Have you ever been going along day to day, feeling pretty good, when life goes “I think I’ll just put a thorn in there. Let’s just play around and see what happens”. And there you go, tumbling off your perch or your good feeling place. And you may not even notice at first, except that now, instead of feeling good, everything seems very ordinary.

So What Happened?

Mainly it was because you either weren’t aware, or you didn’t change the thought patterns that were beginning to waiver in a direction that has led to this ordinary mood. You didn’t catch them early. For instance, your good feeling mood could have been enhanced by an offer for something you had for sale. You are happy with the offer and your mood swells, feeling better and better. Then the offer falls through and you fall flat, wondering what went wrong.

It’s not the offer that fell through that was the pivotal turning point, it was the focus on what went wrong that did the trick. If you could just understand that the offer was about getting to a place of letting go of the item for sale, then you could get excited that they are leaving. Another buyer is about to come forth.

It’s not just about selling an item, it’s about everything in life.

Getting In Our Own Way

Everybody falls off their perch at times. It’s a part of life. Whether it’s because we have been influenced by somebody or something we read or listen to, the fact remains that we live in a society of information. It could be happy or sad information, but it is there, waiting for us to have an opinion or even just a thought about it. And when we do, that’s it, we have changed our mood.

Frequently we get in our own way by letting our thoughts wander to the how’s or the who’s of an experience, rather than allowing the situation to unfold naturally. We have a pre-conceived idea of how it should unfold and who with.  And when it doesn’t work out that way, there is the urge to either ‘make’ it happen or wonder why it didn’t.

But nothing has gone wrong. It’s just that paths aren’t often straight, which makes it difficult to see what’s coming around a bend, or even where you are going and what the next step to take is. When you understand this from your own experiences, that things work out in their own way in life, then you know the importance of chilling.

So How Do You Know What The Next Step Is?

Your job is to notice how you are feeling at any time. If you can catch the thought you are thinking and notice how it makes you feel, then you can have a positive effect on what comes next in your life.

When you are aware of the mood you are in or what the situation is evoking from you, then you can shift your thoughts and create a better feeling mood. Because your dominant mood creates your future reality, then you have the opportunity to create something you are going to enjoy.

So your next step is always about feeling good. And when you aren’t, then change your perspective on the subject, because there is always more than one way of looking at things.

Don’t Fall Off Your Perch

Remember, no matter whether you are selling an old bed or dealing with difficult co-workers, you be the person who chooses your thoughts. Think things that feel good and if something happens that doesn’t seem ‘great’, then tell yourself that:

“It’s all working out for me and this is one step closer to something wonderful”.