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6 Dimensions of Healing Excerpt

Use the 6 Dimensions of Healing to access the Law of Attraction to discover your Purpose & Power and Transform your Life
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What are the 6 Dimensions?

Physical Dimension

Physical Dimension

The Physical dimension is about your body and how it responds to your environment. Every thought that you have is making an impact on your body and the beliefs you hold were probably formed many years ago.  So are those beliefs supporting or sabotaging your health? Hint: If you're in pain then that means they'e not.

Vibration Dimension

Vibration Dimension

Vibration is energy, constantly streaming communication. With our cells, our brains, with others and the Universe. Our vibration is determined by the dominant emotion and it's how we request from the Universe instead of words. It's a type of telepathy but with the heart and not the brain. And because everything is included, often we get what we DON'T want rather than what we do.

mental dimension

Mental Dimension

Thinking is a part of being human, it's something we can never give up. But our thoughts define us, they create our personality, as they're different from everyone else’s. Even though we sometimes share opinions, you are the only person who can think your thoughts, therefore you are the one who creates your reality. No exceptions.

intention dimension

Intention Dimension

We have goals and dreams but it's our intentions that create the path along which we travel, each moment and every day. Intentions determine whether the path will be bumpy or smooth, what detours we take and how much we enjoy the journey. And we get to choose whether those intentions are chosen consciously or by default. And the difference can be huge.

emotion dimension

Emotional Dimension

Emotions come from the heart and are the connection with Source, your Higher Self. Emotions are the most powerful dimension as they determine how you live your life, the decisions you make and how your future unfolds. The impact of these emotions are determining your future. So are you in control or are they in control of you?

attitude dimension

Attitude Dimension

It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Your attitude is your demeanor in life. It's like a suit that you wear that becomes your personality. Processing what life has presented you with comes from attitude. And all of our attitudes commence as an inward observation before they turn into an outward expression.