The Power & Freedom of Energy Healing

power and freedom of energy healing

Energy Healing Creates Harmony Within

Energy healing is a method of balancing the body so that the cells vibrate like a finely tuned crystal. When we say balance, that means your body, mind and spirit are in harmony. People often refer to themselves as feeling refreshed, pain-free and lighter after an energy healing session. They feel the burdens of the past have melted away. Like the first Spring shower that refreshes and rejuvenates your whole being.

But is Energy Healing Realistic?

Can pain and burdens really ‘melt away’?

All healing is self-healing. The first thing to understand about healing is that all healing is self-healing. Nobody can make, do or impose anything on you that you don’t want. It may be true that those pills or antibiotics have filled a need in your body but often it’s only temporary because the cause hasn’t been addressed, only the symptoms.

Or taking the medication gives you faith that you’re going to heal so you are no longer fearful. But it takes two weeks to improve, which is about how long it takes for a virus of illness to move through your body naturally. 

For example those hay fever tablets may alleviate a symptom but the hay fever hasn’t gone anywhere. If you rub your eyes, they’re itchy again and if you believe that it’s the season that’s the culprit then each Spring you’ll repeat this process. Expecting hay fever, dreading the outcome, treating the symptoms.

Of course, we’re not talking about not taking medication or that it’s even bad, but medication doesn’t deal with causes, nor does it advertise to do so, only symptoms. Because, lets face it, it’s the symptoms of chronic pain that grab your immediate attention. If you can dull the symptoms then you can pretend you have it under control and maybe that it’s even fixed.

Energy Healing Has Great Side Effects

But all medications have side effects, especially used long term, even the ones that seem harmless.  For instance, my father has used the nasal sprays for his hay fever for so many years, that he has no sense of smell, so his taste has dulled and his nose still drips. After all these years and a few operations, he’s still susceptible to hay fever.

But the cause was never addressed and when the cause can no longer be expressed through a particular symptom, it will find another path. The cause will always find a way of expressing itself. Rather like water that when the path is blocked, it creates another tributary. But you can’t stop the water.

So when you take medication for a headache without addressing the cause, the stress that has caused the headache will move it’s way to your neck, your shoulders, arms, even your heart to express itself. It needs to release somehow. It’s a release for a cause rather like a pressure valve. A problem or imbalance has been created which we call the cause and it needs to erupt from your body somewhere.

Whether it’s a pimple, a headache or a tumor.

Two Vital Ingredients for Healing

Many surgeons have come to understand that to have the best healing results from surgery, you need two things:

  1. A positive mindset and
  2. Somebody who loves and supports you

Without one of those two vital ingredients, their success is diminished. We have met people through our healing clinic who have been refused surgery because of the lack of one of those two requirements for a successful outcome.

Surgeons know they can do many things but recovery is in your hands. Because that’s when the healing begins. And it’s an inner journey.

Prevention is a Healthy Solution

Of course, the fastest path to health and harmony within the body is prevention, but sometimes the best food and positive attitude just don’t guarantee health for your whole life. Things can sneak up on you sometimes, without you even realizing it.

So, to suggest you travel through your whole life without any adverse symptoms and if you have them you’ve failed, is unreasonable. Poor health or accidents can happen to anyone. And there are many reasons for this.

There are two paths here:

  1. one is prevention and the tools that are needed
  2. the second is healing an imbalance and restoring harmony

Even though you may hand your power over or even share it with another, whether it’s a doctor, a therapist, a healer or a parent, ultimately you are the only person who can actually allow healing into your life. You are the creator of your own harmony.

3 Ways to Help Prevent Dis-ease

Here are 3 ways to help prevent dis-ease.

This requires creating new patterns that consist of:

  1. Meditation
  2. Positive Self-talk
  3. Optimistic Mindset – looking for things to feel good about

We call it simply: sit, flip and love. Because it’s much easier to stop an avalanche at the beginning when it’s a snowflake than when it’s tumbling down the mountain by the ton. So, to create new patterns now, when you’re healthy is much easier than waiting until you’re in chronic pain.

