How Learning Lessons Can Sabotage Your Dreams

Learning Lessons is Only One Path

There are many paths you can choose to navigate this life and learning lessons is just one of them.

A wise woman told me many years ago to stop saying that I was learning because, in that way, I was setting up more and more lessons for myself. When I stopped the thought form and removed ‘lessons’ from my vocabulary, life flowed much more easily. Without even realizing, I had chosen a different path. It didn’t mean I became ignorant or that I didn’t uncover and discover more about the Universe and how we operate within it, but I stopped setting up lessons for myself. And that was a huge relief.

There are many paths you can choose to traverse this lifetime. The preferred path and the one recommended by The Masters, is the path of joy. You will always get to where you’re going, but it’s the choices along the way that determine whether it’s fun and joyous or paved with challenges and lessons. Your journey represents your life. And you get to choose the path your journey takes.

Lessons are often presented through challenges, while expansion is presented through opportunity. They are in essence the same thing. Only the perspective is different. There is no wrong path, only paths we choose and they all get us to where we are going.

The purpose of this post is to offer you an opportunity to choose the path of fun rather than struggle.

Why Do People Keep Saying They’re Learning?

Most of society has been taught that there is a hierarchy. Some think they have more knowledge than others on a particular subject and it’s implied that they’re better. In religion there is an almighty Being that is omnipotent and in comparison, you are portrayed as small and insignificant.

From the very beginnings of your life, you climb your way into believing that maybe, if you are the chosen one, you can make a difference. If not in the whole world, maybe in your own lives. There is also a common belief that the Universe doesn’t revolve around you and that you’re only as good as you are nice. Like most people, you believe that you are being molded for your best future and you trust those who are your examples.

In a nutshell, from the time you are born, you are taught you are here to learn, that you have much learning to do. And you will only become successful and happy when you have learned enough.

It’s no wonder that you feel you must keep learning. With those beliefs installed in the background, it’s a wonder you become anything that feels like worthiness and love.

Learning Lessons is an Illusion!

But it’s all an illusion. In fact it’s one of the biggest scams in history. These beliefs weren’t taught to you for your own higher good. They weren’t instilled so that you could become invincible. Instead, they were created because, as a society, you were much easier to control with a program that insisted others knew more. And they knew better.

As children, you were much more likely to be compliant if you thought your parents were superior. And as you grew, the media, government and many others manipulated themselves into that role. They kept you feeling as though you needed to learn lessons to become better. And they still do.

But it’s not true!

You Were Born Divine

Born whole and complete but ever expanding, you have come into this world as the essence of Divine Spirit. Not just a part of spirit but as an extension of spirit. Just like when you remove a cup of water from the ocean, you don’t have a part of the ocean. It’s actually a part of the whole ocean, in all its essence, but a smaller size. Being a Divine spirit you also have the amazing ability to create your lives in any way you choose. From molding the clay to sculpting the details and then erasing and beginning again if you find yourself with a sculpture you don’t like. This is how the Universe responds and revolves around you. It actually responds to every thought and request you make, whether wanted or not.

Sculpting life

Every person has their own clay to mold and no two sculptures will ever be the same, no matter how much you try to make others mould in the same way you do. Each mark you make in the clay is a step down your own path of life and each has their own set of consequences. It’s a natural part of the journey of life.

You don’t ever need to be learning as you are in a continual process of exploration and growth. Taking a step, discovering, refining and taking the next step forward. It is the natural process of an expanding Universe of which you are an integral part.

Learning Lessons Can Make You Feel Stuck

When you feel you need to learn more, you are setting up lessons for yourself. Now you might think this is a good thing as you’re learning, but your growth on this planet is a given and so setting up lessons will only complicate the path.

It’s like going to school and then thinking that you’re not learning enough so taking on extra lessons for the same subjects. Not tutoring, as that’s the study of one subject. But going to two schools at once that have different criteria for the same subjects.

Life is Meant to be a Journey of Growth and Discovery

Your life will continue to flow, you will always make choices and decisions and you will adapt to change throughout the years. But always, you get to choose whether its fun or if it’s going to be lessons. Of course, life may not be fun ALL the time, but if that’s what you’ve chosen, then the opportunities for fun will always be present.

Everybody knows there are natural consequences that come with choices but rather than calling them lessons, you have an option to chalk them up to experience. Consequences are a part of the sequence of expansion, but if the lesson becomes the focus, you are then attracting more and more lessons to you. And they might even be the same. This isn’t because you are a slow learner, or even need to know more. Instead, it’s because of your focus. Whatever you focus on, you create more of. So when you focus on the lesson (which is usually something unwanted), you create more lessons for the same subject.

