Find the path to your best life by understanding the power of your own mood.

It seems simple. Your mood is an expression of how you feel. Sometimes you are in a good mood and sometimes it’s very ordinary. Either way, it seems like something out of your control.Other people seem to affect your mood by what they say and how they act. That is out of your control. Right? People across the world don’t act in a way that makes you feel good. That is certainly out of your control.

The above statements emphasize that most people feel they are slaves of their mood. Outside influences control how they feel and they don’t have much of a say. However, this is completely false. If you think you don’t have control over how you feel, then you have been severely misled. In fact, your mood is the only thing you have control over in this world. You don’t have control over other people, how they act or what they say, but you do have control over what you feel in relation to what’s going on around you.

How Moods Determine Your Reality

There are many moods, all the way from joy and excitement to depression and feeling dis-empowered. No matter which mood dominates your life, it will become the mood that creates your vibration and this brings more just like it, into your life. This is called your reality. String your realities together and it is called your life. To change your current reality, all you need to do is to change your dominant mood.

For instance, if you look around you and feel fearful, a constant feeling of fear will create a vibration of fear. This means you will join with situations of people who create more fear in your life. Your reality will become one of fear.

On the other end of the mood map, if you choose fun as your mood, you will create a vibration of fun and join with situations and people who bring more fun into your life. Your reality will be fun, you will look forward to what is to come with a sense of fun and excitement.

Everyone Experiences Differently

It is your perception of your life that creates your mood, not what has or hasn’t happened. Many people can experience the same situation and all will describe it differently. Most will experience a different mood to you even though they’ve been involved in the same situation.

Your moods can be automatic or they can be chosen. But even when they feel automated, they have really been chosen over time and experience. Your upbringing and your personality will have much to do the habits you have created over time and choosing your mood is one of those habits.

Your Perception Is The Key

It’s important to know though, that you are never stuck with your mood. You can never be controlled to choose a mood. And even if you do have a mood you don’t want, you can change it. You have a choice, always and your choices will determine how your life unfolds. It will determine your reality. When you want a reality that is fun and full of hope and optimism, then you can choose to shift your mood.  Look for things that are working, rather than things that aren’t. It’s choosing to seeing the rainbow rather than the storm clouds.

This is a trained behavior. If you have been looking at what isn’t working for a long time, you will have developed a mood of discouragement, which means your focus will be on noticing discouragement. It will take practice to shift your focus and create another mood. But it is worth it. The alternative, is more of the same as what you have now.  More realities that reflect the mood that you don’t like. Your perception is the key to changing your mood and your mood is the key to creating a new and more exciting reality. Your reality is just a segment to your life. By changing your mood, you change the segment. We call it a turning point in life. You create this yourself.

Your Mood Helps You Get What You Want

When you want something better in life, it is your mood that leads you there or your mood that keeps it distant. The better your mood, the closer to your desire. Your goal is to string those good feeling moods together. Again and again and again.

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