The Secrets of Your Soul’s Blueprint

What is a Soul’s Blueprint

Your soul is eternal, never-ending and each lifetime you live is a small section along the path of your Soul’s Blueprint. The part of the Soul’s Blueprint we’re interested in at the moment is for this lifetime.

Before you even came into this life, you (with a selection of non-physical friends and guides) decided that you wanted to experience, the particular circumstances you required to expand your soul. It could have been love, truth, honesty, trust or one of many other threads. This is when you mapped out pivotal opportunities that were etched into your Soul’s Blueprint. Much like the lines on your hand that palm readers can decipher.

And the Soul’s Blueprint is just that. A blueprint. Just like a map has roads and an outline, it doesn’t have details such as houses, shopping malls and that favorite big oak tree on it. Our Soul’s Blueprint is an outline of our direction, it’s not a detailed translation. And it’s not destiny.

Your Soul’s Blueprint is Not a Destiny

The details of our lives are not filled in nor are they set in concrete. We have free will and it is us who gets to decide the juicy details we call life’s journey.

But, ALWAYS our soul’s blueprint is calling us towards it. Towards home.

Sometimes we find ourselves lost and way off-track and we wonder how this happened so suddenly. It seems that yesterday we were ok and today, we feel completely lost. How did this happen?

Our Soul’s Blueprint is key to understanding where we are in relation to where we want to go.

Because we grow as we travel through life, our soul’s blueprint also moves in the direction of that growth. Our blueprint mimics the ups and downs of our life.

It’s common for people to expect the path between where they are now standing and their next goal to be straight ahead of them, but this rarely happens as the path is ALWAYS winding. Nothing in nature is straight. Rivers meander, hills are curvy, and even holes are round! So it makes sense that life is also a winding path. And our soul’s blueprint is an outline of the path we take through life.

What Does Your Soul’s Blueprint Look Like?

So how do we know what it will look like? Well, just like the blueprints of a house don’t show what the house actually looks like, what color it will be or how it feels inside, and the lines on a map don’t show you what the road ahead looks like, or what the weather will be or if there are cows in the paddock while you’re driving past, your Soul’s Blueprint doesn’t show those details either.

It’s an outline, a guide that we were born with that helps us track along our highest path. Which is the path of our purpose, and the path of our greatest power.

You Create Your Destiny

Every aspect and decision of our lives creates choices or opportunities. For instance the school we go to and the experience we have there, what our families teach us,  even if we are abused.  And as you know, there are many more choices as we get older. Such as whether to get married or not, when or if to begin a family and have kids.

These choices are what we refer to as forks in the road. We call them a Y moment (a Y looks like a fork in the road). Because this is the time we question why.

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Why do I need to decide?
  • Why do I have to do this?
  • Why is this happening?


“Your soul is eternal, never-ending and each lifetime you live is a small section along the path of your Soul’s Blueprint.”

Gayle Maree

soul's blueprint

Transitions and Detours Along your Path

These Y points are transitions. And each transition either keeps us on our path or sends us on a detour. Every choice we make takes us closer to our soul’s blueprint or further away. The ones that take us closer are referred to as being in-the-flow and the ones that take us further away are what we call detours.

These detours could be situations that cause insecurity, guilt, even self-loathing from when we were a child. Because we can begin a detour from the time we begin thinking, which means we can be a long way from our Soul’s Blueprint even at a young age.

Our Soul Guidance is Always Calling

But even on the detour, we have transition points. And these transitions are important because they are the opportunities to reunite with our Soul’s Blueprint. Every opportunity is a Y moment and gives the option of moving closer toward our Soul’s Blueprint or further away.

It’s just that some of these opportunities don’t look like stars and rainbows. Because when you’re afraid or angry, you can’t hear harps and angels, you can only hear anger or fear. So the opportunities to move forward aren’t as obvious as the ones that you recognize as happiness and love.

That’s why we can find ourselves lost and way off-track and wonder how this happened so suddenly. Yesterday we were ok and today, we’re lost. Our Soul’s Blueprint helps us to understand where we are in relation to where we want to go.

On the Soul’s Blueprint Track

Being on track is rather like walking a well marked path through a familiar forest. It’s bright and breezy, and easy to follow. It’s an enjoyable experience. We know we’re on track because our mood is also bright and breezy. Life is exciting, we have a sense of freedom and inspiration flows.

Just like any path there are twists and turns, and the path is always winding, so how do we know when we are still on the path of our Soul’s Blueprint or not?

Our Soul’s Blueprint always indicates where we are in relation to where we want to go. And it does that via our moods. Our moods are just emotions we’ve hung around in for a while. But it’s our mood that guides our direction like a compass.

Find out more about your Mood guidance here.

The Biggest Secret of your Soul’s Blueprint

The biggest secret of your Soul’s Blueprint is that you are never lost even if you feel disconnected.

EVERYTHING that you experience is an opportunity to reunite with your Soul’s Blueprint which is the path of your Soul’s Purpose. And everything, your dreams, love, health, vibrance and energy is ALL in that direction.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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