How to Protect Yourself with High-Frequency Energy

Created from Within

I wish I had more energy!

It’s a statement I hear often. People are honestly feeling depleted and they’d like more high-frequency energy. And you maybe a part of this growing population.

But the fact is, that energy doesn’t disappear. It doesn’t go away or dry up. You can’t use it all so that there’s none left. You actually have the same amount of energy now as you did when you were born.

Because ¹energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. This principle is known as the Conservation of Energy or the first law of thermodynamics. (But enough with the physics here. You want to know how it works for you.)

You Can’t Buy High-Frequency Energy

You can’t throw energy away or use it up so that it’s all gone. Nor can it be bought or obtained from somewhere and you can’t have less of it now than you did before. It’s just not possible.

But if high-frequency energy can’t disappear then what happens when one day you’re full of life and the next you are feeling down, low, or just flat? It certainly seems to have headed for the hills, doesn’t it?

When this happens you have experienced the changing form part. Energy constantly transforms. In, through and all around you. It changes shape, frequency, and size. Energy can expand and also contract.

Not only does it change in frequency but also in molecular structure and its ability to work for you so that you think it has deserted you or that you’ve used it up.

This is understandable because your energy can go from a high-frequency expanded version, feeling energetic and full of life, to contracting, feeling depleted, very low and despondent. All in a very short time.

It’s the Frequency that Makes you Feel Great or Depleted

The low frequency vibration itself and not the lack of energy, makes you feel like you need a boost. So it’s easy to think you need more energy.

But, not all energy is created equal.

Beware of the bouncy ‘energetic’ people. Some are just busy. Busy in their heads, and busy thinking. This doesn’t make them high-frequency energy, just busy. And often this is referred to as burning the candle at both ends. This means that busy people tend burn out unless they too, manage their frequency.

You know the difference between the two because busy people make you feel tired and high-frequency energy people make you feel energized just by being in their company. That’s because your energy is beginning to mix with theirs.

The transformation of your own energy has already begun!

You Really Don’t Need More Energy

It’s true, you don’t need MORE energy. Because if you had more it would be the same as what you already have. And if that’s not making you feel good now, then more of it won’t make a difference. When you have mud in a glass and add clean water you still have a glass of muddy water.

What you do need is to be able to transform the energy you have to a higher frequency.

What is High-Frequency Energy?

You can calculate the frequency of energy by your emotions.

When you feel afraid, rundown, depressed, trodden-on, disempowered, abused and many more emotions like this, then your energy is low frequency. The symptoms are tiredness, feeling overwhelmed, everything is too hard, afraid of making decisions and feeling that you aren’t in control of your life.

On the other hand, feeling happy, loving, appreciative, blissful, joyous, in love with life, excitement and many more uplifting emotions are the signs of high-frequency energy. The symptoms are being in the right place at the right time, feeling lucky, having opportunities fall in your lap, people who love you and inspired decisions for an optimistic future.

You can see why the frequency of energy is so important.

It either makes you feel great, aligned with opportunities for an inspired life or it keeps you trapped in anger, fear, depression, stress and illness, afraid of what’s to come next. Hoping that things will get better soon.

How Does your Energy Become Low Frequency?

Energy follows focus. Your focus!

And whatever you focus on creates thoughts. So, if you’re thinking something, watching a program on television, observing a scene, listening to somebody speak, that becomes your focus.  Those thoughts now transfer into your mood (or emotions) and your dominant mood becomes your vibration. This continual path of focus, thought, mood, vibration, becomes the recipe you use for your own energy frequency. Because it’s your vibration that manifests.

Sure, thinking positive can make you feel a LITTLE better, at times. But FEELING optimistic changes the path of your energy. It’s your dominant emotions that manifest the transformation.

When you’re observing something just as a witness, whether it’s poverty on television or the dog next door begin tormented, it has your attention. That’s called focus, and you have thoughts and emotions that always accompany focus. Sometimes thoughts come first, other times emotions are prevalent. Either way, the energy is following your focus and unless you change your focus quickly (68 seconds), you’re going to find your mood affected by this focus and your energy frequency will follow.

That’s how easy it is to become low-frequency energy.

Energy Doesn’t Discriminate or Judge

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cleaner at a hotel or the head of a corporation, your energy will always go down the same path as your vibration. It doesn’t discriminate, nor does it care how much money you have or what’s going on in your life. The frequency of your own energy is determined by your vibration and it all begins with a thought.

Your energy frequency makes an impact in every area of your life. Be it health, wealth, love or happiness.

What Can You Do to Change the Frequency of Your Energy?

When you feel low or depleted in energy, this is what you can do to 10X your energy:

  • Change your focus, thereby influencing your thoughts
  • Notice your mood and shift it to a different frequency one step at a time with the Mood Map
  • Use meditation often, it presses the reset button and helps you heal
  • Look for something that makes you feel a little better, then a little more, increasing the frequency as you go
  • Sleep. Then you can reset your intentions

These methods will turn a low frequency on its head and transform it into high frequency quickly.

High-Frequency Energy Protects You

It’s important to be able to shift the frequency of your own energy because that’s the path to happiness and it’s the only protection you have against illness, accidents and impending disaster. That’s right EVERYTHING has a frequency including illness² and the lower the frequency you are, the more dense or heavier in matter you become. This makes you a perfect Petrie dish for illness to hang around in.

There is no coincidence how you get to be in the right place at the right time. Things will ALWAYS  happen in life but whether you are a victim and smack bang in the middle of chaos or just happen to be sunbathing on a Caribbean Island at the time, is determined not by chance, but by the frequency of your energy.

It’s not that you aren’t soul-guided when you are on a low frequency. You certainly are. But, there’s a chance you won’t be able to hear, see or feel the guidance because of all the frequency obstruction. You become too focused on your body and what’s going on in the world around you. And by chance, if you did happen to hear a whisper, there’s an even bigger chance you’ll ignore it thinking that guidance like this just doesn’t happen to you.

Are you willing to take the chance on having low-frequency energy? It is a choice.

How Do You Know it’s High-Frequency Energy?

You know when your energy is high frequency because you can feel it. You buzz physically. Your senses are piqued. Things work out for you, you’re at the right place at the right time, you’re exceptionally creative, opportunities fall in your lap, and people call you lucky.

That’s what people have called us during the pandemic. Lucky.

We happened to be living in a country area with very few cases. There was little necessity for mask-wearing and only a short lockdown very early on. We watched daily disaster unfold on the television across the world as fearful leaders made decisions that will have consequences for generations to come.

Ours wasn’t luck or good planning. We just kept the frequency of our energy high. In that way, we could stay healthy and be guided to the right place at the right time.

And you can do this too. Without planning or knowing what the stars have aligned. High-Frequency Energy is your insurance policy for living a life of love and happiness.

Life Has So Much to Give

You can make a difference in your own life by transforming the frequency of your energy. Right now. There’s no need to settle for okay or good enough. Nobody ever celebrated a mediocre life. Instead, use the tools above to raise your frequency and receive the benefits. High-frequency energy can’t help but deliver you the very best of life.


  • Change your thoughts
  • Meditate
  • Uplift your mood

You can have the very best that life has to offer so why settle for anything less?

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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¹energy, in physics, the capacity for doing work. It may exist in potentialkineticthermal, electrical, chemicalnuclear, or other various forms. Encyclopaedia Britannica

²frequency, harnessing your energy, Dr Joe Dispenza

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