Secrets Of Manifestation

Are there Secrets of Manifestation? There are. We call them secrets because few people are aware of the keys to manifestation and many can’t actually articulate them. To get what you want from life there are a few things you need to know.

Clarify What You Want

It’s important to know what you want. You find this by either realizing your dreams and desires or identifying what you don’t want. It is often by contrast that clarity is created. It often helps to talk over your dreams and desires with another person, as that is the way you can help clarify.

Focus Is Both The Key And The Downfall

When you have a dream and clarify it in your head, you refine it and change the details you don’t like. In this way you create a satisfying rendition of that dream. Focus becomes the important key to creating excitement and momentum which paves the way for manifestation.

However, when you are looking at something you don’t want and you don’t like, or you are filled with doubt, you keep the manifestation from your door. Don’t let time be your undoing. Your dreams manifest at the right time. Maybe you just need to catch up.

The Next Is Belief

When you have the dream firmly planted in your mind, and you are excited about the possible outcome, you believe the dream will manifest. You are certain. But when time passes and the dream does not manifest, your belief in the manifestation waivers. That is when you conjure reasons to disbelieve.

  • Such as you aren’t worthy.
  • That things happen in their own time.
  • That God has other plans for you.
  • That it would be nice but probably won’t happen.

You resent others having a lot or an easy life when you struggle. You worry about paying the bills. Fret about the future. Become despondent when things don’t go your way.

All of the objections above are manifestation obstacles. These are the reasons you delay the dream or the manifestation. The secret to manifestation is staying in the magic of your belief.

There have been so many seminars, books and movies telling you that all you need do is have a dream, think about it all the time and, if you are lucky, it will manifest. So when your dreams don’t arise within the set time frame, you naturally feel unlucky, not a part of the chosen few. However, there is no luck involved. The awareness you need to have, is in knowing whether you are getting in your own way or you are allowing the dream to come to fruition.

Don’t Let Time Be Your Nemesis

Just because you have a time frame, doesn’t mean that your dream will adhere to the time frame too. A dream, a goal and a desire are three different parts of your life equation. A dream does not have a time limit, it is a goal that has the time frame, a desire is about now.
For instance:

  • I may have a dream to create a pilot-less boat, however, the means are not available for me at this time and it is a possibility for the future, so there is no time frame.
  • Maybe I also have a goal to lose weight by my sister’s wedding. There is a time-frame and I can use a weight loss program to achieve the goal.
  • My desire is to feel good. I can make that commitment right now.

Nobody Else Controls Your Dreams

Often, it will seem as though many people need to do, be or have something for their dreams to manifest. However, nobody else has control of your dreams. You are the CEO in your dream company and you hand over the vision to the Universe who works out all the details. The CEO is not the factory worker or the manager. The CEO is the dreamer, she makes the big plans and hands it over to the company (the Universe) to create. Then goes and plays a round or two of golf.

Identifying your dreams, goals and desires can be helpful in understanding how you are allowing your manifestations to come to fruition. It is not only important to have dreams as they are the roots of your goals and desires, but it is imperative you dream big as that creates expansion in the Universe. It guarantees the future of humanity. If there were no dreams, there would be no expansion for the future, then humanity would cease to exist. Your dreams are really important!

Dreams Don’t Adhere To Time

Don’t think of dreams in terms of time, but instead in a measure of expansion. When your growth has expanded in a direction to match your dreams, you will rendezvous with the expanded version of your dream. It’s not about deserving, as there is no judgment. You are the manifestor of your dreams. Just as you are the orchestrator of your life.

Law of Attraction brings all of the components together as the Universe is fully automated to create your dreams. It may not look like you expected as it has grown, but you will be very pleased with the manifestation. The results won’t even be a surprise but will become the next logical step, as the dream has created many goals and desires that have already manifested, along the path of your journey.

The Secrets of Manifestation

These secrets of manifestation are only secrets because not many people know about them. Not because nobody wants to tell you about manifesting. Most will sit in mocking irritation of those who have realized their wildest dreams, yet in their mocking and their irritation, they are disallowing their own dreams. Of course, if they knew that, would they do it? Maybe. There is still the disbelief that their dreams will come or that they even deserve them.

In this way, not everybody will manifest their dreams. Not this lifetime anyway. It doesn’t mean they can’t, it just means they won’t. Most people find some excuse to get in their own way. You just need to make sure you aren’t one of them. For some, it will be easy and others, an effort. Either way, it is worth the conscious perusal of your thoughts. Unraveling the mystery around manifestation creates a confidence that this knowledge belongs to everyone.

What can you do to be ready to manifest your dreams?

1. You can keep your dreams alive. When you think about them, it is with excitement and joy and great fondness. Let there be no malice or insecurity amongst the thoughts.

2. Monitor your thoughts. Notice the way you think about everything. When you notice what is going on around you in a way that feels good, you are allowing your dreams to manifest. When you aren’t in a good mood, about anything, you are disallowing your dreams.

3. Create more desires. Desires are the now part of the equation. I choose to feel good now. I choose to notice how I am feeling at any time. I choose to allow great things to come.

4. Stay present. Many times you are so concerned about the future that you forget to enjoy what is going on right now. Its not what’s happening but how you are feeling that’s important. You can adjust your mood to feel good right now, and when you do, you are aligned with your dreams.

5. Refine your dreams. A dream is a thought that is alive and growing. Don’t be afraid to refine them. As you experience more in life it is only natural that you will want to change things about the dream you created a while ago.

6. Trust. This is sometimes the most difficult of all, because it’s not about doing something concrete, but about allowing the opportunities to arise and noticing them when they do.

In a Nutshell – trust:

  • that your dreams are alive and growing with you
  • your dreams will manifest and they will be better than you imagined
  • feeling good now, is the key to manifestation

Manifest by Design

Manifestation is always happening, whether you want it to or not. Just because you don’t like what’s coming into your life, doesn’t mean you aren’t manifesting. You are, and doing it very well. The key is to become a conscious creator and not manifest by default but by design. You do that by becoming aware of your thoughts and your moods.


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