SIT – Meditation or relaxation has an enormous amount of beneficial properties. It can stop the mind chatter that’s out of control, it can reset the body and also help you to get clarity in your life. If you are in chronic pain the major benefit is feeling the benefits of a neutral space. In other words, finding a space of no-pain in the spaces in between thoughts. Meditation and visualization are used in hospitals with chronic pain sufferers to help reduce their pain, especially with kids or when medication no longer works.

FLIP – Everybody knows that positive thoughts are better than negative ones. But not everybody is a positive person. We are all born with the ability to reach for either positive or negative thoughts in a situation. What determines whether you choose positive or negative consistently is your personality and your environment. But this only determines what you naturally reach for. You have the ability to choose whatever thoughts you want. That is the ultimate freedom in life. No matter what your situation, you get to choose which direction your thoughts travel. You can flip those thoughts from negative to positive in a few short minutes.

LOVE – Having an optimistic mindset is a trained skill. We know that what you think and how you feel comes out in your body. So to find harmony in your body, mind and spirit, an optimistic mindset is a key ingredient. Even though you may not have adopted this pattern when younger, every situation is changeable. You can set your intentions and choose to look for things that are working.

This doesn’t mean that when things are going wrong that you ignore them. You acknowledge where you are and how you’re feeling and make peace with it. Love it. It’s there for a reason and doesn’t have to be scary. Nor does it need to command your attention. You are the one in control here.

You Can Begin to Use Energy Healing

This is How to heal if you’re experiencing symptoms

  • Allow the problem or feeling
  • Find space. Breathing exercises or meditation
  • Get some help. Find a healer that can help

All healing is self-healing but once you have put yourself in a position of fear, powerlessness or chronic pain, it can be difficult to do the things necessary to find harmony. Chronic pain dominates everything. Your mind, your body and your life. And just like that avalanche, it demands your full attention. So that’s why allowing and finding some space are the best paths to take. Because during pain, anxiety or stress it can be difficult to find the space that you need to allow healing in your body to occur.

This is where a healer comes into the picture. Rather than masking the symptoms, they connect with the inner you beyond the physical. The person inside who is whole and complete. They tap into the non-physical aspect of you and they hold you in that space of loving harmony, so that your whole being can vibrate at a frequency that is whole and complete.

Energy Healing isn’t a new Concept

It’s been happening for thousands of years in fact.

Raising your vibration isn’t new. You can do it yourself. But it is much more difficult to do when pain or anxiety is tumbling down all around you. So the healer acts as a bridge. They bypass your river of resistance, pain and anxiety and offer you a bridge over the top.

It’s rather like hiking across a desert and you find that your water has run out and you begin to feel so depleted you can’t take another step. And then somebody comes along in a jeep and offers you a lift to where you’re going. You wouldn’t say no, just leave me here to die, would you? You’d hop in the jeep, drink the water, and thank your lucky stars that this wonderful person came your way at just the right time.

Healing now is no different now to over 2000 years ago when Jesus performed so-called miracles. He held the space of loving harmony and he vibrated that health so that the people could use him as a bridge to where they needed to go. They hitched a ride on his vibration and it carried them to their destination.

Energy Healing is Your Tool Kit

It makes sense that if you are given these amazing complicated bodies that you’d also be given the ability to fix them if something went wrong. And you have. You’ve been given the ability to keep them in harmony, you’ve just not read the manual.

So that’s where 6 Dimensions of Healing comes in. We provide natural tools to help reduce chronic pain so that you can feel better fast. Use them for yourself and others you care about.

Gayle Maree soul guidance


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Change Versus Comfort

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So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

I’ve been with my Spiritual Soulmate over 30 years now and we still work on the relationship, we work on improving us, because we know that whatever we want, to get it we need to be different to how we were.

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