Every Sunrise Offers A New Beginning

every sunrise is a new beginning

Not just a Pretty Sky

Sunrise is not just a color in the sky. Nor is it merely the symbol of the sun rising. To each and every person it represents a new beginning. The dawning of something new and potentially wonderful.

When you go to sleep at night, your mind stops the incessant chatter and moves into a peaceful in-between state. There are no thoughts of the day past, there are no emotions of what has been, your mood becomes neutral. It is the ending of the day gone by and is much more symbolic and beneficial than most realize.

Similarly to taking off your clothes from the day to have a shower, so too do you take off the thoughts of the day to go to sleep. And you know this is true because, if you don’t, you can’t even get to sleep. Your body goes through a transformation when you sleep, that’s why, when you are sick, you sleep often. It is healing for the body and gives the mind the time off that it needs for the body to rejuvenate.

Dreams are communication

How important your dreams are, is really dependent on how much they got your attention. You don’t create or manifest in your dreams. They show you what you are already creating with your dominant mood during the day. So it is your dominant emotion in the dream that is important to you.

Sometimes you can be very unsure of what the mood of the dream was. There was a lot happening but nothing you can put your finger on. When you can’t find the dominant emotion of the dream, it’s because there is probably no dominant vibration in your life that is calling your attention. In that case, maybe you want to make more decisions during the day. Decisions are directional. They pivot you in one direction or another, but you aren’t sitting on the fence or in the waiting place when you make decisions. So make lots of them. Everyday.

When your dream has a dominant mood, the question you need to ask is, “Do I want more of this emotion?” If the answer is yes, then keep on doing what you are doing. If the answer is no, then change your mood during the next day by using your Mood Barometer to gauge where you are.


A nightmare is scary by very nature but it’s also communicating a very dominant mood. You have no doubt as to what the emotion is. It’s letting you know that you have fear dominating your life and you will be attracting situations into your life that represent more fear.

But the question it’s really asking is “Are you ok with that?”

Indicators Throughout The Day

Dreams are always asking if you’re ok with that emotion, as that’s the emotion that’s guiding your future. They’re early warning signs as they inform you of what you are manifesting, just in case you had no idea.

But they’re not the only warning sign as you have many indicators throughout the day. Your thoughts, mood, the people in your life, situations around you, things working out or not. These are all indicators of where you are hanging out emotionally and what you are creating for your future. So if you don’t take notice of those, the dreams or the nightmares will also inform you of the imminent manifestation.

Nightmares often inform you of an underlying or hidden fear or emotion. If you can’t get to sleep in the evening, then write down the things on your mind.

Whether it is a ‘to do’ list for the next day or a conversation, keep pen and paper next to your bed. You might like to listen to a meditation to wind down. It’s advantageous to go to sleep in a peaceful, good or satisfying mood, as this is the mood you will pick up as default on waking.

Power Of A New Beginning

However, if you choose your mood on waking, that’s where the power of a new beginning takes effect. Rather than picking up where you left off the day before, you have the choice of creating something new and wonderful. A new mood and a better beginning. That’s the gift of a sunrise.

So choose your beginning first thing in the morning by creating a routine. Then each day you can be the captain of your ship by consciously choosing your port. Begin the day with a mood you love and the rest will take care of itself.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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