Suppression Always Gives Way to Anger

It’s Normal to Feel Anger

So why all the anger and uprising at the moment?

Well, whenever you have suppression, there is a pushing against that suppression. Innately we all want to feel free. And if anyone suppresses people, they eventually get over the fear and because the suppression is still valid, you have the beginning of an uprising.

You can only suppress people by taking away their power and the most effective way of doing that is by fear. China has carried out this effectively for many years. It’s their tool for controlling 2 billion people and if anyone protests publicly, they’re ‘dealt with’ in a way that either threatens their families or nobody sees them again. Communist regimes have used propaganda as a tool to keep their own people controlled. But I’m not here to talk about politics or who’s to blame.

Why are You Feeling Anger?

I want to talk about why you’re feeling the way you are and what you can do about it.

We all have an internal emotional scale, we call a Mood Barometer. It was something you were born with and it helps you to understand both where you’re going and why things happen in your life the way they do. Even though we were all born with this Mood Barometer, very few people know how to use one, least of all those in power in Governments.

Your Mood Barometer is internal communication between you and your Higher Self. Now you can call your Higher Self anything you’d like, such as Source, Universe, God, Jehovah, whatever suits you, but this communication is there to connect your with your broader perspective.

Anger can Guide you Out of Insecurity

When you are in the thick of a situation, it’s difficult to find a way through, just as if you were in a forest, finding a path ahead would be difficult. But if you were to use a drone and take a larger perspective of where you are standing, the path would be clear. That’s what your higher self does, it gives you a broader perspective of where you’re standing.

The way it communicates that perspective is by you mood. When you feel great, you are aligned with your Higher Self. That’s the place where you can see what’s going on, inspiration is prominent and clarity walks beside you. It’s the path of your dreams and it feels really great. In fact you’ll say things like “things are just working out for me” and “I was in the right place at the right time” or “I was lucky”. That’s the verbiage of someone who is walking in unison with their higher or broader perspective. And we all have one.

Higher Self Communicating

Another way it communicates is when you are feeling depressed or afraid, you tend to give your power away and allow others to tell you what to do. You don’t have a clear path and can’t really see what’s right for you. You think you no longer have control over your own life. This is the mood that many oppressive regimes would like to have you stand in.

Why? Because you are much easier to control this way. You don’t fight back and you absorb all the information you hear as being the truth. Your verbiage would be something like “I’d better not do that” or “look out if you’re caught” or “that’s not the right thing to do” and “they’ll get into trouble doing that”. And it feels horrible. It feels powerless because it is. You’ve given your power away, for free.

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Suppression is an Inner Response to an Outer Conflict

This is what we call suppression and it is the opposite to being aligned with the Higher Self so it feels lousy. That’s the communication of your Higher Self. It says, the better your mood, the closer you are to your dreams, which is connection to your higher self. The worse you feel, the further you are from connection with your Higher Self.

However, there aren’t only two moods. Feeling great and feeling depressed. There are many more in between. These are the stepping stones from one mood to another.  It is very unlikely that you’ll go from feeling depressed to elated in one foul swoop, but it is likely that you’ll take the stepping stones of Insecurity and Guilt, then to Revenge and then Anger.

Anger is an Outward Response to an Inner Conflict

So now you have a chemical hotpot. There are many who have been depressed and are finding themselves in a mood of insecurity. Others who have moved to revenge and wanting to get theirs back at someone. Then there are those who have moved to anger and are lashing out at (on social media, or even shooting) those who seem to pose a threat.

Still others are discouraged and many who are feeling blame towards a person, group or government.

It may seem the world is out of control, but this will always happen after any suppression. The reason is that people are taking their power back. Even anger is a more powerful space than insecurity. Blame is a more powerful space than anger.

Anger is Normal Progression in Reclaiming your Power

But I want you to understand this because it’s a normal progression of taking your own personal power back after you’ve given it away. It’s not a wrong mood to be standing in, but you just don’t want to hang around there for long, because neither insecurity, anger nor blame are good places to live your life from.

If you’re feeling any of these moods, then you can keep listening to your Mood Barometer and move yourself further up the track until you come to disappointment, frustration, pessimism, boredom, hopefulness, optimism. Each feels a little better than the last. And when you get to feeling optimistic then you are really close to feeling great.

Your Mood Barometer is your Inner Guidance System

Your Mood Barometer will indicate how close you are by how you feel. When your thoughts take a turn to blame or anger, you’ll feel worse and when they are hopeful and optimistic, you’ll feel better and better.

You were born with this connection. You just need to understand how to read the Barometer. You also have a map. A mood map. It guides you those increments towards feeling connected and great.

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