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Discover Soul Guidance

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Gayle Maree, Allan Herring
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How to Use Soul Guidance

Discover the keys to making powerful decisions and stop second-guessing yourself

6 Dimensions of Healing

Heal your Body from Within

Everything is energy. Learn to Heal yourself and those you love through Energy Healing

Mood Mastery

Discover the Path to Freedom

Ancient Wisdom of the Soul  to master your Emotions, your Moods and your Life

manifest a million

Soul Guidance paves the Path to your Dreams

Many people give up on their dreams. But dreams are never about time. It’s not about when the time is right or waiting for the right time.

If that were so, then everybody who’s in their 90’s would be celebrating the life of their dreams.

Dreams also aren’t about hard work, otherwise, every mother or person working late into the night or with 2/3 jobs would be living their dreams.

So what’s the secret? You need to GROW INTO your dreams…

spiritual soulmate

Raise your Relationship Consciousness

A relationship isn’t just about love and romance. It’s a connection with somebody. this could be a partner, a loved one, a parent, child or it could even be your barista.

Relationships don’t have to be a romantic connection. You can hate somebody and still be strongly connected. In fact it’s probably a stronger relationship than you have with a partner.

But you can uplevel your relationships and enjoy them so much more, by raising your relationship consciousness.

We’ve even put it in a book…

6 dimensions of healing book

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Discover your Soul Guidance using the 6 Dimensions of Healing

Transform Uncertainty

Imagine feeling restricted in life so that every decision is uncertain. If you take too big of a step, you’ll fall over. You just can’t seem to unravel that ball and the more you move, the tighter it gets. This is called life and the restriction you feel, happens to all of us at some time. This book is about how to change it.

Inner Soul Guidance

As those restrictions begin to unravel, they just loosen their grip and fall to the floor. Without any effort from you. This is what 6 Dimensions of Healing does for you. It unravels the ties that bind your life and gives you back your freedom.

Window to the Soul

6 Dimensions of Healing will help you summon the energy of the Universe to gain a new understanding of how your mood affects every area of your life.

Inner Wisdom

When you begin to understand the power of your own mood, you step into the confidence that’s eluded you for so long. In life and in love.

Gayle Maree & Allan Herring

Soul Guidance for Life, Love & Purpose

Holistic Therapists Allan and Gayle Herring created 6 Dimensions of Healing to help their 40,000 clients better understand how to become healthy, happy and successful. And instead of settling for a mediocre life, to have their inner most dreams come true.

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