You are displaying perspective when you walk into a party and state “Wow, those people are having fun. This is a great party.” You feel that way because you have subconsciously searched for those people at the party who are having fun.

You may just as easily have looked to the opposite side of the room, to where people were bored, or further over to where some were drunk and fighting. All of those groups were available for you to see, but you don’t notice them all.

So What Makes Your Perspective Notice One Group Over Another?

  • Is it because they stand out?
  • Well yes that’s one reason.
  • Is it because most of the people in the room were feeling that way.
  • Actually, they weren’t.
  • Was it a reflection of me?
  • You’re getting closer
  • Was it the way I was feeling?
  • Absolutely

The mood you are in when you arrive at the party, determines what you will notice. What you notice, is called your perspective. But we don’t all notice the same things and we don’t notice the same thing all the time. That’s because your perspective changes with your moods.

How Your Perspective Changes

So if you are feeling angry or annoyed, you will notice people displaying either the same mood, or acting in a way that provokes that particular mood from you. They aren’t necessarily a reflection of you but they are definitely a match with your current mood.  And the more you notice, the more you get.

It’s like saying to the Universe “Give me more of that mood that I really don’t want.” Because you ask for what you want by your emotions and not your words. So when you are feeling annoyed, then you are asking the Universe for more things to be annoyed about.

A wise friend once said to me “Gayle, be careful what you notice”. For many years, I didn’t really know what she was talking about, because I had a habit of noticing everything and forming an opinion on everything I noticed.

Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses

You see, when you notice something then form an opinion on it, that opinion changes your mood. That mood becomes your perspective. Your mood is the rose color of those rose-colored glasses. Except they aren’t always rose-colored, are they? You look at life through perspective lenses and the color is determined by your mood.

If you knew your opinion determined your perspective, you would be much more discerning on what you noticed, wouldn’t you? I mean, nobody consciously asks the Universe to “Give me more crap”.

The reason your perspective is important is that, how you observe the world determines your vibration and your vibrations is how you attract people, places and things. Both wanted and unwanted. It is your point of attraction.

What Is Your Perspective Telling You?

So when you say you have people in your life that are annoying, your perspective is showing you that your mood is currently in a place of feeling annoyed.  When you have people in your life who are excited and enthusiastic, then you know your perspective is also one of excitement and enthusiasm.

Your perspective, thoughts and mood are all intertwined, like the notes of a symphony. You can’t remove one, but if it isn’t balanced then the symphony sounds wrong and if it is balanced, the symphony is in harmony. Each note plays an important role in the symphony of your life.

But the underlying meaning of these notes is communication. As one is amplified, it will show you what you are creating in your life, it will announce your future reality.

Changing Your Perspective

However, everything is changeable. So if you don’t like what is happening in your life or if you are unhappy about what you are noticing, these are early indicators of what’s ahead, so you have time to change your mood and find a new perspective.

When you choose to think a thought that feels better, for less than a minute, you are changing your mood and creating a new perspective.

See this as a bouncing-off point for wonderful things to come. And create a reality that you love.