The Perception Paradox: How to Shape Your Reality

Have you ever stopped to think about the immense power your perceptions hold over your life? It’s a profound concept, that each perception can either empower you or hold you back from reaching your true potential.

Take a moment to absorb this truth: it is our own perception that shapes the reality we experience.

Manifesting Dreams with Perception

As a diverse group of individuals, we have all created our fair share of incredible achievements, as well as deep challenges and setbacks. Because of these experiences, we create a perception of how things will work out. Often, these experiences ignite a spark within us, and we envision how things could unfold for us.

We can become inspired, excited, and embark on the journey of creating opportunities. In these moments, our Higher Self steps in and declares, “Hey, you’re serious about this. We’ll hold on to that dream for you. We’ll nurture and watch it flourish and when you’re ready, you can come and claim it”. 

This is the essence of manifesting our dreams—a simple process that requires us to align our thoughts and intentions with our perception.

Our Perception Can Create Roadblocks

However, despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves getting in our own way. We may believe we are prepared for our dreams to materialize, but deep down, because of our perception, we place obstacles in our own path.

  • Doubt,
  • self-undermining,
  • uncertainty,
  • fear—these roadblocks hinder our progress.

Of course, we don’t intentionally introduce obstacles. No one requests, “Grant me my desires, but make sure there’s an insurmountable mountain to conquer.” So, how do we recognize if there is a mountain blocking our path BEFORE we begin the journey? Well, here’s the secret; it’s all in our perception. And that can be interpreted by how we feel.

If we are brimming with excitement about our future, we are allowing life to flow freely. There is no mountain, maybe just a bump or small hill. However, if we feel upset, disappointed, agitated, or even angry, we are erecting mountains within our own consciousness so that’s not the time to make important decisions about what career change to make.

Perception Shapes Our Reality

One significant mountain we often encounter without realizing is perception. How we perceive something and form an opinion about it shapes our reality. Yet, let’s not mistake perception for absolute truth. Many have perished defending what they believed to be the truth, only to discover later that it was merely their perception.

Perceptions shift and change often. Our lives consist of thoughts and opinions that eventually solidify into beliefs. However, these beliefs are not universal truths; they are merely thoughts we have rehearsed enough to accept as reality. 

The Universe Supports Our Perception

The Universe always supports our perception, without judging whether it’s right or wrong. Whether it’s good for us or not. It’s up to us to determine whether our chosen truths are serving us or holding us back. That’s the freedom of choice we experience in this life.

This is the essence of manifesting our dreams—a simple process that requires us to align our thoughts and intentions with our perception.
Gayle Maree
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For instance, if we firmly believe that someone or something is standing in the way of our progress, then indeed, it will happen. However, this belief is not an objective truth; it’s a perception we have constructed. Perhaps in our younger years, we felt disappointed and unsupported, blaming external circumstances for our lack of success.

Consequently, we adopted the perception that others can hold us back. But it’s not a universal truth. If it were, it would be true for all people and all things.

Perception Plays With Reality

One sunny Sunday afternoon, I was playing a game of quoits with my husband, Allan. For those unfamiliar with the game, quoits involves tossing a thick rope ring over a stick, in a similar way to the game horseshoes. On one throw, the quoit flew over the top of stick, and we couldn’t find it. We scoured every nook and cranny, surprised because we were playing on a veranda and there was nowhere for the quoit to hide. Yet, it had vanished into thin air—or so we thought. We laughed, shrugged and continued.

We let go of finding the quoit and continued playing, amused and still laughing at the mystery. After a few minutes, I suddenly exclaimed and pointed to the doorway. There sat the missing quoit, plainly visible. We had walked through that doorway multiple times while searching for it. However, our perception had prevented us from finding it because we believed it to be lost. We had created that perception. Only when we let go of our preconceived notion did the stray quoit reveal itself.

Perception Becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

  • If we feel agitated due to the belief that someone is holding us back, our perception will manifest as somebody holding us back. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • When we complain about the absence of help moving forward in our career, we reinforce our perception, ensuring no one will be there to assist. And the evidence will seal it in truth.
  • When we convince ourselves that hard work is the sole means of attaining wealth, we create our own truth of wealth being hard work.
  • And you may have noticed that we share some of our realities with others which only goes to endorse that perception as truth.

Perception Creates Patterns

Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous so-called truths that I embraced as my own. I mistakenly believed that when I told the story that was going on in my head and it unfolded and materialized, it must be an irrefutable truth. Yet, in fact, it was merely something I had conjured. A pattern created by my perception that had become a belief.

Last year, when we moved houses, I misplaced a bag of fridge magnets I had collected from various parts of the world. I never did find them as I believed I had thrown them out. You can never find something that’s missing, because missing is a perception. If it’s missing then it can’t be found.

Perceptions Become Manifestations

Our lives are saturated with perceptions we have created, which then manifest as self-fulfilling prophecies. These perceptions form the stories that shape our existence, and no one else is responsible for them.

Taking ownership of our lives is immensely empowering because it signifies our ability to control our destinies. If we dislike the story we are living, we have the power to choose a different narrative—one that supports our growth and fulfillment.

The greatest advice I could impart to my children, (well, the second greatest as the first is to never feel like a victim) is to pay attention to the stories they tell themselves. When you notice how these stories make you feel, you have the power to change them. If they uplift and inspire you, you are on the right track. But if they leave you feeling stagnant or disheartened, then you’re lying to yourself. So it’s time to change the narrative and craft a new story—one that aligns with your aspirations. 

Crafting Perceptions That Are Empowering

Remember, everything is transformable, and by cultivating perceptions that support your journey, your life will unfold in magnificent ways. This is the essence of self-belief—crafting perceptions that bolster the person you have become, and allowing the stories of your dreams to unfold.

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