How Many Times Have You Heard That ‘Opportunity Only Knocks Once’?⁣

⁣That’s because the exact circumstances in a particular time, only happen once. It can never be exactly the same again. Ever. The whole Universe has moved and that particular opportunity has passed.⁣

⁣It’s similar to a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ holiday. It doesn’t mean you will never travel to that destination again, but it does mean that it will never be exactly the same. No matter how much you want it to be.⁣


It does sound like a big deal. You have missed something you could have been waiting for your whole life and it is never to be repeated. You’re right, that sounds like a Greek tragedy. However, this is not the 6th Century BC and rarely are experiences thought of as tragedies nowadays. There always turns out to be a deeper understanding, a silver lining.

What The Naysayers Didn’t Know About Opportunities

Don’t be too concerned about the ‘once off’ aspect, as although you may have missed many opportunities (some you thought you just weren’t ready for) the Universe is acutely aware of what you want, your inner most desires, and is lining up more and more opportunities as we speak.⁣ Your hopes and dreams are continuously becoming new opportunities.

Not only are there continual opportunities, but they get better and better, as they, like you, evolve. You weren’t the person you were 5 years ago, so the opportunities have expanded and developed as well.⁣ When you have become a match with what those opportunities have become, you will rendezvous in a synchronistic celebration of manifestation.

Become A Vibrational Match With Opportunities

Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. By that I mean to notice and be willing to ‘go for it’, you need to make your best mood a priority in your life. It’s only when ‘feeling good’ is your desire that you can even see or hear any opportunity. Feeling great not only enhances your life experience, but it dulls the chatter so that you can hear the signal to turn and look in a particular direction at a specific time. Or take a turn and meet a specific person. Maybe take a different train to the norm.

It is in the peacefulness of your own mind that the subtle direction is given to meet with opportunity. So it is with great intention that you be ready as often as you can. In tune as much as you can, by feeling great every opportunity you can.

Will You Miss Your Destiny?

No you won’t miss that big step in life, but instead of it being a gentle manoeuvre, you could be creating your own Greek tragedy. Rather than a chance meeting (the one you missed because you were angry), or the next signal, and the next, it may be a car accident or such to jolt you back on track.

Instead of the angels singing their messages with harp music, it could be someone yelling at you very loudly. Because when you are angry, you can’t hear angels singing or harp music, you hear anger. So take note of the people who come into your life that give you a shove, even if they aren’t gentle or loving. Because maybe that’s what you are needing at this time. A good shove in the right direction.

No matter what your path, look forward to what’s to come with great excitement and enthusiasm as you haven’t missed anything. You’ll find your direction at the right time as you’re exactly where you need to be, right now, no matter what your circumstances.