Unleash your Potential with the Power of Forgiving

We all have Things we Regret

Are there things in your life that you regret? Because we all have them. And holding on to just the memory of these can set you back in life. It can stop you from achieving your dreams. That’s where the power of forgiving comes in.

Whether those dreams are to have love in your life, to succeed in business, or to simply be happy and live a life you love. It’s those things from the past, deep in your memory that can hold you apart from these dreams. That’s why we teach the Power of Forgiving.

What Makes you Want to Forgive?

When I counsel my clients it’s often the culmination of regrets from the past that bring them to my door. For instance, how they’ve treated others, the behaviors they aren’t pleased with and although they’ve done the work on themselves, life doesn’t seem to be improving.

No matter whether you’ve been victimized yourself or treated another poorly, these are stored memories that will hold you apart from your dreams.

Observing your Life from a Higher Perspective

But there’s a bigger picture. If you could zoom out and look at your life from a larger or higher perspective, much would make sense. Just imagine you are your higher self, observing all in the scene of life before you and watching. Not judging but noticing what’s going on and how you are responding to your environment.

From this vantage point you can now see that you are building up a wall. An emotional wall of baggage with every incident, that will be carried from scene to scene. From relationship to relationship, in love, work and play. That’s because you take yourself with you. There is no taking off the baggage, stepping out from behind the wall and doing it differently for some situations and not others.

The emotional wall that has been created over the years will influence everything in your life. Decisions, relationships, work and family. And no matter how much work you do to move past it or regurgitate the past, it will only serve to strengthen the hold the emotional wall has over you.

Many Emotions Benefit from the Power of Forgiving

Emotions are a little like flypaper. They don’t just catch the big, super-painful emotions. They also connect to the seemingly smaller emotions. These are the everyday niggles that run through your life, influence your decisions and affect who you are. They become your persona. And until you release them, they are living comfortably in the room you’ve created within. They stay too long, like an unwanted house guest, and influence the unfolding of your life.

Releasing Emotions

The simplest method I’ve found of releasing these emotions is in the power of forgiving. Forgiving is just a fancy way of saying to make peace and let go. But it isn’t about making peace and forgiving somebody else. It’s about you. How you feel inside, what you want to release and why you want to let anything go.

I’m sure you have realized by now that the only person that hate or grudges affect is the person who holds them. This means that somebody could have done something horrific to you and though it wasn’t right, your hate, shame or blame is affecting you heavily. Everyday of your life.

Freeing yourself through the Power of Forgiving

Forgiving yourself for feeling this way will bring you peace. It doesn’t release the burden of another as how you feel has nothing to do with them. But the ultimate in giving your power away is by holding a grudge. The power of forgiving is about releasing yourself from that burden and allowing your spirit to soar. It’s about freeing yourself from the bondage of hatred and resentment.

Until you can do this, you will carry these emotions through your life. They form the basis of your emotional veil until it attracts more of the same and becomes a wall. And through that wall you try and communicate.

Can you see how this may not work in the way you want it to? Often you’re talking to somebody from one emotional wall to another. So your voice may say ‘I love you’ and it comes out through your wall as aggressive and is received by another person’s wall as ‘you’re pushing me away’.

Freeing Yourself from Pain

There is a method I’ve used and continue to do so today.

It’s called the Power of Forgiving.

Take some time for yourself and ponder the past. Whatever comes up, forgive yourself.

For instance, when I’m thinking of the way I spoke to somebody in a way that was agitated or annoyed, I apologize to the person inwardly and forgive myself for speaking that way. In this way, I feel forgiveness wash over me.

It’s important that this feels genuine. If I don’t feel it, I don’t do it.

So it’s easier to begin with the little things. Rather than the betrayal as a child or the abuse from a relative, begin to forgive the smaller things.

You know, the person you were short with. The best friend that you weren’t there for when they needed you.

Let the memories flow.

Forgiving Yourself is Key

When it gets to the harder stuff, like those big flies that are caught in the flypaper, make sure you forgive yourself and not the action. For instance, forgive yourself for feeling guilty. Forgive yourself for not supporting yourself, for blaming yourself, for feeling like a victim. And keep going until there’s nothing left.

Forgive YOURSELF, that’s the key. Even if you’ve been abused as a child, most people harbor guilt over the event, with anger or hatred. Forgive yourself for this emotion that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Then do a meditation and gather all of the residue into a vortex and shed light into the pile. Darkness cannot survive in the light and therefore you’re transforming matter into energy.

This is the process of dissolving your emotional wall through the power of forgiving. Forgiving is a powerful process that can give you your life back. And puts you on the path to your dreams.

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