How to Become the Very Best Version of Yourself

Most people want their dreams to come true

That’s of course if they’re still willing to believe in their dreams. But for the dreams and goals to manifest in your life, there are many things that need to happen. A whole string of them in fact, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the dream itself, because that part is already in motion. It has to do with becoming the person who owns that dream. It’s becoming the best version of yourself.

And in case you’re wondering, that’s not the person you are now. The reason I know this is because if it was, you would already be living that dream.

In other words, the dreamer of the dream and the owner or the person who lives that dream to their fullest capacity are two different people. Just how big the difference is from where you are now and being the best version of yourself is individual.

How to Become The Best Version of Yourself

Imagine if you were a budding actor, dreaming of starring in a Hollywood blockbuster alongside Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman or Liam Neeson. If you had never acted outside of your school plays, there is a lot of work that needs to happen for you to star in a blockbuster movie leading role. You’d need knowledge, experience, and bigger roles and through that experience, you’d begin to believe in yourself.

Actually, you’d be changing yourself along the way and becoming a more mature, well-rounded actor, the best version of yourself. The budding novice that had begun in school plays has now blossomed into the best version of herself, a star.

And so too will your dream demand that you grow and become the star in your own Hollywood movie called your life. You are the star that will become ready to take ownership and blossom into the life that you want to live. Your very own movie role.

So the question is:

Who are you willing to become as the owner of your dreams, the star of your movie? Is it the best version of yourself?

Whether those dreams are being a caring mother, having a lasting, loving relationship, becoming a healer, or making a difference in the world, you can guarantee that the person you are now is not the person you become who fulfills those dreams. There is always a transformation that takes place to become the best version of yourself.

Changing to Become the Best Version of Yourself

I know what that’s like. When I look back to who I was as a teenager and in my early 20’s, I had big dreams but they were really pipe dreams as the person who had those dreams could never have been the person who lived them. There was too much of a gap. I had to develop love, caring, humility, joy, wisdom and basically become the best version of myself.

This is still a work in progress but I understand the role I’m moving toward and who I need to become to live it.

The question isn’t what are you willing to sacrifice to own your dreams, but who are you willing to become?
Gayle Maree
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Time To Start Creating

Just imagine your dream now. The one that keeps you moving forward, that makes your heart sing and that you are reluctant to share. Can you see yourself in that role? Who is this person? What are they like and who do they hang around with? Because this is the person you need to become to live this dream. This is the best version of yourself. You know this person because you’ve imagined them yourself and they’re already within.

To claim this role there will be talents you want to develop, traits you want to learn and old habits that you’re willing to let go of. This is the natural path of evolution. It’s a growing, expanding journey that’s both exciting and nourishing for the soul.

What Nobody’s Talking About

The journey isn’t about what you’re willing to sacrifice as there is no sacrifice in becoming the best version of yourself. 

When I was first asked what I was willing to sacrifice to achieve my goals in a business course many years ago, I just clammed up and didn’t go there. Because all I had was my 3 y.o. daughter. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice her so I thought I’d never achieve anything. But the wording was all wrong and the meaning was ambiguous. There is never a sacrifice to be made and if there is then you’re on the wrong path.

It’s about gaining more of who you really are. The loving, giving, joyous and full of life you.

Allowing abundance, prosperity, love, joy and wisdom in your life is never a sacrifice. Becoming the best version of yourself is about uncovering who you really are and it’s a pleasure. It’s a rediscovery, an exploration and sometimes an archeological dig into the innermost depths of the soul. It can never be a sacrifice as you actually gain MORE from life by embracing your soul path.

Who Are You Willing to Become?

So the question is not what are you willing to sacrifice but who are you willing to become to own your dreams?

  • Are you willing to become loving?
  • What about having fun?
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Becoming compassionate?
  • Willing to enjoy life?
  • Able to love?

And to do this what are you willing to shed? What old patterns?

  • Putting yourself down?
  • Being discouraged?
  • Giving up on yourself?
  • Not believing in your abilities?
  • Feeling insecure?
  • Being artificial?

And how will you do this? What are the practical applications?

  • Stop reading the newspapers
  • Quit listening to the news
  • Restrict social media
  • Listen to uplifting podcasts
  • Set your morning up for success
  • Change your perspective
  • Take notice of your moods
  • Write and use a mantra

To become the best version of yourself you just do more of what lifts your energy and stop doing what drains it. No matter whether it’s things, people or places. Let go of the people that drain you, you know the ones. Let go of the commitments that are suffocating, another will take your place.

The Universe doesn’t reward you for putting others in your life first, at the expense of your well-being. The Universe rewards you for selfishly putting your own growth first as your dreams are the inspiration for your own growth and expansion and when this occurs, that’s what affects humanity. It’s not the goal but the creation.

Advantage of Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

When you’re becoming the best version of yourself then you’re in alignment with your dreams. This puts you in the vicinity of instant manifestation. And the first one that occurs is your own emotions. You begin to feel better, and lighter and things around you shift. The path has changed and so long as you keep moving in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself then you stay in alignment with manifestations you’ll be pleased about.

The only things that are sacrificed are bad habits. Patterns that you adopted long ago that held you back. Old habits from the past that don’t serve you. Stories that you’ve told yourself and have become your reality. Congratulate yourself on letting them go.

Your reward for releasing them is that your life transforms. One new habit at a time toward your dreams. 

This is how you get to live a life you love. Move towards becoming the best version of yourself because that’s the direction of your dreams.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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Change Versus Comfort

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I wanted more. Mostly, I wanted my kids to be proud of me. Damn it, I wanted to be proud of myself.

So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

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