6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook

Change Your Reality and You Change Your Life 

Physical Dimension

Each of us has our own idea of what health means. For one person it may be about fitness and diet, to another it’s about minimizing pain. The beliefs you hold about health were probably formed many years ago.  What you need to decide is whether the thoughts you have around health, support you or not.

Mental Dimension

Thinking is a part of being human. Our thoughts define us, as they’re different from everyone else’s, even though we sometimes share opinions with others. We are the only person who can think our thoughts, therefore we are the only one who determines our mood. And our dominant mood creates your reality. So our dominant thoughts transform our life.

Emotional Dimension

Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. They create the experiences that unfold in your life. So, your reality is essentially designed by your thoughts and emotions. The question is really; what are you thinking and feeling that you want to create more of?


Vibration is energy streaming communication. It’s how we communicate with ourselves, others and the Universe. Our dominant mood becomes our vibration and our vibration is the way we request the Universe for more of something. You see we’re in an inclusive based Universe and we can only ever ask for more and exclude nothing. Focus is the key.

Intentional Dimension

It is your intentions that determine the outcome for your day. When your intentions are to have a great day, then you do. It’s when you don’t set your intentions that your default intentions become apparent because we always have intentions whether we’re aware of them or not. And they make an impact in our lives.

Attitude Dimension

It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Attitude is your demeanor in life. It is how you process what life has presented you with. Attitude doesn’t commence as an outward expression but an inward observation. 

Authenticity is Created By Design and Not By Default

Great Women are Created, not born

  • Great lives are created by design and not by default. None of us fall into a wonderful life. Even if it looks amazing to others, it still has its challenges. It has to. Early on, our challenges in life are our way of clarifying where our talents and strengths lie. As we mature, our challenges are about refining and direction. The question is: Do you recognize what they’re telling you?


Your Uniqueness Builds Strength

  • We were born into a world with over 6 billion other people. Just like a eucalypt in the forest, it doesn’t stand out until there’s a bushfire. Then it will shoot from the rubble and be the only thriving sapling in that burnt-out forest. The only piece of green amongst the sea of charcoal. That’s its strength. It’s survival amongst adversity. That’s also your strength and your edge.

We Expand To The Next Level Through our Challenges

  • We all have circumstances throughout life that put us under pressure. We grow through the challenges of business, family, finances and health. It helps us discover who we really are, what we were born to do and who we were born to be. It’s a clarifying and an enlightening process. One that will project you to the next level and the next.

Gayle Maree

Hello I’m Gayle Maree, and I’ve discovered the path to truly magnificent manifestations and its with something really simple that you use all the time. Your mood.

As with all great discoveries in life it came out of desperation and necessity, in a time when everything was falling apart. In a place that was deep within.

You see, because I was hypersensitive, I’d always been know as a ‘moody child’. In fact, I was pretty peeved thinking that people were born with all sorts of gifts and I was born moody.

It wasn’t until life began to fall apart that I found that what I thought was a burden, was really a gift.

Allan Herring

I’m a 6D Therapist & Trainer, an Entrepreneur, a dedicated healer and Mood Master, excited in sharing these life changing techniques with you.

Over the years I have come to understand that healing is not just physical. That is only a very small part. Even though pain is felt in the body, the cause wasn’t physical so the solution won’t be either.

I now know the body as a unique, transformational, physical sense that is willing and able to heal under any and all circumstances.

Mastering the mood is an integral part of the healing system. You can’t feel depressed and have happy cells, it’s just not possible.

But I got here through a process. I didn’t know this was my journey but it has been amazing…

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