Did you enter the New Year of 2019 with a big bang and a pocket full of intentions? You wouldn’t be on your own. Usually people set their New Year’s resolutions as a sort of wish list formed from past guilt.

For instance; the most common New Year resolutions are to get fit, lose weight, give up smoking or drinking and visit family more often. After a month or two, you berate yourself for not having followed through and after three months, you have forgotten all about having even made them.

That’s because they weren’t something you were committed to, they were just something you felt guilty about, so thought you should do. There’s a big difference between being feeling guilty and being committed.

Choose Something You Feel Passionate About

So for this New Year, I decided to let go of the resolutions altogether and my husband and I sat down on New Years Eve and made some commitments for the coming year ahead. Not very many. Actually there were only two. But these were something we felt passionate about, we could do together and felt excited to begin.

And that’s the secret to any resolution or commitment. The journey needs to feel inspired. It’s wonderful to feel motivated about the end result but it’s the journey that takes the longest time. So if you aren’t excited about the journey, you won’t even reach the destination.

We didn’t need to write down our roles. We’ve been together for 30 years now, so we know where each other’s strengths lie and Allan’s the ideas man, I’m the researcher and organiser and we both bring in different content. I’m the one who pulls it altogether and Allan will market the result. We respect what each other brings to the table and we both have our individual visions of how we want this to unravel.

This is the most excited I’ve felt about any resolutions in the past and I don’t feel any pressure from guilt to make this happen.

What are your New Year Commitments?

Do you know what you want to achieve this year? Did your resolutions support this goal? Or is it still a dream? (The Difference between a Dream, Goal and Desire) You will know when you are ready to move forward on your goals as you will feel excited about the next step and then the next.

But please don’t take action if you aren’t inspired to do so, as the road will be bumpy and difficult. This just means that you aren’t ready yet. If this is the case for you, then spend time pondering and imagining and refining the details of this dream until you do feel inspired to take action. Inevitably, when you do, the action will be more powerful, enjoyable and worth the wait.

Welcome to a brand New Year. A year of new beginnings, fun and laughter. If that’s what you want!

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