Just as your Mood Barometer translates emotions, you were also born with an internal Mood Map. This is a guide for creating your best life through consciously choosing your emotions. The reason your emotions are important is because your Mood creates your Reality. Your reality is what you are living now.

This internal Mood Map indicates the direction in which you are emotionally traveling. This Mood Map has been a guiding path all your life, whether you were aware of it or not.

Internal Guidepost

When you move in a direction that is in alignment with your Higher Self who holds the light for you, your emotions are uplifting. This is your natural state of being. If you move you in a direction that is not in alignment with your Higher Self you feel emotions of fear, anger, depression, disappointment, or blame. This is supposed to feel uncomfortable. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t change it. So when you experienced these emotions at any time in your life, you were witnessing your Mood Map in motion. Unlike the GPS in your car, it does not have to be plugged in or given directions, as it’s always working to guide you towards your Source Energy. You came from Source and you are always connected to Source. Just as the moon influences the tides, so too does Source give indicators of your direction.

You can recognize some of the guideposts easily, as, ‘fear’ or ‘love.’ Most you probably don’t recognize, but understanding your Mood Map is an opportunity to consciously choose your emotions and choose a new reality.

Mood Map

Reason For A Mood Map

You were born with a Mood Map to guide you on your journey of life. The Map itself helps you to see where you are in relation to where you want to be and the only place you ever want to be, is connected. The mood of joy, fun, laughter and enthusiasm are naturally where you want to be as this is your connection. It is the only mood that will harmonize with your desires.

The importance of understanding your Mood Map is to move through life with fun and joy, knowing that every decision you make is the right one at this time. The guidance is in noticing how one decision feels over another. So when you look at a choice you have, if one feels higher on the mood map than the other then you know it’s the choice to make. It’s the emotional weight that helps you make any decision and if there is no clear choice, then maybe you shouldn’t be making a decision at all just yet.

You Choose Your Mood

You are the only person who gets to choose your mood. Since your mood is a product of your dominant emotion, you do have control over changing what you don’t want. Your mood is actually a manifestation of your thoughts, so if you aren’t happy with your mood, take heed and change your thoughts now.

It doesn’t work to blame others for your mood, even if they had an influence. In the end you are the person who chooses your thoughts and you also reap the consequences of those thoughts.

No one is ever to blame for how you feel. Therefore, nobody can take your power away from you. When you buy into someone elses drama, opinions and emotion, you are handing your power over to another.

Your emotions are an indicator of how you are traveling on your Mood Map in relation to where you are going. Where you are standing now and what has happened in the past has no bearing on your future unless you allow it to do so.

Everything you want in life is aligned with Joy, Love, Compassion, Freedom and Inspiration. Your only job is to move your thoughts to things that feel better and better and practice moving your emotions higher and higher on the Mood Map.

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