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Master Calibrator – Allan Herring

Retrieve your Soul’s Bliss Code with
Quantum Calibration

Quantum Calibration is the Intentional Rendezvous with your Higher Self, Inner Being or Soul Guidance

To move towards a Pain-free life. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

Retrieve your Soul’s Bliss Code through Quantum Calibration

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What is a Soul’s Bliss Code?

You were born free and happy, intending to explore life and sort through the experiences so that you could choose what you wanted that would uplift your life and leave alone what you didn’t want. Your body would support you and this would be experienced as love to share with all you encountered. You were encoded with this formula and we call it your Soul’s Bliss Code.

Many people have become so pinched off from their Soul’s Bliss Code that they experience pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. And although they know it’s not what they want, they can’t find their way back to their original coding of love, and peace.

But your Soul’s Bliss Code never stops emitting signals in the form of pain that cause desire, longing, frustration and determination to find its way back through your Soul’s Bliss Code to your Soul Path.

That’s how we’ve come to create Quantum Calibration. It’s the process of retrieving your Soul’s Bliss Code so that you can become pain-free and in love with life once again.

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quantum calibration

Transform it!

There’s no need to FIX anything as nothing is broken.

Immerse yourself in the Depths of Healing using Quantum Calibration to transform the Body, Mind and Emotions. It’s the ultimate love-lined healing tool and all you need do is Relax. We do the rest…

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How Does Quantum Calibration Work?

Quantum Calibration interrupts the patterns that are prevalent within your body. These patterns not only cause pain but hold onto pain receptors in the neural transmitters so that your body is convinced that it needs to protect you from yourself.

When we interrupt these signals, the body begins to turn towards its natural programming which is the Soul’s Bliss Code. This means that pain can now recede and clarity begins to shine through.

Quantum Calibration is an intentional rendezvous with your Inner Being on a higher level than you’ve been communicating in the past.

Does it last? YES!

These are quantum shifts on a cellular level, so the transformation does last. You literally are no longer the same person.

Of course, you can always regress to old patterns that don’t serve you, but that’s why we have introduced your Soul’s Blueprint.

What Clients Are Saying:

This man is truly God in my eyes! I suffered with an arm that I couldn’t move and was in such pain I literally cried for a week! All the doctor told me to do was take pain killers and have a cortisone injection in my shoulder, I went to this wonderful man in desperation, he was just fantastic! I had the best night’s sleep in over a week and the next morning I was able to lift my arm without pain. I can’t recommend this highly enough! Allan Herring is a master in his field and if you suffer from any kind of pain see him first. Thank you again, Allan God Herring ❤❤❤
Monika Kenny

Thank You Alan for your adjustment. I always leave feeling 10 x better than what I began. Having the correct alignment makes all the difference. I can think better, breathe better and function better, even sleep better – You definitely know what you are doing and make all the difference – I’ve tried chiropractors and they just do not compare. Your treatment is worth the it & I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Much gratitude & many thanks – Eva.
Eva Richards

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Quantum Calibration is right for you if:

You're in Pain

No matter whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or how long you’ve had it or what you’ve tried, this is your next logical step

The Past is Holding you Back

It doesn’t seem to matter how much personal development work you do, it’s not bringing about the changes you want

There's an Obstacle in the Way

You’re not sure what it is but you know that someone or something is stopping you from living a fulfilled life

Want to Retrieve Inner Peace

No matter what you do, your mind is controlling every aspect of your life. There’s a feeling that you’re missing something important

Relationships Aren't Working Out

You know you have people around you who love you but you can’t quite seem to give to them the best of you

You've Been Given a Diagnosis

Received a diagnosis that you’re not happy with? Well, before you go down that path, try the least pervasive method first

Just Needing a Boost

If you need to tap into that love energy that gives you that bounce-out-of-bed good feeling in the morning, then this is perfect…

Quantum Calibration

is the Journey



Intentional Rendezvous



What is Healing?

Healing is the process of bringing your Body, Mind and Emotions back into alignment with your spirit, higher self, inner being or soul guidance. It’s more than balance, it’s calibration.

Most people think that healing is all about the body but the body is in essence a tool through which you express your emotions. This can then be experienced either lovingly or through illness and tough times.

But healing is not confined to the body. The cells of your body eavesdrop on your thoughts and emotions and respond accordingly. Therefore what you think and how you feel really does come out in your body.

So for healing to be effective, a calibration of the body, mind and spirit is required. This combines the whole to resonate in harmony with the soul.

Once calibrated, you experience a new level of joy and happiness. Things flow in your life, opportunities show up in abundance and life feels fun. You actually become a person you admire. We call this living your best life.

And it’s available to everyone.

Allan has a gift, and was able to get me out of pain almost immediately. I highly recommend him as a healer, and as someone who knows what he’s doing! Thank You!! 🙂
Jean Renauer

This treatment was recommended to me by a friend and it didn’t disappoint. Just called for a tune up while on holidays. Allan was very thorough, knowledgeable and gentle. He got to the sore spots and sorted them quickly and professionally. I look forward to regular treatments to come.
Kate Pelling

Wonderful experience for someone who is new to healing and had some hesitancy…Thank you for being kind. My neck was my problem area and after treatment, I felt instant relief throughout my upper body and everywhere else.
Sophia McDonald

I came to Allan suffering very painful upper back and neck pain which was preventing me from performing my daily work. Allan soon relieved my pain. Thank you very much. I do heartily recommend this treatment for pain or just checkups to prevent this from happening.
June Dwyer

How To Use Quantum Calibration

Allan Herring
Allan Herring is our Master Calibrator

The only thing YOU need to do is to define your intentions. Quantum Calibration is a process that is used with a Master Calibrator in person or over Zoom communications. It’s been just as effective online as it has been in person. That’s because energy isn’t defined by or limited to physical borders. Just as you can love somebody up close, you can also love them from afar and it is the same love, the same frequency and the same intention.

When you decide to enroll for Quantum Calibration, you have already made a commitment to yourself that is binding. It opens the door to receiving the quantum calibration necessary to begin relieving pain or dissolving obstacles along your soul path.

Retrieve your Soul’s Bliss Code with Quantum Calibration

The Intentional Rendezvous with your Inner Soul Guidance to move towards a pain-free life
Get the introductory online offer for a limited time only.