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March 21-30 2021



Transform your

Life, Love & Health


with Holistic Therapists Gayle Maree & Allan Herring

6 Dimensions of Healing provides Natural Tools to help Reduce Chronic Physical & Emotional Pain to Feel Better Fast

6DTherapy founders,

Energy Healing &

Emotional Transition Experts

Gayle Maree, Allan Herring
Mood Mastery

Emotional Mastery

Master your Emotions at Work

spiritual soulmate


Find your One True Love

6 Dimensions of Healing

Heal Yourself & Others

Learn to Heal yourself and others

Transform your Physical & Emotional Pain

When it comes to handling chronic pain, we hear you. It can be really difficult to balance pain, life, and still make others happy.

So instead of living on painkillers or trying to cope with emotional and physical pain,

You can take back your birthright and live a happy, healthy life.

manifest a million

6 Dimensions of Healing has the Power to Transform your Life with Physical, Emotional & Energetic Therapies

Physical Therapies

To create new patterns of nurturing for body, mind and emotions so that any changes become long term

Emotional Therapies

To uncover the hidden pain within the cells of your body and transform those moods to support health and love

Energetic Therapies

Allow the healing energy to flow through every cell of your body to facilitate the freedom from pain you’ve always wanted

What is the 6 Dimensions of Healing?

Here’s what happens…

intentional dimension

Free of Pain

default mood

Design your Future

default mood

Appreciate Life

We’ve even put it in a book

6 dimensions of healing book

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How can the 6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook help you?

Transform Uncertainty

Imagine feeling restricted in life so that every decision is uncertain. If you take too big of a step, you’ll fall over. You just can’t seem to unravel that ball and the more you move, the tighter it gets. This is called life and the restriction you feel, happens to all of us at some time. This book is about how to change it.

Unravel the Past

As those restrictions begin to unravel, they just loosen their grip and fall to the floor. Without any effort from you. This is what 6 Dimensions of Healing does for you. It unravels the ties that bind your life and gives you back your freedom.

Transform Hidden Challenges

Unlock the Inner Secrets of Why Your Life Unfolds the way it Does and Transform that Pain that’s hidden in your body

Summon Universal Energy

6 Dimensions of Healing will help you summon the energy of the Universe to gain a new understanding of how your mood affects every area of your life.

Regain Confidence

When you begin to understand the power of your own mood, you step into the confidence that’s eluded you for so long. In life and in love.

Gayle Maree & Allan Herring

Holistic Therapists
for Life, Love & Health

Holistic Therapists Allan and Gayle, created 6 Dimensions of Healing to help their 40,000 clients better understand how to become painfree, happy, and live a healthy, vibrant life.

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