Manifestation Secret: The Dynamic Power of Words

Have you ever dabbled in the world of affirmations? I’m sure we’ve all given it a whirl. But, let’s spice things up a bit. While affirmations are like jotting down our wishes on a starlit night, sometimes they miss out on the real magic – that’s where the “power of words” comes in.

Connection Through The Power of Words

Think about it: words are more than just alphabets strung together; they’re little powerhouses of emotion. When wielded right, they paint vivid visions that vibrate with energy. And guess what? These vibrations? They’re our secret connection with the Universe.

So, when we’re in tune with the power of words, we send out clear signals, like, “Hey Universe, catch this wave!” But sometimes, without noticing, we might be sending mixed signals. Ever felt down, sad or depressed, and just couldn’t shake it off? Without knowing it, we’re amplifying that tune that becomes a manifestation of more of the same tune. It’s unintentional, of course, but it does underscore the importance of tapping into the power of words.

The Power of Words Really Can Hurt You

And speaking of words, remember those hurtful phrases from years gone by? Stuff like “You’re useless” or “What would you know?” or the ones we continued by ourselves like: “Why even try?” (Oh, I still remember a few.) Why do these words stick like superglue to our souls?

It’s because the power of words taps right into our core, making us question our worth. Not all words of course and not from everybody, because when somebody we don’t care for tells us we’re useless, well, that’s just water off a duck’s back. No, the power of words comes from those we admire, look up to, or love. 

But here’s the thing: These aren’t just echoes from the past. Their lingering impact stems from the emotions they trigger and our minds playing them on a loop. And just when we believe we’ve shaken them off, life brings a reminder – be it a missed opportunity or another obstacle we thought we’d conquered.

Charting our Journey with the Power of Words

These patterns, these word-rooted pathways, subtly chart our journey. Some might tag them as “saboteurs,” but all of them are testament to the power of words. In other words, when things aren’t working out for us, we don’t realize it’s the power of words that have woven their threads through our thoughts and minds. It’s no wonder our manifestations are so erratic.

Words that Pack a Punch

So, you know how some words just give you that familiar feeling the moment you hear them? That’s because they pack a punch! They’re different for everyone, but some dynamic vibrations from the power of words are pretty universal.

Take for example words like “disaster” or “failure” – instant downers, right? But then there are those awesome ones like “love,” “freedom,” or “wisdom” that just lift your spirit.

And then there are those that instantly make you chill from words like “relax” and “breathe.” They’re like a verbal spa day!

Then, there’s this funky group of words that all seem to sit on the fence. Words like “vacation” or “lazy.” Some hear “Christmas” and imagine warm cocoa by a fireplace, while others might think of the stress of gift shopping.

A lot of our reactions stem from our background. Like, one person’s “lazy” might be binge-watching on a rainy day, while for someone else, it brings back memories of being scolded.

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Dynamic Power of Words

Obviously, I’m just scratching the surface here. The main point? Dive deep and discover your own dynamic power-packed words. Forget the past; let’s focus on the now and what vibrations you want to attract moving forward. Ready? Let’s do this!

Imagine the last time someone’s words either uplifted you or crushed your spirit. Now, think about how those words made you feel. Words, although intangible, have the incredible power to shape our realities, inspire us, and challenge our beliefs. But first, we need to harness the power of words to get out of our own way and manifest the life we truly desire.

Inspired by the Power of Words

When choosing words that support us, we look for those that inspire an image combined with emotion. This is the dynamic power of words, combining words with a vision, and not just any vision but one that is fun and makes us smile or laugh.

The Universe loves the ease and grace of light and fun, so when you choose your new affirmations, it’s important to include these elements. Why? Because light and fun means that you’ve let go of the outcome and you’re now allowing the flow of what you really want.

Flowing with The Power of Words

Compare in your imagination these 2 sentences:

  1. Abundance is coming into my life now
  2. My purse is always jammed and crammed with money

Which one can you actually see and feel? Now, these are only short and most affirmations tend to be a paragraph but this is an example. Although the words of the first example are positive, they’re lacking power. However, the second example is something you can see, imagine and smile about.

The first one is just words and the second is a vision that is both fun and powerful. With the first one you are searching for a vision and an emotion, the second has all the elements built in. And if you have an imagination like mine, your purse gets bigger and the jamming and cramming gets harder so that you spill notes as you walk and it just doesn’t matter.

Power of Words for Abundance

It’s the fun that paves the way for allowing to enter your space and that’s the secret sauce for manifestation. Allowing is the absence of resistance and you can feel any stress just dissolve. That makes this the dynamic power of words.

The full affirmation I use is:

I have a magic purse, it can never be depleted. Money goes out and even more comes in from every direction. I see it always jammed and crammed with money. US money, Australian money, stocks, shares, bonds. I see it bulging to overflowing as there’s more than enough to share.

Power of Words for Travel

Every time we travel I make sure to use this one as nobody likes to travel in rainy weather. I send this affirmation ahead of us.

There is no rain or wind here in Divine Mind. So let the clouds be lifted. I give thanks for the sun.

Every person has the power to lift the inclement weather from their life, be it fog, uncertainty, a lack of money, happiness, health or love.

The power of words lies in the vision and this is the story that the words conjure. Imagine if you were following somebody around with a video camera, what would you see? If I believe my purse is jammed and crammed, I see a carpet bag much like Mary Poppins used and it would be bulging with notes of all types. In fact, it would be so full that you could see them coming out the top even after the bag is clasped with the ornate brass clip. It wouldn’t be heavy but it would have some weight so that you could feel the abundance and so I’d change shoulders with the strap quite often. You can see this as if you had a video camera, right?

Power of Words for Business

I was having trouble with my launches not working properly even though I would set my intentions and envision what I wanted. However, I knew there was still some resistance.

So I created a Dynamic Power Words statement that simply went:

I do lazy launching. I love my clients, I lovingly give them what they need and they receive the transformations they are proud of. All through lazy launching.

My vision for “lazy launching” is seeing myself relaxing on a sun lounge in the sand wearing a sundress, no shoes and a big hat looking out at the ocean of people reaching out to me. I’m smiling and feeling blessed and loving and in my hand is a mocktail. You know, one of those tall glasses with juice of some sort, all types of tropical fruit cascading from the edge of the glass with a little umbrella to finish it off. As somebody comes out of the ocean and joins me on another sun lounge, I offer them a refreshing glass of the same.

It was a fun, relaxing vision and helped me to let go of the ‘sales’ part of the launch. Of course, I still had to do the work and put the launch together but it was fun and easy and much more successful because I’d taken away the stressors.

Tapping Into the Dynamic Power of Words

Ever thought about a change you’re craving or a dream you’re chasing? Tap into the dynamic power of words! It’s not just about repeating them but truly diving deep into the feelings and visuals they create. Best part? This magic ticket to manifesting is already in your pocket. It’s time to unlock it!

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