You are always surrounded by your reflection. The non-physical aspect of you is constantly communicating with the physical part.⁣ They are supportive and there never, ever comes a time when they give up on you. So you are never a lost cause or too far gone, no matter what your think or how you feel. The non-physical never blame you for what you could’ve done or the choices you could have made, but they do have a vested interest in your success. Because they share your joy and your achievements in the way of expansion.

Reflective Guidance

Less than 10% of who you are, incarnates into the physical world, the other 90% stays behind to guide you. Which means you are never alone. Even when you think you are (read Footprints in the Sand poem, Mary Stevenson 1936), there is always your non-physical family guiding you towards some relief. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Sometimes in words that you hear or see, pictures that connect, other times through people or situations. So when you are presented with someone or something you like, you know the communication is “Keep going, you’re on track”.  The indicator is your mood.  You are feeling great.  But when it sounds like abuse or looks like something you don’t want in your life, the communication is different. It specifically says “This is what you’re creating, do you want more or do you want to change it?” ❤︎⠀⠀

Because you always have a choice. Your guidance is just that; it is guidance. It is you who has free will. You are so free you have the freedom to choose what you want from life, whether it is good or bad. Your progress will be communicated by your dominant mood.⠀So you are always aware in which direction you are traveling. Towards your connection with non-physical or away from it

Reflection of Clarity

When you are looking at something you don’t like and feeling overwhelmed, fear, disillusionment, anger, or many other emotions, you are aligned with what you don’t want. When you are looking at something you do like and expressing emotions of joy, appreciation, love or excitement, you are creating more of what you do want. What comes into your life, whether a mood, a thought or a situation etc, is a reflection of what is coming. It is the 90% non-physical communicating to you about what is manifesting. This is a clear feedback of your reflection.

If you are feeling great, your guidance is clear and the reflections are enjoyable and exciting. When you aren’t feeling good, your reflection sounds like anger, or jealousy etc. This is when it’s important to know that somebody is not doing something to you, you are experiencing a reflection of you. Because if you felt great, you wouldn’t be receiving the same messages. Others are receiving their own feedback and they may not have anything to do with you. Sure we are in this life together but that doesn’t mean we are experiencing the same life. In fact, none of us are.

Each of us experiences life differently and no two people on the planet experience life exactly the same. We have different parents, personalities and experiences. We also have different past achievements that come with us. So we are all very, very different. That’s why the word unique is superfluous when used to describe a person, as we are all, by default, very unique individuals.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Daily Applications

It is the reflections in our daily lives that are an important guide for our future. Your reflection of any person isn’t about what somebody thinks of you, but about what you think of them. And if you understand that communication as guidance, then you can let go of blaming others for your situations and keep tweaking your mood.

Everybody is able to communicate with the non-physical aspect of who they are. Some are more finely tuned because their mood is elevated and that automatically brings you closer to your guidance. This is indicated by the clarity and opportunities that present themselves. And everyone experiences that at some times throughout life. You were born with the ability to connect. Elite athletes are attuned to connecting. Musicians creating that memorable riff are connected at the time. In fact, any time you are happy, appreciative, inspired and excited, you are connected.

So work on elevating your mood as often as possible because when you’re feeling really great, you’re going to love the reflections that manifest in your life. In your mood, the people around you and the future you are creating now.