It’s a little difficult to create New Year’s resolutions when you haven’t reflected on the year just gone. A New Year’s reflection is a powerful pattern to develop for the end of every year. It’s also imperative to the success of any New Year’s resolution.

Why Reflect on The Past?

It’s the past that is bulging with insights in the form of gems for moving forward. When we reflect on what has been, what we gained, where we fell short and what we loved, we are uncovering a plethora of nuggets which, when polished, will be used to shine a path towards the future.

Reflection is a part of moving forward. But not just the next step, the next step in a direction we want to go. Often we think we are moving in a direction we will love when we get there, only to find, years down the track that we indeed got a bit lost along the way. We aren’t where we want to be at all. I don’t want this to be you.

Using A Barometer To Guide Your Path

A New Year’s Reflection can act as a barometer to help us reassess and re-steer ourselves on the course we really want. The one which makes our heart sing.

This is an opportunity to press the reset button and make different decisions. Because when we slide from one year to the next, without taking time to assess the past, we can easily slide into more of the same. If that more of the same is joy and fun and wonderful abundance, then slide away. If it’s not, then some reflection can prevent the past from repeating itself.

Reflection not Regurgitation

This isn’t a time to blame ourselves for the things we’ve done wrong or that haven’t happened. Nor is it a time to regurgitate the past and why things didn’t go the way we wanted or whose fault it was. It isn’t a pity party. We want to reflect, not get stuck.

So there are 5 questions you can use to reflect on your year so that you can reassess and guide yourself on a new track for a brand new year.

  • What am I proud of in this last year? My successes and achievements.

  • What challenges did I overcome?

  • How did I grow?

  • What did I most appreciate during the past year?

  • What do I need to let go of and make peace with for this coming year?

Every Day Presses a Reset Button

Everyday begins anew. Each day we have the opportunity to begin again. We leave our emotions and moods behind every evening and the next morning we have a choice. Whether to pick up where we left off, or to choose something new.

New Year’s reflections are similar. Rather than the day before, it’s the year before. We get an opportunity to choose something new, or carry on right where we left off.

The magic of writing our reflections down is that we get to consolidate, right before our eyes and choose what we would prefer for the next year.

New Years Resolutions

Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, which seems to be a dirty word at the moment (mainly for those who don’t achieve them anyway), you have a written reflection. The New Year’s Day symbolizes letting go of the past and moving towards the future.

It’s not by chance. Joy, fun, love and abundance is never by chance but by design and a New Year’s Reflection is re-designing your future towards something truly wonderful.



Gayle Maree

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