3 Day Retreat – Sunshine Coast Australia


Join us in the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland for a 3-day Healing Retreat. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland has long been regarded as the healing hub of the Southern Hemisphere and it’s easy to see why. With its stunning views and panoramic vistas, it only enhances the beauty that lied deep within.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland is also home to energy vortexes and special places that facilitate deep healing.

Here are some photos of the area. Stunning isn’t it?

Get Unstuck!

This is your opportunity to get you the same results our clients get with our 12 week program, in 3 days

No it’s not as long, but something special happens at a retreat because it’s an intensive. You are surrounded by an environment of love and support and fully immersed in the Divine Support of both your Higher Self and those around you.

Before you even arrive, we set the intentions for the transformation ceremony and send the light ahead of us. In this way, we become the conduits and not the givers.

This is the way we always work in our healing practice. All healing is self-healing and we are the facilitators or the bridge to ascension.

What will this do for me?

Begin to Heal your life

Physically and emotionally. We’ll get to the very heart of what you need to do to move forward

Heal your body

Pain techniques to transform illness so that you can heal quickly whether you are on medication or not

Create a Dominant Mindset

Your dominant mood is what either supports or undermines your healing journey. Choose the mood you want to become dominant in your healing journey

Build a Success Awareness

Awareness is the key to healing physically and emotionally. To become aware of our mind, body, emotions and influences, is to take back control of our lives

Mindset Transformation

Shift your mindset from Victim to Freedom in our Mindset Transformation workshop and allow the Universe to deliver your love

This is what the Format will look like:


10-11am Arrive

Noon Lunch

2.00pm Meditation

3.00pm Break

3.30pm Awareness Techniques

5.00pm Free Time

6.30pm Dinner

8.00pm Evening session


8.00am Yoga

9.00am First Session

10.30am Break

12.00pm Lunch

2.00pm Afternoon Session

5.30pm Free Time

6.30pm Dinner

8.00pm Evening session


8.00am Qi Gong

9.00am First Session

10.30am Break

11.00am Transformation

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Last session

3.00pm Finish


How much will this Transformation Healing Retreat cost?

Cost Inclusions

Twin Share Accommodation

Linen for stay


Visiting Practitioners

Food on the Premises

Lunches, dinners, morning/afternoon tea

Tea, Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages


Cost Exclusions

Transport to and from Retreat


Single accommodation

Extras such as massages and therapies

Eating at nearby cafes and restaurants

Optional 1:1 Coaching



We have approximate figures at the moment until we determine the exact accommodation and date.

A$2500/twin share.

That includes everything you need except for transport to and from the retreat

Bonus Discount
If you refer a friend. You will get a discount of $250 and so will your friend!*