Rekindle the Magic of Thanksgiving Traditions in 2023

Have you ever felt that nostalgic tug of a cherished Thanksgiving memory, maybe even from 20 years ago? They’re probably connected to Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving Traditions are More Than Just Turkey

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey or the pie; it’s about the magic of traditions. That warm, comforting embrace we feel when surrounded by loved ones. Now, imagine harnessing that emotion and rekindling it every year. How? Through the power of Thanksgiving family traditions.

As the world gets busier, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. But there’s an antidote. Thanksgiving traditions serve as anchors, grounding us. Firstly, they remind us of our roots. Secondly, they instill a sense of belonging. And finally, they help us create lasting memories.

Sharing Thanksgiving Traditions

You see, the beauty of a Thanksgiving tradition isn’t just in its historical significance. Rather, it’s in the moments shared, laughs exchanged, and the love that permeates the air. With every Thanksgiving tradition, we weave stories, shaping our family narrative. Consequently, it becomes more dynamic with each passing year.

So, why should you care about these traditions? Simple. They breathe life into your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Some Thanksgiving Traditions

Imagine this: Your grandmother’s cherished stuffing recipe. Everyone waits eagerly for it. She’s passed it down through generations. So, when you finally master it, there’s a sense of accomplishment. And, of course, a dash of pride.

Or think about the kids’ table. These young ones feel like royalty at their own table set up as pageantry. It’s not just a meal this thanksgiving tradition is an initiation. As a result, they grow up treasuring those special moments.

My friend Mary has an interesting tradition that she shared with me.

Creating a Unique Thanksgiving Tradition

In the wake of November 2001, our family Thanksgiving held a deeper significance. A short few weeks post the 9/11 attacks, I hosted Thanksgiving and our hearts, like many, were heavy. Thoughts frequently drifted towards families whose lives and thanksgivings were forever changed by the events.

That year, as our celebrations drew to a close, I handed out a set of fabric pens, prompting everyone, family and friends alike, to write a message of gratitude on our tablecloth. Whether it was gratitude for friends, family or something that had worked out for them, the content was up to them. Year after year, we’ve rekindled this tradition.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Now, this special tablecloth boasts messages of love for family, friends and gratitude for our lives throughout the years. The treasured memories are stacked upon each other. Among these notes lie children’s handprints and past Great-Grandma Jenny’s delicate script, commanding a central spot in this woven tapestry.

As years rolled by, this tablecloth became our family treasure. Every November, the family’s excitement is evident. They fight over who’s to spread out the cloth, much like they do to crown our Christmas tree with its angel.

Come Thanksgiving, guests often smile as they read the nostalgic memories, laughing and reminiscing as they reveal past messages. For the young ones, it’s a journey to find their handprints and see how much they’ve grown over the years.

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Once the festivity winds down and the last plate is tucked away, I have time to bask in my own gratitude. I read all the latest messages and smile with the memories now etched permanently in the Thanksgiving cloth. Even if some faces are missing during certain years, their sentiments on the fabric always pull at my heartstrings. It serves as a poignant reminder to offer a silent prayer of thanks for each soul that touched our lives.

Valuing Old & New Thanksgiving Traditions

Whether it’s an old tradition handed down such as breaking the turkey wishbone with your pinkies for good luck or running a ‘turkey trot’ (yes that’s a real thing), the joy is noticeable. From sharing what you’re thankful for, to playing family games post-dinner, each has its charm. For some, it might be a deep dive into family history, or a replenishing afternoon nap. For others, it might be introducing a new dish to the feast or a game to play.

I grew up in Australia and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead, we give thanks at Christmas which is a big family tradition of a summer kind, being in the southern hemisphere. And it doesn’t usually include turkey. But our thanks and traditions of gratitude speak volumes. In fact, most of my traditions have come from my kids and what they’ve enjoyed and wanted to repeat through the years.

Infusing Thanksgiving Traditions

Because it’s important to remember that Thanksgiving traditions don’t need to be ancient. You can start your own and even infuse it with an older one. Maybe a post-dinner game or a family ‘fun’ portrait with props? Furthermore, remember traditions evolve. So don’t be afraid to change or adapt as this happens often as families blend throughout the years.

Thanksgiving Traditions Provide Stability

In a world where change is constant, Thanksgiving traditions provide stability. For instance, no matter where life takes you, Thanksgiving brings you back home. Even if “home” is a feeling, rather than a place.

Want to create your own Thanksgiving traditions but don’t know where to start?

First, reminisce about your own favorite Thanksgiving memories. Secondly, share those stories. Get everyone involved. From the youngest to the eldest. Gather ideas. Then, vote on your favorites. Ultimately, make it a collective decision. If you’re having Thanksgiving with friends rather than families, ask them to bring one tradition each when they come along.

You can’t get Thanksgiving wrong so let it be your canvas. After all, if it’s in your home, then they’re your traditions. Paint your Thanksgiving canvas with the vibrant colors of good memories and cherished traditions. Old or new, it doesn’t matter. What truly counts is the love and unity they foster.

Rekindle Thanksgiving Traditions

Rekindle the magic this Thanksgiving. Celebrate with traditions that resonate. Most importantly, create beautiful memories with people you love and care about, that will last a lifetime.

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