Novel Coronavirus – 3 Ways to Reduce your Risk

COVID-19 – Another Coronavirus

Did you know that millions of viruses rain down on us each day? According to Live Science, the Coronavirus is just one. The particles swirl around in the winds that generate in the Sahara Desert and cross the oceans to descend upon unsuspecting humans.

So don’t expect to be safe from a virus just because you’re on the other side of the world from its origin.

Viruses are unavoidable in life and there is no known medical cure for this recent one. So here are 3 ways you can reduce your susceptibility of the COVID-19 – 2019 Novel coronavirus.

1. Wear a face mask. That can help, right? Well, sort of. But not all masks are created equal. A normal surgical mask won’t help, but an N95 surgical mask will help filter out germs. You’ll also need training on how to use one so that it seals around the nose and chin properly. People find them very claustrophobic as they have to breathe much harder because the fabric is so thick. Masks do have their limitations in everyday use.

2. Another way to avoid most viruses is by becoming a hermit. Not going out where others have been. Your own home is the safest place if there haven’t been any infectious people there. Therefore, you’re avoiding most introduced airborne germs. But this has a couple of drawbacks.

  • a. That you don’t go out
  • b. People will come to you

It’s actually quite difficult to avoid people altogether because you still need to get food and even if it’s delivered to your doorstep, you’ll need to go outside to collect it.

Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Precautions

Becoming a recluse is really not an option for most. So if the 2019 coronavirus does become pandemic and you still need to go out, then, according to Dr Ken Berry, these steps should be taken:

  • An N95 surgical mask is a must
  • A disposable gown in case you sit in public areas or transport
  • Glove up in case you touch something that’s been infected
  • Wear wraparound glasses that won’t let any airborne germs in and so that you don’t touch your eyes with infected fingers
  • Avoid public restrooms if at all possible
  • Wash your hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds

3. The most successful way I’ve found to avoid viruses of all types is a natural one. It’s simply by raising my vibration. Keeping my mood elevated. This isn’t about positive thinking, it’s a conscious focus.

Now this may seem strange, but a virus, just like everything else in this Universe has a vibration. For you to catch any coronavirus, such as SARS, MERS or the 2019 version, you’ll need to be a vibrational match with that virus.

All viruses by nature are low vibrational frequencies. They hang about in the mood of depression, sadness, fear and powerlessness. (Let’s face it, in times when people think they are susceptible to something that may harm them that they have no power over, then fear is pandemic.)

When you invite these moods into your life for any length of time, they become your vibration. So you’re then a vibrational match to any viruses or illnesses around.

It’s no coincidence that a favorite saying of people is that “I got sick because my immune system is low”. That’s a true statement. Many people understand the correlation between feeling stressed or lowering your vibration and getting sick. That stress has made them vulnerable. They’re quite aware that they haven’t been looking after themselves. In our clinic, we have a saying “Either take time for yourself or make time to be sick”.

Scientific studies have recently proven that raising the frequency of your vibration by using a loving meditation for just 4 days, boosts your immune system by 50%.

We Make Excuses For Being Sick

People even use excuses for catching viruses such as: “burning the candle at both ends”. All of these are an understanding of the connection between the body and the mind and how our mood makes us susceptible to illness.

However, when you understand that everything is a vibration, then you can decide from which vibration you’d like to live your life. Raising your vibration is as simple as changing your mood. I can’t even remember the last time I had a virus, even the flu. It’s been many years, because I keep my mood elevated.

Use the mood map here to take the steps necessary up the map from fear to blame to doubt to hopefulness and then fun. In just 10 minutes you can change your vibration and make yourself less susceptible to any virus. Your mind doesn’t operate apart from your body. It’s your body that eavesdrops on everything you think and all that you feel. If we all felt the same, we would all have the same viruses and we don’t. A group of people can be walking through an avalanche of viral germs and yet not all will pick up the virus. So what makes them different?

It’s their mood. The more empowered they feel, the less susceptible they are to illness because their vibration isn’t in the same place as the virus.

You Can Do Something That’s Empowering

This is empowering because there is something you can do to lessen your risk of COVID-19. You can elevate your mood as often as you can so that you feel as good as you can and become a vibrational match with the things you love. You can still wear a mask and limit your exposure to infected people if you want, but don’t do it out of fear.

When you elevate your mood to feeling great, you’re automatically in vibrational frequency to all the great things in life, the synchronicities, the amazing coincidences, the joyful gatherings, love and clarity.  Move towards elevating your mood as often as you can and you will notice the difference in your life naturally.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

By the way, don’t worry about your dog. I’ve seen people trying to put masks on their dogs! There is no evidence they can even catch a coronavirus. Just naturally their vibration is happy and funloving, so they aren’t even susceptible.

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