6 dimensions of healing book

Design A Life You’ll Really Love

Most people are unhappy with their life without even knowing why, so we’ve created a program that connects you to your joy, so that you’ll bounce through life, feeling happy, energetic and on the path to your dreams.

6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook

1. Leap Life's Obstacles

2. Define your Future

3. Feel Energetic & Inspired

How Can the 6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook help you?

Transform Uncertainty

Imagine feeling restricted in life so that every decision is uncertain. If you take too big of a step, you’ll fall over. You just can’t seem to unravel that ball and the more you move, the tighter it gets. This is called life and the restriction you feel, happens to all of us at some time. This book is about how to change it.

Discover the Power of your Mood

When you master your mood you’re creating your life by design and that makes your soul sing.

Dissolve Hidden Challenges

Unlock the Inner Secrets of Why Your Life Unfolds the way it Does and Transform The Hidden Challenges That Are Keeping You From Living Your Purpose.

Unravel the Past

As those restrictions begin to unravel, they just loosen their grip and fall to the floor. Without any effort from you. This is what 6 Dimensions of Healing does for you. It unravels the ties that bind your life and gives you back your freedom.

Summon Universal Energy

6 Dimensions of Healing will help you summon the energy of the Universe to gain a new understanding of how your mood affects every area of your life.

Regain Confidence

When you begin to understand the power of your own mood, you step into the confidence that’s eluded you for so long. In life and in love.

6 dimensions of healing book

Design a life you’ll love

Connect to your joy, so that you’ll energetically live the life of your dreams

What are the 6 Dimensions?

physical dimension

Physical Dimension

The physical dimension is about your body. Each person has their own idea of what health means. For one person it may be about fitness and diet, for another, it’s about minimizing pain. The beliefs you hold about health were probably formed many years ago.  What you need to decide is whether the thoughts you have around health, support you or not.


Vibrational Dimension

Vibration is energy streaming communication. It’s how we communicate with ourselves, others and the Universe. Our dominant mood becomes our vibration and our vibration is the way we request the Universe for more of something. You see we’re in an inclusive based Universe and we can only ever ask for more and exclude nothing. Focus is the key.

mental dimension

Mental Dimension

Thinking is a part of being human. Our thoughts define us, as they’re different from everyone else’s, even though we sometimes share opinions with others. We are the only person who can think our thoughts, therefore we are the only one who determines our mood. And our dominant mood creates our future.


Intention Dimension

It is your intentions that determine the outcome for your day. When your intentions are to have a great day, then you do. It’s when you don’t set your intentions that your default intentions become apparent because we always have intentions whether we’re aware of them or not. And they make an impact in our lives.

emotional dimension

Emotional Dimension

Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. They create the experiences that unfold in your life and are your communication with your higher purpose. So, your reality is essentially designed by your thoughts and emotions. The question is really; what are you thinking and feeling that you want to create more of?

attitude dimension

Attitude Dimension

It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Now think about this for a moment. Your attitude is your demeanor in life. It is how you process what life has presented you with. Attitude doesn’t commence as an outward expression but an inward observation.

Here’s why you want the 6 Dimensions of Healing in your life:

I used to think I was on top of things, but people just called me controlling.

My life was like, there’s a right place for everything. And there’s a right way of doing things. Like a tidy house, tools in order in the shed, cars parked straight in the garage… I mean, what would the neighbors think otherwise?

I can look back now and laugh. If you could snap a photo you would be able to see the difference. Toys in the front yard don’t concern me, and people not doing things my way, well that’s been huge.

I don’t need to control everything anymore and I’m much happier. It feels so freeing to have my life back.

Gabriel B.

I'd been grappling in the darkness for a light for a long time. It's a powerless feeling.

When you’re grappling in the dark and stumbling into one obstacle after another it hurts after a while and that was my story.

This handbook has turned the light on in my life and I can not only see where everything is, but I know how to move things around to where I want them to be. I’m getting my power back, thanks to 6 Dimensions of Healing.

Jamie V.

I had always been happy for my husband to make decisions for me. Then I didn't have to feel bad when I was wrong.

When I read 6 Dimensions of Healing, I had an aha moment. I knew I had to begin making my own decisions.

They were small at first, such as where I wanted to eat. Then what holidays we went on and now it’s about how we bring up the children. It’s all a choice.

How did my husband react? He was relieved. He’d actually found making decisions for me a burden. I never knew.

Thanks for writing this wonderful book.

Amy and Adam J.

People said that I always looked sad. I didn't know what they meant.

But after having read 6 Dimensions of Healing I understand what they were saying. There was a deep sadness inside of me and I didn’t even know it was there.

But it’s gone now. It was like a switch was flicked and I have a new outlook on life, so instead of sadness I have what Gayle calls ‘Champagne bubbles of Joy’ floating up inside of me. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and zest for life.

Amanda P.

My life had been like standing in a thick fog and trying so hard to see in the distance, for way too long.

I had been standing in the fog and fighting my eyes to see in the distance of my life and the more I tried the less I could see. You know the feeling.

Reading 6 Dimensions of Healing was like walking into clear skies and sunshine. It was a real breath of fresh air. There is hope in my life now and I’m ready to do things differently.

Dana A.

I was sick and tired of people looking at me with pity and calling me 'Poor Janie'.

Sure I had a lot of things go wrong in my life, like my father dying when I was young and my youngest baby died when he was only 6 months. That was very sad. Then my marriage broke up.

It seems I had been a victim for as long as I could remember. But I was sick and tired of being known as ‘Poor Janie’. How is Poor Janie getting along? I’d had enough…

It was like I was fighting for my own freedom and with the help of 6 Dimensions of Healing, I won and I’m still winning.

Strong, fun and happy Janie

Instead Of Being Unhappy With Your Lot In Life, Design A Life You’ll Really Love

gayle maree coaching

Over 95% of the population are unhappy with their lives without even knowing why. Their decisions are automatic and uninspired. We call this living by default. This means they don’t have any idea of what’s coming next or how they got to where they are now. Living life by default is not only common, it’s a recipe for more of the same.

But there is an alternative:

When you begin to create your life by design, you are choosing the parts of life you do want, the parts that inspire and uplift and you leave out the parts you don’t want.

This creates fun, joy, laughter and happiness in everything you do. It’s a recipe for a really great life.

Meet the Authors

Gayle Maree, Allan Herring

Allan Herring

I’m a 6D Therapist & Coach, an Entrepreneur, and dedicated healer, excited in sharing these transformational techniques with you.

Over the years I have come to understand that healing is not just physical. That’s only a very small part. Even though pain is felt in the body, the cause wasn’t physical so the solution won’t be either.

I now know the body as a unique, transformational, physical sense that is willing and able to heal under any and all circumstances.

Mastering the mood is an integral part of that healing system. You can’t feel depressed and have happy cells, it’s just not possible.

But I got here through a process. I didn’t know this was my journey but it has been amazing…

Gayle Maree

Hello I’m Gayle Maree, and I’ve discovered the path to a truly wonderful life, and it’s with something really simple that you use all the time. Your mood.

As with all great discoveries in life it came out of desperation and necessity, in a time when everything was falling apart. In a place that was deep within. It wasn’t until life began to fall apart that I found that what I thought was a burden, was really a gift.

After years of research as a Spiritual Counselor, I developed a system that created really great relationships. Ones that would flourish and last a lifetime, and it’s helped countless clients across the world find the love and happiness they desire.

6 dimensions of healing handbook

Design a life you’ll love

Connect to your inner joy, so that you’ll have the energy to live the life of your dreams