tension is to get closer to the opinion of your higher self. You need to change your mood. And because your higher self is not going to budge from its higher pedestal there, it’s up to you to move.

To move closer to a soul connection and that’s what we call closing the gap. Little by little, moving your mood a step at a time to feel as good as you can as often as you can.

And you know you’re getting closer, because your mood changes. You feel relief as you get closer and you feel really great when you integrate your opinion with that of your higher self.

A Soul Connection is your Natural State

That is your natural state of being and that’s what we call a soul connection. You may not stay there and that’s ok, but you’ll get better at making that connection. The lines will become clearer, you’ll find the frequency on the dial a little quicker each time. So the lows will become less and the highs will become more prevalent.

Whether you know it or not, you are always being drawn towards a soul connection with your higher self, and the indicator of where you at any time in that journey is in your mood.

Using your Mood Barometer to Shortcut a Soul Connection

You can use your mood barometer to tell where you are at any time and use the mood map to close that gap one step at a time.

It’s not even a matter of IF you want to, it’s more a matter of when you will. And that will be when you want to feel better. That’s when you want to manifest your dreams, when you want that spiritual connection with a soulmate and when you want to live your purpose. It’s also when you want to feel guided and when you want to feel the deliciousness of all the Universe has to offer.

That’s when you’ll begin to close the gap, when you want to feel great.

Comment below the video and let me know when you’ve felt a soul connection.

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