How to get a Glass-Half-Full Winning Attitude, For Life

Are you a Glass-Half-Full or a Glass-Half-Empty type of Person?

In other words, when an opportunity presents do you tell yourself all the reasons why it’s not the right opportunity and therefore undermine yourself, or do you grab that opportunity with both hands? When the glass is half full, you can imagine the rest. It fills itself in your mind’s eye. You can taste the contents and imagine how you’ll feel. It’s an uplifting experience.

When the cup is half-empty, you’re afraid of making a decision or taking the next step because you’re unsure it’s the right one. We’ve all been there. At some time in all our lives, we’ve seen the cup as half empty. Even me. That’s because it’s determined by whether you’re moving up the mood map or on your way down. When you see life as though it’s working for you and you know things are always working out for you, then you’re having a glass-half-full type of experience. It’s filled with hope and optimism. But when things haven’t been working the way you want them to and you’ve been floundering around the bottom half of the mood map, then you’re having a glass-half-empty experience.

If You Had A Million Dollars Would You Be Glass-Half-Full?

For instance, if you had a million dollars sitting in your bank account you might feel like you have freedom and life was easy. However, that’s because most people don’t have that much sitting in the bank, so it would give them a lot of relief. But what if you’re looking from a perspective of starting with 10 million dollars and now you’re down to 1 million. That same one million dollars might have you feeling very afraid because you’re on a downward trajectory and very likely to run out if something drastic doesn’t occur. I can even feel that as I speak. It’s how I used to feel when I watched my money on the Stockmarket. So the momentum of the mood you’re coming from at this moment, determines how you feel about everything.

But nothing’s ever by chance. You don’t get a glass-half-empty attitude without practicing things not working out, whether you mean to or not. It probably began at an early age. 

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We’re all Born with a Glass-Half-Full Attitude

Just look at any young child to see the optimism in their eyes. They believe they can be astronauts and ballerinas, and that anything is possible. They keep this outlook until somebody helps them change it. Whether it’s their parents telling them they can’t be, do or have something, or the children in the playground at school that mock their enthusiasm and zest for life. No matter where it comes from, eventually you’ll be brought up understanding that things happen that you have no control over and they’re not necessarily all good. How much pain we feel with these knocks, determines how sensitive our defenses become in the future.

If we’ve been sensitive and felt a lot of pain (and I’m in that category), we develop a glass is half-empty attitude. Not because we want it to be true, but it seems less painful to be right than have high expectations and be wrong. The trouble is, that the more you notice what isn’t working, the more that isn’t working. You can always find evidence of what you’re looking for. It has nothing to do with truth or reality.

So I don’t believe there are glass-half-empty people. There are those who have practiced the glass half empty over and over again. There are others that experience it sometimes and the glass-half-full other times. And there are people who have practiced a glass-half-full attitude so that this becomes their default.

Glass-Half-Full trumps every time

This is why I am writing this now. I want you to know you have a choice whether the glass in your life is half-empty or half-full. Believe me, half-full trumps half-empty anytime. Does that mean all your decisions work out? That opportunities knock again and again? A half-full attitude means you are moving in the direction of your dreams, that you are living an authentic life. Let go of the outcome and you’ll love how all your decisions unfold. Especially when you understand that every choice you make, leads to the next and the next. Life is about the life energy that flows through you, not about making the ‘right’ choices. So get excited, make a decision and then align with that decision by not doubting yourself.

The ultimate job or career choice never comes when you go searching. You get there by making one choice that is right for you and then another. When a female executive of a multi-national company was asked if she had always had her sights set on CEO, she replied that she only ever aimed for the next position and then the next. So you don’t need to be able to see 10 years into the future to live your dreams. You begin with the next choice and then the next. It makes life so much simpler.

To know which Choice is right for You, it helps to Master your Mood

Doubt is your first indicator of whether you should or shouldn’t do something. Whether you should or shouldn’t buy that course. Whether you should or shouldn’t trust somebody. In fact, doubt is your indicator that you shouldn’t. These are your first instincts and they’re also the early warning signs of guidance. Doubt will help you to understand whether that decision is the next step or not. It may be the next step eventually, but if you have doubt then don’t do it. Now you may get excited about it later on and then that’s your indicator that it’s the right step for you at that time.

But if in doubt, don’t.

Doubt is your indicator that you aren’t aligned with the decision you’re making

So the next step is to move your mood up the map to feeling great. Find your feel great object and focus on it. When you feel that amazing mood of joy and love wash over you, then bring that subject of doubt back in. It could be buying the course everyone’s talking about. This is a space where you gain more clarity. However, if you still have doubts when perusing from this perspective, then don’t. It’s not right for you at this time. The shoe just doesn’t fit.

Not everything is right for everybody. There isn’t one shoe that fits every foot. Just because a lot of people are doing it, doesn’t make it right for you.

For you to find the next step along the path of your dreams, you need to be in the same space as the solution. Doubt is the same space as the problem and fun, joy and happiness are the same space as the solution.

Doubt is the Glass-Half-Empty and Joy is the Glass-Half-Full

To clear out the closet of despair and despondency or doubt and uncertainty, the next step is always to align with the solution. Any solution for any perceived problem. The only action you need to take is within your own head. To move your mindset to “How can I?” rather than “I don’t think it will work”.

From asking “where is my ideal opportunity” to “what step do I take next”?

This one or that. Which step? One or the other. Aligning with the problem or the solution. Remaining in doubt or moving to joy. Each has their own path. And no amount of misaligned action will provide you with the results you’re looking for. Your action is only to feel great.

So decide whether you want your attitude to be glass-half-empty or glass half-full. Because either will determine your path forward. So which one do you want to share your journey with?

Because you deserve to feel great.

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