Recognizing The Guidance of Our Higher-Self

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We are Never Alone

If we are being guided, then how do we recognize the guidance our Higher-Self is providing?

Less than 10% of who we are, incarnates into the physical world, the other 90% stays behind in non-physical to guide us. Which means we are never alone. Even when we think we are (check out Footprints in the Sand poem, Mary Stevenson 1936), there is always our non-physical family guiding us towards some relief.

We call this non-physical family our Higher-Self and that’s quite an accurate description. Our guidance has the clarity that we can’t see and has a much broader perspective from which to gain information. Our Higher-Self carries the wisdom of hindsight and can see all the opportunities that will present themselves. No matter what you call them, our Higher-Self always has our best interests at heart.

So how do we recognise our Higher Self speaking?

Does it come from words or is it painted on a billboard?

It can come in many, many different ways. Through thought and inspiration, via a friend or acquaintance, even a complete stranger. It can be written on a billboard or in the sand, often at 3am or in the midst of a crisis.

How do we know what is guidance?

That’s a really great question. Often we don’t. We are stubborn as human beings and we miss the message. But don’t worry, we’ll get another and another. We’ve all heard the story of a man who was waiting for God to save him. Here’s a reminder:

A man was sitting on the roof of his house in a severe flood, waiting for God to save him. A row- boat came along and asked the man to jump in. He refused, saying that he was waiting for God to save him. The deeply religious man had great faith and it wasn’t long until a rescue squad turned up. Refusing their help, he stated faithfully that God would save him. The water was rising rapidly and swirling all around him. He was getting very nervous when a helicopter hovered overhead and sent down a rope. The man ignored it, saying that God wouldn’t let him down in his hour of need.

higher self, guidanceThe stranded man drowned and when he went to heaven asked God “Why didn’t you save me? I was standing on my roof surrounded by water, waiting for you to come. Why didn’t you come?” God replied, “I sent you two rescue boats and a helicopter. What more did you want?” 

Recognising the messages from our Higher-Self is a significant part of our own expansion. Sometimes they sound like a whisper and other times, like anger. It’s not because they’re angry with us, but because that is all we can hear. Our higher self will always send someone to intersect our situation, reflect our moods and divert a path that seems out of control.

Doesn’t Our Higher-Self sound like Love?

The people around us are our messengers. When we come across an angry person, it isn’t because we’re angry, it’s because that’s all we can hear. It’s often enough to help us change direction. When we have a car accident or a cancer, it isn’t the first hint that something is awry. We have ignored a stream of higher interventions to arrive at this point.

It’s ok if we don’t recognize the people who reflect us as heaven sent. They don’t realize that they’re an instigator for change in our lives. They’re not looking for accolades. They’re there to do a job and that’s to get our attention. When this happens, we can make different choices. Is this the direction we want or would we prefer something better?

Communication Between Us and our Inner Guidance

There are many ways that our Higher-Self or Inner Guidance communicates with us.

  • Through our moods, and our inbuilt Mood Barometer that guides us towards our dreams.
  • Those experiences we call coincidences. What may seem like a coincidence to you is carefully orchestrated timing on behalf of your non-physical counterparts.
  • Whispers of angels that try and inspire us in a particular direction. Do you listen?
  • Repeating number sequences on clocks, car registration plates etc
  • Having butterflies fluttering around you
  • Asking for signs when somebody passes over to non-physical and finding something special that reminds us of them
  • Gifts from nature. For example a rainbow in a cloud, Angel wing clouds, discovering a private glade or a vortex

And the list goes on. There are so many ways our Higher-Self communicates with us and lets us know we are not alone. That we are loved dearly.

Does the Higher-Self Judge Us?

It’s not the job of our Higher-Self to judge what’s right and what’s wrong for us. It’s their job to support and love us and lovingly guide us on the path we chose before we even came into this life. This they do in whatever capacity we can notice. For instance, when we are angry, we can’t hear harps and angels, we can only hear anger. When we’re depressed, we’re a long way from having inspiration, but we can notice people that belittle us.

So next time you’re having a bad day, look at what has presented itself, whether people or situations and instead of blaming them for your bad mood, ask yourself one question? “What are they telling me?” The answer is always right in front of you. It’s manifested by your mood.

Opportunities surround us but we don’t always notice them because they aren’t what we expect. Instead of inspiration if we aren’t able to recognize inspiration, then it could be somebody who comes into our lives that gives us a gentle shove. If we don’t take the hint, that shove becomes more or a push or an accident or even an illness. It’s not that we’ve been bad, it’s just a turning point, a fork in the road.

Our Inner Guidance is loving and will always call us lovingly towards our dreams, but if we can’t hear the love, then it will be something that we will heed, that we do recognize. Our Higher Self loves us unconditionally, it’s we who judges ourselves.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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