How to Follow Your Soul’s Path

Being on track is rather like walking a well-marked path through a familiar forest. It’s bright and breezy, and easy to follow. It’s an enjoyable experience. You know you’re following your soul’s path because your mood is also bright, light, and fun. Life is exciting, you have a sense of freedom, and inspiration flows. Ahhh, sounds great, doesn’t it?

Just like any path, there are twists and turns, as the path is always winding, so how do you know when you are following the path of your Soul’s Blueprint and heading toward your Soul’s Purpose or not?

Your Soul’s Blueprint always indicates where you are in relation to where you want to go. And it does that via your mood. It’s your mood that guides you in following the path of your soul with the accuracy of a compass.

Following your Soul’s Path Means Knowing Where You Are

Knowing where you are is the key to getting where you want to go. Because sometimes you know where you want to go but get a little bit lost along the way.

When I was a new driver I got lost in Sydney driving a friend’s car. Not having had my license for very long this was a major city that I didn’t know. Driving around in the traffic for 3 hours was a challenge, I was getting frustrated by the minute, even though I had a road map. This was long before GPS and even mobile phones. I could read the roads on the map but I just wasn’t able to read them properly.

There were 3 places I stopped and asked for help but the people that I asked couldn’t read a map either. So I kept following the path in the book, hoping I would get there eventually but that didn’t happen. You see, I knew where I wanted to go but it wasn’t quite enough to get me there. What I really needed to know was the path. (I eventually called an ex-boyfriend who lived in the city to help me.)

Sometimes we aren’t far off track in life but ask the wrong people for directions. Such as a single friend for relationship advice, a work colleague for investment advice or a childless friend for parenting advice. And what we really need is the path.

Any Map is only Good if You Know How to Read It

Following the path of a map is only good if you know where you are in relation to where you want to go. Because if you’re standing in a friend’s home in the middle of the night, it’s pitch black and you don’t want to disturb people by turning on a light but you want to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. You know the kitchen is situated next to the back door because you’ve seen it. And you don’t want to ask your friend where it is because you don’t want to wake her.

But you really have no idea where you are, so you bumble around banging into things trying to find your way. Eventually, you have to turn on a light. Not to find out where the kitchen is, but to find out where you are so that you can get to the kitchen without breaking something.

Often we know where we want to get to, but we don’t know where we are and that’s where following the path of our mood map helps out. It always indicates where we are and provides a path so that we can adjust our direction to get to where we want to go.

Reading the Mood Map on your Soul’s Path

Everyone is born with a Mood Map, the guiding light toward their soul’s purpose.

Your mood is a dominant emotion. You have hundreds of emotions throughout the day but some of them stick and get added to the others and that determines your mood. The better you feel, the closer you are to your Soul’s Blueprint, the path that was designed as your road map. And the worse you feel, the further you’re away, on a detour or sight-seeing vacation and probably swatting mosquitoes.


“Everybody’s born with a Mood Map, the guiding light on their soul’s path.”

Gayle Maree

Your Mood Guides your Soul’s Path

Understanding your mood is a necessary part of traversing your Soul’s Blueprint because it lets you know where you are now and gives you a path to follow to get to where you want to go. It lets you know whether you’re on track or you’ve taken a detour.

Now there’s nothing wrong with a detour, it will still get you to where you want to go, eventually, even though there may be some really bumpy road involved. This will include emotions that don’t feel good because that’s the discomfort of emotional resistance. Anything other than the path of your soul’s blueprint doesn’t feel good and it’s not supposed to. It was designed that way.

And it’s reassuring to know that nothing has gone wrong, as we all take detours in life. Some are further away from your Soul’s Blueprint than others, but always your Mood is indicating the way to your Soul’s Blueprint and to your Soul’s Purpose.

But all detours are clarifying experiences, they’re normal and will happen from time to time. They’re uncomfortable but necessary.

Detours are Opportunities to Connect with your Soul’s Blueprint

Did you know that when a rocket flies to the moon and back that it’s off course 90% of the time? They do a burn to correct the direction so that they can re-correct the path and get back on track. The difference is that they always know where they ARE in relation to where they want to go. And they know what they need to do to get there.

When you monitor your own mood and take notice of your thoughts and emotions, you can do the same as the astronauts. Every day. You can do a re-correction to get yourself back on track toward your Soul’s Blueprint.

This is the well-lit path of joy, inspiration, love, appreciation, and fun and these are the moods that represent your Soul’s path.

How you know you’ve taken a detour because it feels like stress, tension, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, frustration and many more emotions. It’s a feeling of being lost and alone and what you’re noticing is the distance between the path of your soul’s blueprint and the path you’re now traveling. The further the distance, the more tension. When you’re angry you can’t feel love. When you’re overwhelmed you don’t feel loved or on track. So, innately you know this.

Your Soul’s Path Sends out Beacons for You to Find

It doesn’t matter whether the situation that takes you on a detour is justified by a divorce, a bad relationship, loneliness, or even self-doubt, it will make you feel as though you are lost and off track and that’s because you are. Feeling bad is the indicator you’re off track, it’s supposed to shake you. Sometimes you can be off-track for a short while and other times it can be years or decades.

But understand that these tracks or detours also have opportunities to get back to your Soul’s Blueprint. You are never really alone. These opportunities aren’t always as obvious as the inspired ones along your Soul’s blueprint, but they’re still there. For instance, they may come in the form of losing a job that you didn’t like, ending a marriage that was not going well, or having a partner leave and finding out they were cheating. These are all forks in the road. The Y that makes you ask why.

  • Why is life so difficult?
  • Why does it have to be this way?
  • Why do others get an easier, happier life?

Believe it or not, these are all (well-disguised) nudges back to your Soul’s Blueprint.

The Good News is…

To change direction and begin following your Soul’s path you only need to follow the guidance of your Soul’s Blueprint. This means you’re not looking for a job or a partner, a new house or a car, or any situation. Nothing needs to change in your life to get there. You’re just reaching for an emotion, a mood. And when you reach for a better feeling mood, just like the game of snakes and ladders or Chutes and ladders in the US, you’ve taken a ladder, a shortcut along your blueprint, towards your Soul’s Path.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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