Harness the Power of Intuition for Decision Making

harness the power of intuition

There are 3 Powerful Ways to Harness your Intuition and Insight for decision-making so that you can make decisions that create happiness, health, and wealth in your life.

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Everybody is born with intuition. You also have the ability of insight to guide you on your life journey, and it helps to understand the difference between the two.

So what is Intuition and Insight?

Intuition is your inner guidance at work. It helps you make inspired decisions and comes from deep within. It’s often called gut instinct or women’s intuition because it comes from a place of creativity rather than a logical process. Often there are no initial, obvious, logical signs with intuitive choices and therefore a certain amount of trust needs to occur when making intuitive decisions. 

However, the more you use your intuition, the more trust you develop and the better it works. It’s a matter of ‘use it or lose it’. Because the more you begin to trust your intuition, the stronger it becomes and the more you begin to rely on it.

Your intuition is always available but not always heard.

That’s because of the noise that goes on all around you. The chatter inside your head, the news that you’re bombarded with, other people’s opinions and expectations that are happening. It’s a loud busy place inside your head and that is the nemesis of intuition. Your intuition thrives in the peace and tranquility of love and harmony.

In fact, when you are tuned into your intuitive flow, it becomes your lighthouse on a dark night.

That’s because your intuition is communication with your inner or soul guidance. Therefore your intuitive decisions are your best ones.

Insight helps you determine which of those decisions you’re making will serve you best down the track. Insight is often called foresight and it’s connected with a vision or image of how things will work out for you.

Not necessarily a clairvoyant, pre-cognitive insight, which can be one about other people and what’s to come, but the insight that we all naturally use.

For instance, if you’re faced with two decisions and you are in turmoil about which to make, maybe because you don’t want to make the wrong choice. There could be consequences you aren’t wanting to deal with or it could be affecting others in your life. Either way, this is the time to sit and use the 3 keys below to gain clarity.

Intuition vs Insight

Contrary to the name, insight doesn’t have to be connected to visions or pictures. Sometimes, it’s a sound and often it’s a feeling that when you make that intuitive decision it will work for you. It’s a knowing deep within. A feeling that this is the right decision to make, right now. And your insight triggers excitement.

Because, in making decisions about anything, there is more than one choice. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a decision, it would be a consequence. And everybody wants to make the decision that will work out best for them. Insight is the tool you use to figure out which one that is.

That’s a part of being a human, thinking Being. In worrying about making the right choice, we fail to understand that there is no right choice. It’s a constant movement forward of decision, standing in the space of our decision and making another choice. It’s never-ending and there are no wrong decisions. (But it is possible to make a right choice wrong.)

Use these 3 Steps to Harness the Power of Your Intuition


This is your Destination. It’s where you’re heading.

Begin to imagine your life as you want it, down the track.

Ask yourself what you want. I know, it’s easier to know what you don’t want, but what DO you want? Create the image in your imagination. Feel it, become it, live it.

Even if your mind doesn’t work in pictures, imagine the scene in detail as if you’re living it. After all, your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.

To do:  Set time aside first thing in the morning to imagine your future unfolding the way you want.


This is the excitement that fuels your journey.

Where do you place your focus?

Is it on what you want, what’s imagined? Or is it on what’s real? What’s happening in your life right now. Because, in most cases where you are and where you want to be are vastly different.

As you imagine a decision you’ve made, how does it play out? Focus on each choice and decide which feels better. This one or that?

Then place your focus on what’s wanted. Not the lack of it or what could go wrong, that’s what we call sabotage.

Caution: There’s no need to focus on reality unless your reality is living what you love right now.


Is the road map to get you where you’re going with the least amount of detours.

Awareness is key to using your intuition and insight successfully as this will determine how well you stay on course.

Become aware of the mood you are occupying. It will guide your direction. It can be as simple as “Am I smiling or frowning?” If you’re frowning you can change your mood and if you’re smiling you can keep it. 

Sometimes, when we make a decision, we can doubt our own inner guidance or intuition and that sabotages the outcome. 

Become aware of whether you’re relaxed or tense. Stressed or happy. Your intuition works better when you’re relaxed, so incorporate yoga, meditation or relaxation into your daily routine.

Hint: Become aware of your own emotions and mood, because your mood is the key to knowing what’s coming next and changing or diverting before it happens.

These are the Steps to harness the power of intuition to make decisions so that they work in unison and guide you on your journey to manifesting your dreams.

Make an Intuitive Decision and Back Yourself

So, the idea is to make an intuitive decision and then believe in the choice you’ve made through using your insight, and then trust that choice by owning it and believing in yourself.

