Is Life Really A Reflection of You?

Are there People you’ve Clashed with?

Have you ever met those people you don’t like and that you clash with? Silly question right? We all have. When this happens, let me ask you a question. Are you quick to point the finger and say that they have serious problems, do you worry about the reflection of you this shows, or are you wise enough to understand that you’re looking at an opportunity for growth?

I know, it’s a tough question. Because we all fall into the blame and finger-pointing really quickly. Are you with me on this? And sometimes we feel guilty about judging as it means there’s a reflection of us there. But does it really?

You see, there have been many people I’ve clashed with in my life because I’m quite outspoken and there probably always will be because it’s a part of who I am. But recently, there was somebody that I needed to work with that became obnoxious. A real asshole. By that I mean, condescending, controlling, and manipulative (gaslighting is the term used now) and I seemed to be the only one that noticed this.

Actually, I know he doesn’t like me either. I’m not sure what his words would be to describe me and I really don’t think he’d say them to my face, so I’d only be guessing. And it doesn’t matter anyway. How he feels about me is irrelevant or as the saying goes ’what somebody thinks about you is none of your business’.

How Does the Behavior Affect YOU?

Now, my first reaction would be to say that this person is acting like a bully, he’s controlling and condescending. But is he like that with everybody? And if so, why don’t others notice?

Well, this is the magic of the Universe. Even though I would like to say that gaslighting is his trait (and it is), what I’m noticing is how this behavior affects me. Therefore, I know these behavior traits have been designed specifically for me. They’re a reflection of you. In this case, my life.

Because life is either happening TO YOU or FOR YOU. You get to choose which one that is. If life is happening to you then you feel helpless and you become a victim of your own environment.

This is Tailor-Made by the Universe for You

But if life is happening for you, then there is something here that is tailor-made just for you. And when you understand what that is, you’ll move forward in leaps and bounds.

When we feel life is happening to us, then we have a tendency to put people into a box. They are a bully or they are controlling, because it’s easier to justify how we feel… And it’s not even the traits that I had to deal with but how I felt about them when I was making that judgment.

When somebody is controlling, I have a tendency to push back in a big way. Others may run and hide, but not me, I tend to stand up to bullies. And how do I feel about somebody who is condescending or gaslighting? I feel as though he’s a bully.

A Reflection is Not Always an Obvious Interpretation

So, can you see that this isn’t a simple reflection of you. Such as, oh yes, I notice they are controlling, so I must be as well. It’s more of, what happens to YOU when you experience that behavior, and is that feeling ok with you? Because that’s really the reflection of you, how you respond and not what others do.

And I’ve noticed that when I push back, I’m not making rational or intuitive decisions anymore. This part disappoints me greatly because then I react, instead of responding. And that’s not OK with me because I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that life is happening to me rather than for me.


“Life reflections are opportunities like shiny gems that are often hidden deeply amongst the dirt.”

Gayle Maree

This is What the Reflection of You Really Looks Like

The Universe is asking me 2 questions when I feel like this:

  • When I blame somebody else for how I feel then what happens within me
  • When I act in a particular way because of this, am I ok with that?

Because the Universe really is on your side. Your soul is always calling you in the direction of your soul’s blueprint. It’s just YOUR agenda that’s changed. The Universe is all about reflection and expansion and my agenda was more about being right.

Are you OK with that Reflection and How It Affects You?

Of course, the answer to the Universe proudly asking me if I’m ok with how I’m feeling about this is a resounding no. I want to respond differently. So this was an opportunity to become better than I was before. Which is what the Universe is always delivering to you, an opportunity to expand beyond where you were yesterday, and the day before that. Not to compare you with anybody but to help you expand along the path of your Soul’s Blueprint.

People are important in our lives and not just because they help us feel good when we’re down. But it’s those ones you despise, the ones that press your buttons and those pains in the proverbial, that ACTUALLY have the potential to help you grow faster. Because the reflection they give shows you the direction of your growth path.

Reflections are like Shiny Gems Hidden under Piles of Dirt

These reflections are opportunities like shiny gems that are often hidden deeply amongst the dirt. They’re the opportunities that most people miss. And it’s easy to point the finger to blame others for the behavior you don’t like, seeing it as arrogant, and their problem. But blame comes from naivety, in not seeing this is a unique opportunity tailor-made for you to discover that shiny gem. However, now that you know what is being presented and why you are no longer naive and you can be aware that those precious stones may be hidden in the dirt that is sometimes surrounding you.

So how DO you respond when you find yourself angry at somebody or everybody? Or upset or disappointed? Sometimes insecure and afraid? Understand that there is something FOR you in every situation because your Soul is always calling you towards your Soul’s blueprint. So, when you’re ready, and it may take a little while, ask for a way of looking at this that makes you feel better. In fact, I say I must be wrong because it doesn’t feel good so show me another way of looking at this.

Expert or Just Naive?

I don’t want to sound like I’m an expert on this, because I’m practicing all the time. But I am an expert at this practice and certainly not naive and I’m not afraid to call myself out on being arrogant at thinking this is somebody else’s stuff. To quote A Course in Miracles, “if I think I’m right and somebody else is wrong then I’m wrong”. Which means I look for a different way of looking at this situation. I want to be aligned with my soul and if I’m feeling lousy, then that’s my indicator that I’m not.

When I’ve acted in a way that doesn’t take responsibility for how I’m feeling by choosing to blame others and I’m aware of it, then that’s just crazy. It’s a world gone mad. You see, nobody can make you feel anything. There is always a choice, and I don’t know about you, but I get disappointed if I’m allowing somebody else to determine my emotions, my moods and because of this, my future. Because I’m the creator of my own reality and if I’m allowing somebody else to influence my mood then I’m handing my power over to another person that I sure as hell don’t even like. My personal power is mine and so handing it over to somebody else by blaming them, is not ok with me.

The question I’ll put to you is:

Is handing your power over to somebody you don’t like ok with you?

If it’s not and it shouldn’t be, then it’s time to decide that life is working FOR YOU and not to you. Because when you decide that life is working FOR YOU, that automatically puts the power back in your court.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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