Small Steps for Using the Power of Fear for Healing

Are you ready for a transformative journey that will redefine your path to healing success? It’s time to break free from the confines of comfort and wrap your arms around the power of fear. This is where we will explore the profound impact that fear can have on your personal growth and reveal how embracing it can lead you to discover unparalleled success in your healing journey.

The Power of Fear to Protect

We all experience fear, sometimes a little or at other times a lot, and it often helps us stay safe. Fear to run a red light or jump off a cliff is a natural protective mechanism. It’s when that fear gets out of control, in other words, it becomes the thread through our entire being, that we find ourselves a slave to our own thoughts and emotions.

But the power of fear is a double-edged sword as it can either empower us to move forward or it can cut us into pieces (not literally of course but emotionally). For instance, when we are afraid of making a move in our lives, whether that’s going for a promotion, moving to a new city or country, entering into a relationship, or expanding our business, our fear holds us back. We become afraid of taking risks in our lives and the power of fear becomes damaging.

The Power of Fear to Paralyze 

And every one of us has experienced this paralyzing fear at some time that stops us from making decisions that would change our lives, it’s just a question of how much control do you have over your emotions and how much control are you giving to the power of fear.

We all have a program that runs in our subconscious and colors the decisions we make in our lives. This program is a set of values and beliefs that we’ve taken on board from a very young age. However, because we don’t know what this program is made up of then we aren’t aware of the damage it can cause in our lives. So the best thing to do with this program is to embrace it. I know this may sound strange because with fear, our first impulse is to push it away. But, by embracing it, the power of fear begins to work for us and not against us. And here’s how we can do this:

Embrace the Power of Fear by Putting Your Arms Around It.

Fear is often seen as a barrier to success, but in reality, it holds the potential to transform your life for the better. When you step outside your comfort zone and acknowledge your fears, you tap into deep strength and resilience that you never knew existed.

Fear is actually a catalyst for growth, for it’s the discomfort that guides you to unlock your true healing potential.

Become Guided by the Power of Fear

As you navigate the uncharted territories of fear, let resilience be your guiding force. In the face of fear, resilience becomes your most steadfast companion. Your mind wants you to give up on this silly notion or idea, whatever it is that is moving you into the unknown. 

But it’s the unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities that will help you overcome obstacles and setbacks. With resilience as your ally, you will adjust and persist in the face of adversity, because it’s only when you give up that fear gains power. So it’s your resilience that will carry you forward on your journey towards your own inner healing.

Healing is a journey, and although you have a win on one day, there will be an old devil pop up, in the form of a thought or a challenge, whether physical or emotional, on the next day.
Gayle Maree
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Active Choices Mean Taking Bold Steps with the Power of Fear

It’s time to take bold steps with the power of fear because you hold the power to shape your own destiny. So instead of allowing fear to hold you back, take bold and decisive action.

BUT before you do this, make peace with the fearful situation in your own mind. Instead of making decisions when you are feeling that power of fear takes hold, step out of the shadows of doubt and into the light of possibility. Look for opportunities that light you up, so that you can seize each moment, and use the joy and inspiration you feel as a motivator for change.

It is through your active choices that you will navigate beyond your comfort zone towards your own healing.

Embracing Fear to Unlock Your Inner Healer 

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of your comfort zone, peering into the vast and very dark unknown. You carry within you a burning desire to make a difference, to heal and uplift others.

Yet, fear grips your heart, whispering doubts and insecurities of not knowing whether it will work out; if you are the one to lead, or what others will think about your choices. But in a moment of seeking and finding your inner peace, a space of light and courage, you take that first step forward. 

With every subsequent step, fear loses its hold, and the power of fear becomes your ally as you uncover new inner strengths. The challenges you encounter become obvious as opportunities for growth, and the fear that once held you back now propels you forward.

Towards your true healing potential. In moving beyond your comfort zone, you expand it and the power of fear becomes a strength, helping you unearth the hidden healer within. So that you can follow your calling on a transformative journey towards your own inner healing.

The Power of Fear is NOT Your Enemy

Remember that fear is not your enemy, it’s not a warning or a stop sign, but rather a catalyst for growth and self-discovery. When you put your arms around it, you discover the key to unlocking your healing success. 

Let resilience guide you, make active choices towards your intentions, and trust in your own guidance and innate abilities. Your path may be uncertain, but it is through recognizing the hold that fear has over you that you can let go of the resistance and embrace the power of fear to emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before.

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