It’s an interesting analogy, ‘getting out of your comfort zone’. It implies that you are leaving something behind and stepping into the abyss on your own. And sometimes, it feels like you are.

Let’s add some clarity to this.

What is a comfort zone?

A comfort zone is a place within, where you feel comfortable. It is referred to as a ‘zone’ as it is an area within and around you, much like an aura. It is a part of you, so it can never be left behind anywhere.

How is it created?

As you learn new things in life and practice them, they become more familiar. When you do this, it becomes a part of your comfort zone. Experiences such as walking for the first time, going to kindergarten or day care, then school, swimming lessons, riding a pushbike, high school, traveling overseas, public speaking, etc. The list goes on. These are the experiences that everyone faces with varying degrees of discomfort that eventually become familiar. They then become incorporated in your comfort zone. Everybody has a comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

I don’t believe you ever ‘step out’ of your comfort zone. Because it is a part of who you are and you take yourself wherever you go, with whatever you experience, you can’t ‘get out’ of it. However, when you do find yourself seemingly on a ledge with fear at every turn, it isn’t your comfort zone that needs to change but your focus.

The scary part of stepping out of a comfort zone is associated with some sort of risk. This may be a loss of money, health or relationships. However, when you break it down, the real risk involved is about how your emotions.

  • You don’t want to feel bad.
  • Nobody wants to feel regret.
  • It’s not an option to feel devastated.

There are no right and wrong decisions. You make a decision and then you back yourself. You turn your focus to things that create the best mood you can muster on any subject. Focus on what feels good as fear does not make good decisions. It is the opposite to your connection with Source and inspiration.

A Natural Expansion

Instead of thinking of your comfort zone as something you need to ‘step out’ of and then catch up, think of it as expanding. As just like a pool of water, it just moves into the space provided for it. If you wanted to expand the pool of water, you would just expand the hole and the water would flow into it, effortlessly.

Because it is called your comfort zone, it is just that, comfortable. Doing something new, or making decisions that are unknown, all tend to lean towards discomfort. That’s why there can be a feeling of ‘being outside’ the comfort zone. But there doesn’t have to be. Your comfort zone can expand effortlessly.

How to Expand Effortlessly

Whatever you have a desire to do or be or have, imagine it in detail. Imagine it until it feels exciting and wonderful. Then take the action as the opportunities arise. In this way it will be exciting rather than fearful and by the time it becomes familiar, your comfort zone has expanded. These are the Secrets of Manifestation. There will be times when your excitement is overshadowed by fear and therefore you feel out on that ledge, but all you need do, is remember that vision you had and how exciting it was and the fear will dissipate. You will need to do this as often as necessary but it is a requirement, if you are looking for that ‘effortless’ expansion.

Expanding your comfort zone is a natural part of growth and growth is a natural part of living so when you understand that the paralysing fear is not necessary, you can change the way you experience your expansion into familiarity and comfort.

We are constantly expanding our comfort zones and as we do, it changes who we have become. This new perspective becomes the bouncing off point for more and more glorious experiences which are well worth any initial discomfort.

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