Manifesting in 3 Steps – Turning Thoughts to Reality

Are Positive Thoughts Manifesting Positive Things?

I’ve heard this said many times and the one thing that will trip you up every time is thinking that your thoughts are manifesting what you want in life.

Thinking that your thoughts manifest is the first misconception. Your thoughts don’t make things happen. If they did, then that dog down the road would no longer be barking at night and you’d have your dream job. God knows you’ve thought about it enough.

Thinking is a Pivotal Step in Manifesting your Dreams

Thinking is certainly the first step and it’s pivotal because where your thoughts go, your mind goes too. But it’s what happens next, that makes the difference. You have an emotion. You develop a mood in response to those thoughts. And your dominant mood becomes your vibration.

Now that’s what the Universe responds to; your vibration. It delivers more of what you are vibrating. Thinking about throwing a ball against a wall doesn’t actually do anything, but throwing it, now that returns the ball in your direction pretty fast.

The Security Measure in Manifesting

There is a buffer of time between your thoughts and your manifestations because sometimes you don’t really want those thoughts crappy thoughts manifesting. That buffer of time is your security. When you’re angry and think about something horrible happening to that person in revenge, you might mean it. But you have a buffer of time to change that mood of revenge to something else, maybe hopefulness or optimism, before that revenge begins manifesting in your life.

Because that’s the other misconception, it’s not the thing that manifests, you know the revenge scenario you had in mind, but it’s your mood that’s constantly manifesting. So when you have those thoughts of getting back at someone, it’s the mood that creates the vibration and not the scenario. Therefore, it’s the mood manifesting in your own life and not the thoughts in someone else’s. It’s actually like you are punishing yourself.

Which is the opposite to what we usually have in mind when manifesting. Most people think of manifesting great things. Houses, cars, fortunes, dreams, but manifestations come in all shapes and sizes, in both wanted and unwanted form.

Thoughts Often Don’t Manifest the Way we Imagine

Thoughts do create things, but not necessarily the things you think about. They create your mood and the things that are manifesting are in response to your dominant mood. That’s why your manifestations often look different to what you imagined.

But that’s not the clever part. The amazing thing is that when you have a mood, that is actually your first manifestation. That’s it. The things you get are in response to that mood. So when you begin to Master your Mood, you are consciously creating the things you want.

So you can then congratulate yourself on the wonderful manifestations that are beginning to present themselves to you. Each moment of every day, because you created them. And you can create more of what you want too, in your life, your business and your family, just by mastering your own mood.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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Who am I?

I’m Gayle Maree, creator of 6 Dimensions of Healing, author, mother, Past Life Therapist and Spiritual Counselor for over 23 years.

Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to live a life they value… and I didn’t believe them.

I thought everybody could do it on their own because I did. I figured out what didn’t work in my life and then I changed it. Actually, I changed me. And it was a LOT of work!

Not because I was trying to impress those that told me I had a ‘bad attitude’ or I had something to prove to people who thought I was lousy at pretty well everything, but because there were aspects of me that even I didn’t like. I wanted improvements in me and my life.

Change Versus Comfort

It was obvious to me that if I didn’t make changes I could expect more of the same in my life as before. The same things that didn’t work, the same relationships that my parents had.

I wanted more. Mostly, I wanted my kids to be proud of me. Damn it, I wanted to be proud of myself.

So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

I’ve been with my Spiritual Soulmate over 30 years now and we still work on the relationship, we work on improving us, because we know that whatever we want, to get it we need to be different to how we were.

And I listen so much more now because I value the wisdom of my non-physical guides who have been with me for as long as I can remember.

Now it’s your turn

This is the same path I used to make the changes that led to a valued and prosperous life. So much more than I ever imagined.

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