It’s like putting a rocky detour in your own path. Sure you can navigate it by climbing up the sheer path or walking miles around it on a rocky ledge if you want to, but it’s absolutely unnecessary. However, the greatest danger of setting up lessons is that you never graduate, because you are always learning. That means you become a perpetual student.

But there is another path. An easier way of traversing life. So stay with us.

Lessons Delay The Manifestation Of Your Dreams

Lessons will delay your dreams in becoming a reality because dreams don’t manifest due to timing. They manifest because you have expanded to a place that matches the dream. And that expansion is difficult to achieve when you are setting up lessons for yourself. To become the star in your own dream, you need to have expanded to a place where you can own the role. As a student it is difficult to feel the full worthiness of who you have become, yet this is necessary to have your dreams manifest.

When you give up lessons, it doesn’t mean you have stopped growing or that you are arrogant enough to think you know everything when you aren’t learning lessons.

It simply means you are willing to think of yourself as the worthy leading-edge creator that you are on this planet. I’m sure you’ll agree that this has a different vibration to that of somebody who thinks of themselves as a student or as not knowing enough.

Don’t let Learning Lessons Sabotage your Dreams

This Universe NEEDS you to play the lead role in your dream. It wants you to become the very best version of yourself and that’s because the Universe expands as you do. Become your best version by stepping into your own power and not handing it over to others by setting up lessons.

There are times when you will devour courses and absorb much information. But rather than lessons, we would approach this as expansion which a natural consequence of exploration. And there will never come a time when you are no longer absorbing information and making decisions based on that knowledge. But it will come from a place of inner strength and not because you aren’t good enough or worthy enough.

Adopt A Pioneer Mentality

In your lives, you aren’t students but pioneers. You have chosen to live on this earth to bring new thought to creation. And it’s because of the experiences and opportunities presented, that you get to have these new wonderful thoughts and ideas. Some of the ideas you have come up with have never been experienced in this world before and you get to collaborate with others to expand and mold and make these ideas beyond what has been imagined. This not only creates expansion for you, but for the whole Universe. As you take a step forward, the Universe expands.

When you see yourselves as students, you don’t feel worthy of an idea that expands worlds.

When things go wrong it can be difficult to think of yourself as a leading-edge creator, a fragment of the whole and connected to everything. That’s why you move towards lessons. It’s that moment of introspection where you no longer feel as powerful as you should. When this happens, instead of setting up lessons for yourself, it’s time to meditate. To find that inner connection and become whole again, within.

It can become difficult to break through the veil of not believing in yourself. The World needs you to step into your power and believe you are capable of anything. You are limitless beings with expansive ideas. When you can do this, doors open that were previously invisible and opportunities present themselves that were formerly unknown. Not just ideas for living your own life, but for changing the way others live. For helping others create a life they too love. Just by your very example.

Leave learning lessons to the schools. Many new inventions come from non-scientific people as they aren’t limited by what they’ve learned in school. They don’t abide by laws they know nothing about. Nor are they limited by what they don’t know. And their path is one of exploration and excitement.

Lessons Are A Limiting Belief

“Learning lessons is limiting ourselves to what others know. When we set up lessons for ourselves, we are looking at the outside world and asking for direction. Instead we should be looking inward and asking for guidance.”

You have your very own built-in Mood Barometer. Just remembering how to use this system is the key to flying free of the limitations of others thoughts and opinions. This means that rather than being weighed down by the knowledge of the past, you get to assess whether you are on your own best path or not.

This is because the Universe is constantly responding to you no matter what your vibration. So when you feel you are learning or that you still have much to learn, the Universe naturally provides a path of more lessons as that is your request. You don’t request from the Universe with your words but with your vibration. The need for filling a gap with learning will result in the manifestation of lessons. Lots of them. In fact, there is no end to the amount of lessons the Universe will provide if you ask.

Education is Different to Learning Lessons

Education is different to setting yourself up for lessons. Whereby education is the process of knowledge, lessons are an optional life path. There is not always education in lessons. Often, there is disappointment and a feeling of defeat.

Just ask yourself how many times you have asked ‘What do I need to learn from this?’ when something you don’t understand happens. This statement is just another lesson you’re setting yourself up for. Maybe ‘What’s next or where to from here?’, would create a different path for a new direction.

Growth Isn’t A Lesson, It’s Exploration

Education is part of the process of expansion. You naturally gain knowledge from the consequences of your decisions and actions so that you can refine for your next goal and your next dream. This process is fluid. It flows beautifully and allows your life to become all that you want. You get to choose your focus. And it’s much easier to become focused on what you want when you know you’re not being punished for something you may have done. Lessons help us get stuck in the process of guilt, therefore not allowing the flow.

So make an intention to take ‘lessons’ out of your vocabulary and instead become a pioneer of exploration and stand in your own power. Become the leading-edge creator in this world you were born to be. Then, watch and see what happens.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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