How to Discover your Uniqueness & Live Life on your Terms

Are you feeling lost and unsure about who you really are in this life? There are so many identities that we go by such as friend, mother, wife, partner, introvert, leader and so many more that it can be difficult to remember who we really are. Not only that but what makes us different or stand out in a crowd?  It’s about our uniqueness. The unique you is who you really are. So let’s help you find it.

A Word of Warning for Finding your Uniqueness

Stepping into your uniqueness can be stressful. It’s a brave move because people can judge you for just being you. Tough, I know but it happens to everyone.

Standing in the fullness of who you really are can be threatening to those who prefer to hide in the shadows, so your light can feel like a threat. It’s not of course, but be aware that by embracing your uniqueness you can shed some old and probably debilitating relationships.

Why Embrace Your Uniqueness?

The reason anybody would want to embrace their uniqueness is because it feels good. It’s freeing, fun and powerful. Just like when you began to walk and talk, it’s a natural progression in life. This path of finding your uniqueness we call your soul path.

When you’ve been lost or on a detour in your life for awhile, finding your soul path can be a daunting task, but it’s one that’s definitely worth the effort. After all, when we’re living in alignment with our passions and values, life just feels so much more fulfilling and meaningful. So, let’s dive in and explore some top tips for finding your soul path and embracing your uniqueness.

Time to Find Your Spark

Firstly, it’s important to reflect on your passions and interests. What are the things that truly make you happy, the things you do that make your soul sing? Think about the activities or hobbies that you can’t get enough of and time flies when you’re doing it. It might be taking a yoga class, traveling and experiencing new cultures, maybe creating art, or it could even be solving complex problems in the field of science or technology. The key is to identify what it is that truly lights you up and gives you a sense of joy on the inside.

Once you have a better understanding of your spark, it’s time to explore different career paths and consider how they align with your passions and values. It’s important to remember that your soul path doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional 9-5 job. It can be a combination of different things such as starting a business, becoming a freelancer or even pursuing a side hustle. The key is to find a way to make a living while doing something you’re truly passionate about.

Gaining Clarity on Your Uniqueness

Meditation or journaling can be a great way to gain clarity on your uniqueness. It’s an effective way to quiet the noise of your mind and allow your inner voice to come through clearly. For this reason it’s important to take some time each day to just be still and listen to what your heart is telling you. This can help you gain a better understanding of what you truly want out of life and where your uniqueness lies.

It’s also important to surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage and motivate you on your journey. These could be friends, family or even mentors. (And maybe a few of each.) Just remember to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people will help you stay focused on your goals so you can feel easy about embracing your uniqueness.

Speaking of mentors, finding people who are successful in areas that align with your spark can be incredibly helpful because they can provide valuable insights, advice and guidance on how to navigate the industry and become successful in it.

Your uniqueness always lies outside your comfort zone, it’s a carrot to keep expanding yourself.
Gayle Maree
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But don’t just recognize that spark that makes your soul sing. Your soul path is the path of lighting your spark. This means if you’re looking to develop new skills or knowledge in something that interests you, consider taking a course or workshop. There are countless online resources that can help you learn about a wide range of subjects. From learning how to cook to taking a course on how to start a business, the opportunities really are endless.

Follow your Soul Path to Find your Uniqueness

Another way to follow your soul path and embrace your uniqueness is by volunteering or doing work experience in an industry you think you might be interested in.

Because this can be a great way to gain a better understanding of the field. Not only will you learn about the industry, but you’ll also meet people who are working there that can help you explore the subject more.

So how do you know if you’re following your soul path or not? Because it will feel good. This means it will be exciting. That’s the spark we talk about, you can feel it in your heart, just a blip at first. So that’s what we call excitement, it begins with a spark. This is the path to embracing your uniqueness.

Your Uniqueness Lies Outside Your Comfort Zone

You know you’re on your soul path when you begin to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we think we should be doing that we ignore the nudges and signs that our soul is trying to send us. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and listen to what your heart is telling you.

As you embark on your journey to finding your soul path, it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to take risks and try new things. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. Because your uniqueness lies outside your comfort zone, guaranteed. How do I know this? Because if it didn’t, you’d already have embraced your uniqueness.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, believe in yourself and your abilities. It’s easy to doubt ourselves and sink back into the familiarity of what was. But if we do, then we live in the shadows and never get to feel the freedom of spreading our wings to embrace our uniqueness. So reflect on that spark that makes your soul sing. 

Here’s the Summary for Exploring your Uniqueness:
  1. Explore different career paths and consider how they align with your passions and values.
  2. Take time to meditate or journal to help you gain clarity on what makes your soul sing.
  3. Surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage you on your journey.
  4. Seek out mentors and role models who will inspire you.
  5. Consider taking a course or workshop to help you develop new skills or knowledge.
  6. Volunteer or do work experience in an area that interests you.
  7. Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice.
  8. Keep an open mind and be willing to take risks and try new things.
  9. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and step into your uniqueness.
  10. You are never too old and there is always time.

Your Soul Path is a journey that helps you discover your uniqueness and also guides you along the path of least resistance towards everything you want in life. There are no rewards in playing small so that others won’t feel intimidated or upset. Your job is to shine a light in the world by embracing your uniqueness and becoming the loving, happy, successful being that you can be. There is no age limit and education is not a barrier. So light the spark and begin…

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