How NOT to Become a Victim of the Outside World

Let me explain what a victim of your environment is and at the end of this post, I’ll show you how to turn it around to take back your own power. In this way you can protect yourself from the outside world as much as possible. The power is in your hands.

How do you become a VICTIM of your environment? 

It’s actually quite easy and it happens to everyone some of the time and to a lot of people MOST of the time. You may not have realized this, but it’s something you actually have control over. Thoughts become energy and energy becomes stored in your body as density called matter. So there are thoughts that you’re thinking now that will cause problems in your body. If not now, then soon.

Those thoughts about being overweight or not good enough, frustrated or angry are playing havoc with your body. And it’s not just because they’re thoughts. They’re actually emotions that influence the intelligence of your cells. When you repeat those statements long enough, they attach themselves to your body like the fungus on a tree trunk. 

Your Inner Voice is Real

It’s not a matter of saying, Oh they’re only words or they don’t really mean anything. Or even worse is: If I don’t say them out loud then they’re not real. Your words or even thoughts do make a difference, to you.

Each of these emotions is actually creating density deep down in your body, because the thoughts that you think build up and become stored in your cells as matter.

The more matter that builds up in your body, the more dense it becomes and the more you tend to react to your environment. You begin to embrace what’s happening outside of you and see it as reality. Your reality. And before long, you’re feeling like a victim. A victim of your environment, to what’s happening all around you. Feeling overwhelmed with the reality around you.

Unable to control the people, situations, illnesses or anything in the outside world. And when this happens it’s easy to think there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is the Victim Cycle

Life becomes a cycle that goes like this. You observe something that you don’t like, think thoughts, have an opinion that creates an emotion. That emotion hangs around in your body, stored as dense matter and influences the well-being of your cells. It’s a low vibration that attracts more of the same thoughts and emotions.

how not to become a victim, victim cycle

There’s a real party going on inside your body and chances are, you haven’t even been invited.

From Victim to Vibration

Everything has a vibration from rocks to people to your moods. But unlike inanimate objects whose vibration is stable, as humans, you can resonate your vibration between low and high frequencies often, just by shifting your thoughts.  The more thoughts you think that are debilitating, denigrating or hateful, the slower your vibration. And guess where illness hangs out? You guessed it. This party is a low vibrational one.

Shifting your vibration can even happen unconsciously. An example would be on hearing a news report that makes you feel insecure. You begin pondering it more, wondering how it will affect your job or your home and now you’re noticing things in your life that also make you feel afraid, insecure and uncertain. Without realizing it, you’re engaged in the Victim Cycle and inadvertently vibrating on a lower frequency, unconsciously inviting other thoughts, situations and things you won’t like, to hang around you. That’s being victim to your environment.

But you can take control.

Let’s liken it to a party at which there are a variety of people attending. You know if you hang around the doomsayers, the ones that are depressed and depleted that in no time, you’ll feel the same way. However, if you hang around with the lighthearted, fun-loving types, then your vibration will become upbeat, even if it wasn’t beforehand. You will smile, laugh, be happy. In fact, when somebody asks you how the party was, you’ll reply that you had the best time ever. Your vibration has become light and your body is also less dense.

So how do you know where you’re vibrating? 

You can feel it in your body. With a low-frequency vibration, you’ll experience stress, headaches, tension, neck pain. There’s a tendency to use descriptions for how you feel such as tired, worn out, exhausted. If you keep going along this path, this low vibration can become chronic. In other words, you are re-educating your cells to get used to a low-frequency condition. This means they don’t want to change even if you do. So, when you introduce a new idea or new thoughts, there is still residue in your cells that responds in the same way as previously.

That’s why when people say that they’ve put changes in place but nothing’s happening, that’s what’s going on. Their body is rejecting these new ideas. The thoughts have changed but the body hasn’t. It’s still operating with the same manual you provided previously. A recalibration of your body needs to occur to introduce a new program to move in unison with your new mind.

When you can transform those thoughts into a higher frequency and recalibrate your body, now the energy is traveling up towards your heart. As your heart expands the energy travels up towards your brain and the two work together in harmony. Seeing and finding more and more thoughts that make the heart expand.

In this way, you have just transformed thoughts from density to light energy. It’s called heart and brain coherence.

Does this mean I’m no longer a Victim?

It means that the choices you make are now going to be more balanced. They come from a higher perspective, one that’s good for you. You feel optimistic about the future, your creativity is ignited and life is flowing for you, with you and because of you. The Universe is collaborating with you because of your vibration. You no longer feel like a victim.

It doesn’t mean that you will always be feeling this way. Things happen. But it does mean that you know what needs to be done. A little bit of housekeeping each day to keep the vibration oscillating at a high frequency.

I live in a tropical area. Humidity is normal at 80%. In the wet season, everything goes moldy, including shoes, hats, clothes, walls, windows. You name it. Somebody was admiring my clean house the other day and asked: How do you keep the mold from your walls? I don’t. I just clean them when they begin to get moldy. Life is like that. You really want to keep the negativity away but rather than stress over it, just notice the thoughts and then change them. Notice the beginning of  mold and then clean it off.

Don’t wait until the mold is so dense it’s making you sick. Just clean it off as soon as it appears.

Everything outside of you is your Environment 

That’s a lot of stuff. And none of it is in your control. Not the people, the situations nor the outcomes.

Because you’re human and not a robot, there are times that you’re going to have opinions and see things that you’re going to feel angry or agitated about. Just acknowledge that and make it ok. It happens to all of us, but you don’t want to stay there. That’s the mold appearing and the only body it’s going to ever affect, is yours.

Everything outside of you is your environment so it’s difficult not to be affected. Unless you are a monk in the middle of nowhere that meditates all day, and has no access to the outside world, you are going to respond to your outside environment. 

So understanding how to clean up your low frequency thoughts and transform them to a higher frequency is a necessity. It’s as necessary as breathing. Breathing may keep you alive but high frequency thoughts keep you aligned, connected and fulfilled. It’s keeping the coffers filled.

Begin your Heart and Mind Coherence with Meditation and Intentions

Meditation will help you centre yourself and connect you with the REAL world. The inner you who is connected to ALL THAT IS. It will help you to override the patterns and programming from the outside world that have influenced your now and are responsible for who you have become. Guided meditations will help you connect and feel centered.

The second part is Intentions:

  • Defining intentions will keep you on track 
  • Use intentions to look for what’s working
  • Make it your intention to feel great
  • Set intentions that things are working out for you
  • Clear intentions will override past programming

Find out how intentions can help heal you. Just click here.


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