But it’s not really as stilted as all that. 

For instance; you may have lost your job and are now looking for a new career. When you look at what’s available to you, the options may be to travel long hours to work or to move to a different state. Both may seem equally as scary on the outset. Traveling long hours and not seeing your kids and family or moving and having to begin again by uprooting your family. 

So, the process is to decide what you really want. What’s important to you? Then sit and ponder each of the available options. Stay with the visions for at least overnight. Find yourself imagining each scenario and follow it through. See your kids in their new environment, you in your new job, imagine how it feels, where you’ll be living, what support you’ll have. Imagine what’s going on and how you’re going to feel about it, as if you are living it now.

Keep each of these scenarios separate so that you are aware of which one you’re getting excited about. This is your insight. You are being guided. There is no such thing as time in the non-physical so the past, present and future are all available to you to ponder and choose from.

It’s much more than a Pros and Cons list. These lists aren’t even valid unless you create an emotional list and not a logical one.

I’ve worked in crisis call centers where abused women call in and say they can’t stand it anymore. When they do a list of the Pros and Cons for leaving their environment, the list maybe overwhelming in favor of the Pros. They’re the logical reasons why they should leave. On the Con side there may only be one thing. Just one. But if the emotional weight of that one thing is strong enough, it far outweighs any logical or rational thinking on the Pro side, no matter how long the list is. They will stay in that toxic environment because of the emotional reasons, and often do.

Your Intuition is Alive and Growing

Your intuition is not static, it’s alive and grows like a plant. Feed it, give it love and light and it will flourish. Starve it of nourishment by doubting, ridiculing, or not believing in it and it will shrivel up to nothing.  Making you feel alone in the world, believing there’s no hope of feeling loved and being happy. Because that’s the consequence of ignoring your intuition and insight. It takes a backseat and you no longer tap into your guidance for support. Your intuition and insight are a part of you. You’re either flourishing and thriving or you’re shriveling up and wanting to hide.

Do you remember ever making a decision and then doubting it so that you changed your mind and made a different one, maybe to bow to another’s persuasion? Then, when it didn’t work out you’d say ‘I knew this would happen’. I just had a gut feeling this is what would happen. And you were right. Your intuition gave you the inspiration to choose, your insight showed you it was the right one, but you second guessed yourself because somebody else ridiculed or rationalized the decision, so you didn’t follow through. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

Or do you remember when you had that gut feeling about something and you pushed it away because you thought that ‘it was just silly’ and ‘there was no reason for feeling that way’. But there is always a reason. Your intuition and insight are communicating with you. They’re saying ‘don’t make a decision when you feel this way.’ And they’re always right.

Awareness Adds Power to your Intuition

That’s why your awareness is so important. Developing an awareness of how you feel at any time, gives you the ability to keep your focus on track so that you aren’t second guessing your intuition. Because, as soon as this happens, you’re overriding your own guidance.

It’s a little like sitting in the back of a limousine and enjoying the journey. You know where you’re heading, the driver knows how to get there and yet you’re not quite trusting the driver, so you want to stop the limousine, let the driver out on the side of the road and drive it yourself. Don’t do that!

Your driver is your intuition and it knows where you’re heading because you have already told it. It doesn’t take you somewhere random, but where you need to go. Along the path of least resistance.

When you’re aware of how you feel then you can make choices about whether you want to allow your intuition to drive or whether you want to go off road.

Intuition is Always Right when you are Aligned

It’s important to do the work before you make a decision. 

  • Breathe and tune in, 
  • Decide what you want, 
  • Imagine the choices in detail, 
  • Focus on one of them and then 
  • Be aware of your mood and adjust accordingly. 

But there are many things that can go wrong;

with your decision making that is.

For instance:

Decision remorse. You’ve heard of buyer’s remorse. Well, there’s also decision remorse and it’s so much worse.

Procrastinating, and not making a decision at all because you’re afraid you’ll get it wrong or it won’t work out the way you want.

Waiting for clarity. Clarity is actually a consequence of tuning in and using your intuition and insight, not the other way around.

Making everyone happy. Your decisions are there to create a great life for you. When you do that, then you are empowered to inspire others to be happy.

Telling everyone about your decision. Don’t do that! It’s still in the ‘nurturing the seedling’ phase, and you don’t want somebody to stomp on it.

However, that’s another story…

Begin to use your Inner Guidance to bring clarity and meaning to your life. It’s the only path that will serve you every step of the way and has your best interests at heart. And it comes from within.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use this “Don’t be Gutless” Intuition Decision Guide to help you decide whether you’re using your intuition to make decisions or not. It’s free! Click here to download.

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