A Metaphor for Business – It’s Horses for Courses

There’s a Metaphor for Business all around you

Have you ever wondered about the patterns that dominate your life? Because they will also be prevalent in your business. When you take a listen to this 3-minute video, you’ll understand the metaphor and why it’s important to run your online business like a thoroughbred and Not a workhorse.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard because when you have your own business you work really hard. Not like dig the shovel in the soil hard, but long hours which can be mentally and physically taxing. There is so much to do and if you’re just beginning, there’s probably not a lot of excess money to throw around for extra help. So you become a one pony show. You wear all the costumes for all the different roles. There is the communicator, the investor, the worrier, the nurturer, the technician, and the creator. There are probably a lot more too.

A Workhorse does everything

They just put their heads down and plough through. It takes a lot of time and effort and when they get to obstacles they either try and push through them or get stuck.

If this workhorse is a mule, they work as long as they can and when they get to a barrier or block,  they’ll just stop and sit this one out. Because, nobody dictates life to a mule.

Then there’s the Quarter-horse metaphor

If you’re a Quarter-horse, There are long hours, lots of sweat and hard, difficult work, carrying a lot of loads behind you. But the loads aren’t necessarily all yours, you carry the burdens of yourself, your family, those around you and probably some of the whole world thrown in there.

This may or may not give you the rewards you’re looking for in the end.  Either way, you’re usually worn out by the time you’ve made enough money to retire and so you really don’t have much energy left to live life to the fullest. To do all those wonderful things that you once dreamt about. That’s why they’re put out to pasture. Rest and recuperation for all the years of hard work.

Are you the Fiery Filly metaphor?

There’s also the Fiery Filly. The young filly who has so much energy that she’s up at all hours, excited and enthusiastic, giving her time and energy to everything. She can’t wait to get to the starting gates and is jumping around in the stalls, chomping on the bit and gallops out at the gun.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet developed a strategy for business and she doesn’t have much experience, so she peters out part way around the track, watching every other horse overtake her. She becomes dejected either gives up or has to rest for a few days.

She is still deciding whether she is going to be a quarter-horse or a race horse when she grows up. However, the Fiery Filly has nothing to do with age, only with experience. You can be a Fiery Filly at any age and many of us begin business right here.

Thoroughbreds often become Racehorses

A racehorse is different. They look for an easy way of doing things. They don’t mind putting in the hard work in fact, they love a hard run, but they don’t keep it up forever. Short fast bursts in the right direction is their motto. They don’t flog themselves as they know their strength comes in the long game and they can’t race the whole way. It’s strategy.

They don’t carry burdens as it holds them back. They leave those behind before they get to the gate, so that they have the advantage of a good start. They don’t always win, but they do enjoy the journey and get better and better at their own race. They live to feel the wind in their hair. It’s all about the present moment; creating goals and watching them manifest.

Which Horse Metaphor are you?

No matter what you do in life, you probably fall into one of these categories. Either a Workhorse, a Quarter-horse, a Fiery Filly or a Racehorse. Or maybe somewhere in between because I’ve just come up with these metaphors. But there are so many more to choose from. There’s an Appaloosa, a bucking bronco, a Pegasus and they all have their traits and talents.

When I started my online business, I was definitely the Fiery Filly. I did everything and was up all hours. I had so much energy and excitement that I did it all. But the results don’t always match the enthusiasm so I had to develop a strategy to take me in the direction of my dreams to become a racehorse.

So if you were a horse, what type would you be? And why?

Let me know below.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to live a life they value… and I didn’t believe them.

I thought everybody could do it on their own because I did. I figured out what didn’t work in my life and then I changed it. Actually, I changed me. And it was a LOT of work!

Not because I was trying to impress those that told me I had a ‘bad attitude’ or I had something to prove to people who thought I was lousy at pretty well everything, but because there were aspects of me that even I didn’t like. I wanted improvements in me and my life.

Change Versus Comfort

It was obvious to me that if I didn’t make changes I could expect more of the same in my life as before. The same things that didn’t work, the same relationships that my parents had.

I wanted more. Mostly, I wanted my kids to be proud of me. Damn it, I wanted to be proud of myself.

So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

I’ve been with my Spiritual Soulmate over 30 years now and we still work on the relationship, we work on improving us, because we know that whatever we want, to get it we need to be different to how we were.

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