Here’s the Path to Manifesting your Dreams

Your dreams are NEVER too BIG to Manifest

But you need a blueprint, a guide, a map, to show you the path to your dreams. Fortunately, you were born with one and it’s called a Soul’s Blueprint.

When you have a dream it’s really appropriate to say that your dreams are born. Because they come from the inspired thoughts deep within you. There are a whole lot of biological changes that occur in your body to inspire a dream. You can probably feel them build up inside you. This is the excitement often referred to as the creative juices. It’s the amniotic fluid that gives birth to your dreams as ideas at first and then as you feel them take root and add more details to them, these thoughts become thought forms.

All Dreams Are Born Through Thought

So these young dreams are born through you in thought and they become thought-form. Now they begin thinking for themselves and also have thoughts. You might say they have a life of their own. They think, they grow and they expand and you won’t unite with these dreams again until you’ve caught up to them. 

This means when you’ve caught up to their expansion, only then can you join together and that’s what we call a magical manifestation. Because manifestations are occurring all the time but it’s these special ones that manifest your dreams that are truly magical. So you can see how it’s important to always be on the path to your dreams. Because when you are, then you’re not likely to let go of your dreams. It’s when you take a detour and get off the path of your soul’s blueprint that you lose hope in making your dreams come true.

People often let go of their dreams

When you have self-doubt or you give up on your dreams because you can’t see that you’re moving closer, then you experience pain, anxiety, fear, doubt, or even depression and this acts as an obstacle and slows down the path to your dreams.

But just as when you give birth to a baby, those dreams don’t go away. They’re still there in the ether, growing and expanding. They don’t just disappear because you have doubts or no longer believe in them just as a child doesn’t disappear from existence because you don’t believe they’re real.

Dreams are Very REAL!

Your dreams are actually a part of you because they were born from your thoughts. They are as real as it gets.

Dreams are both real and tangible but they often go through a transformation by the time we unite with them. Nothing stays stagnant. Everything in the Universe is in perpetual motion. It’s either growing or withering and your dreams keep on growing. So there’s nothing to stop you from uniting with those dreams.

Your dreams are never TOO BIG, and when you believe this, usually as a justification as to why they haven’t happened or why you don’t deserve them, then you open the door to doubt and that creates an obstacle. So now, instead to expanding of the path of your dreams, you’re taking a detour.

The Solution is to Always Believe in your Dreams

They’re yours! If this Universe has given you the vision to create this dream, then the Universe has the ability to help it manifest. Therefore, self-doubt is the Achilles heel. So, do whatever you can to stay excited about this dream coming and take the opportunities in your life to keep expanding, even if they don’t look like they’re moving in the direction of your dreams.

And that’s key because the path of your dreams may look overgrown or unfamiliar but it’s still a path and nothing has gone wrong.

Don’t share your dream until it’s established, grown and is bearing fruit. Then you can say “oh, by the way, look what I’ve done” and people will call you lucky.

Gayle Maree
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All Personal Growth is a Winding Path to your Dreams

Growth is a winding path, and many people expect it to be straight. They don’t understand why you can’t go from where you’re standing now to manifesting your dreams. Poof! And you can if you’ve stayed up to speed with those dreams. Because the dreams keep growing and you need to keep up with that growth too. So, that means no doubt, no insecurity, no lack or undeserving or unworthiness because these are all detours to your Soul’s Blueprint which is the path of your dreams.

It’s Ok that Others won’t Support or Believe in Your Dreams

It’s common that others won’t believe in your dreams, especially your family. And I know you still want their blessing but it’s not really possible. Because these people aren’t standing where you are. They don’t have the same inspiration and they aren’t on the same path, so to family and friends, the dream seems scary and outlandish. What they’re really saying is that they care for you and don’t want you to get hurt. They don’t want you to fail. So they encourage you to let go of that dream.

Here’s a Solution:

Nurture your dreams as if you’re planting a precious seed. Prepare the ground, water the seed so that it becomes a seedling, nurture the small plant as it’s still vulnerable to somebody treading on it and allow it to grow in an environment that you’ve prepared and keep it safe from those wanting to squash it. Don’t share your dream, it’s not ready yet.

When that idea has grown and is bearing fruit, that is the time to let people know. By saying, Oh by the way, I’ve created this thing and look how wonderful it’s become. And those family members will just think you’re a lucky overnight success.

Remember, the dream is yours, allow it to grow in the light, nurture it and keep it safe.

Don’t focus on Reality unless your Reality is Something you Love

Reality is one of those double-edged swords that can cut us if we grab it by the blade. Reality is yours. Everybody’s reality is different and it’s created from the past. Past thoughts, emotions, moods and vibrations. Usually, these are drawn from past experiences that have become our reality. The tricky thing about reality is that when you focus on it and believe it’s real, you create another reality just like it so that it feels like it’s one extended, never-ending reality. But this isn’t quite true. Because you’ve focused on what’s in front of you, at that moment you are expanding it and it remains with you. Not in the future but in the present. It only seems like the future because it hasn’t changed.

We have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day and most of them are the same thoughts as yesterday. You’ve heard the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So when you look for evidence and you don’t see it in your present reality, then you conclude that it’s not there. But what if it is there, you just can’t see it because you’re looking at the wrong reality.

Here’s a Solution:

When you move your focus outside of your reality, then your vision expands. Understanding that what you’re looking at and what’s around you is not real, it’s just an illusion that you created will help you to be buoyed that your dream is still there, you just can’t see it yet. And when you can do that, then that buoyed feeling of hope and excitement is your manifestation that the dream is on its way. Stay buoyed without looking for evidence.

Remember, you can never think your way to a better feeling place, you can only feel your way.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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