How to Clear your Path to Success

The Path to Success is Personal

Have you ever wondered why things don’t work out for you and how you’re getting in your own way? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today. Clearing your path to success. 

How you judge success is personal. To me, if I’m happy and things are going my way, I’m successful. 

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve been worried that things aren’t going to work out for you. No matter how much you tell yourself that you’re on the right track or doing the right things, there can still be that niggling doubt inside your head or maybe that duck feeling in the pot of your stomach that maybe things just won’t work out for you. 

Does the Universe Define your Path to Success?

So you console yourself that maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s up to the Universe. 

And how do I know this? Have I been watching your thoughts? Well, it happens to all of us and I’m no exception. I remember having big dreams when we moved to another country and then doubting them because it just seemed incredible, as though I wasn’t worthy. I couldn’t figure out what the Universe was trying to tell me. 

This didn’t happen ALL the time, but it happened often enough for me to get in my own way. To stop those dreams dead in their tracks.

How Do You Get in the Way of your Path to Success?

So how does this happen? How do we get in our own way? The path to obstruction is through your own thoughts and emotions, your moods. Not by somebody else. 

Now moods in themselves aren’t a bad thing as this is the same path to achieving your dreams. But there are forks in the road that not many people are aware of. 

There’s Always a Fork in the Path to Success

You recognize this fork when one moment you are feeling great, free and loving. The next moment there is a frown on your face. That’s the fork, and which fork you take is up to you, but determines what comes next. That’s how important the choice is.

What thoughts are you going to choose and how do you want to feel. It’s a ‘right now’ decision. 

Having an Awareness of the Forks or the Opportunities

Now unless you’re aware of this fork in the road, by how you’re feeling and the thoughts you’re thinking, then your thoughts are free falling. In other words, you’re not choosing anymore. 

The best that can happen is that you just hope that things work out. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. There’s a lot of wishful thinking involved.

You can see there are a few pitfalls along this path and this isn’t a good formula for achieving your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself you can be. 

That person who’s happy, inspired and in love with life. The one that even you admire.


Wayne Dyer said, “You need to believe it before you’ll see it.” That means you need to believe in the changes before you see the evidence.

Soul Guidance Keeps you on the Path to Success

You have inner soul guidance that is always guiding you on the path to success and in the direction of your dreams. Sometimes subtly and at other times with a little more oomph (like a kick up the backside, or maybe even a car accident). The way you know that your soul guidance is working is through your moods and emotions. 

When you are overwhelmed it doesn’t feel good, that’s how you know that you’re moving in a direction that’s actually opposite to your dreams. 

Because moving in the direction of your dreams feels like fun and love and happiness and inspiration. It feels like you’re riding on a cloud. Life makes sense and it’s easy. 

Your inner soul guidance always holds the space of fun, love and happiness, clarity and inspiration (all the things you love), and guides you towards those great emotions because that’s the direction of your path to success and your dreams.

Tension when Moving in Opposition

When you don’t feel this way, there is tension. Rather like pulling a bungee cord. The further you pull it from where it’s anchored, the more tension there is. The cord is under stress. 

And you are no different from this. As you move further away from fun love and happiness and the path to your success, the tension mounts and you feel stressed.

Here’s A Valuable Indicator

If your soul guidance was not holding this space and gently guiding you towards your dreams by being anchored in love, you wouldn’t feel the tension. But nor would you have direction. And that’s the good news, this tension is the indicator of which direction you’re moving in, in relation to your dreams. 

Your dreams are here. Follow the emotions that feel good and you ride with your dreams. You can feel the ease and flow. Things work out for you. People call you lucky. But when you’re angry, frustrated, uncertain, worried, are afraid, then you feel the tension of separating yourself from your soul guidance which is where your dreams are. 

Our Moods Guide Us On Our Journey

Put simply, when you feel yuck you’re moving further away from your dreams and when you feel great, you’re on track.

That’s why I spend so much time helping you move in the direction of happiness. Because I know that when you’re in a happy mood, your dreams are effortless. You feel worthy, loved and life is fun. 

And you don’t need to have more money or a special person in your life. In fact, you don’t need any circumstances to change right now for you to take a different fork in the road.

Here’s A Powerful Secret For Your Path To Success

This is the powerful secret that you weren’t taught as a child. That is, how to change the direction of your life, without having to change the circumstances. The people, the places, the things don’t need to change. 

In fact,  One guarantee I can make is that they absolutely won’t change until you’ve changed the fork in the road. In other words, when your mood changes then so do the circumstances and not the other way around.

Wayne Dyer said:

You’ll see it when you believe it. He even wrote a book with that title. 

That means that you have to believe in the changes before you see the evidence. 

So many people say that when things change they’ll be happy. But it doesn’t happen that way around. When you become happy, things change around you.

You’re Really Searching For Happiness and a Sense of Meaning 

And the only reason you ever want anything is because you think that when you have it you’ll be happy. So the fork in the road is your opportunity to take the shortcut. 

Become happy and let the things you love unfold around you.

There are many forks in the road throughout the day. But here is a simple formula to change the fork in the road toward your dreams.

  • Firstly,  Notice your thoughts. Throughout the day notice if you’re frowning or smiling. What are you thinking? 
  • Secondly, Acknowledge your emotions. How were you feeling before and what’s your mood now? Happy, agitated, excited?
  • Thirdly, Take a breath. Release the mood and wrap it in golden light.
  • Lastly, Make a new choice. How do you want to feel?

Get on Top of Stress and Worry Early

So when you notice that you’re worrying about that electricity bill, notice your thoughts, acknowledge the emotions, take a breath and release it. Wrap the experience in golden light.

It won’t make the bill go away but you’ve just taken the fork in the road that leads to miracles and so, along the path of success who knows what comes next. 

Keep taking the fork in the road that allows you to dance with your dreams, even if it’s only in your imagination. That’s you creating your reality and watch what happens. 

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to live a life they value… and I didn’t believe them.

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Change Versus Comfort

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So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

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