Gayle Maree

Hi I’m Gayle Maree

I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years and more recently a Master Mood Coach, but my life hasn’t always been this focused and on purpose.

I grew up being told that I was moody and had a bad attitude, yet I had so many dreams and goals. This in itself caused huge mood swings because of the frustration my own undermining was causing.

I remember when I was first married that I would wish upon a star every night when the first star came out. (I know it sounds corny but that’s what I did as a child too.) We weren’t religious and this was my type of prayer. I had just one wish and my wish wasn’t for riches or travel or even for love. It was for happiness. I just wanted to be happy. It was a dream, a goal and a desire.

But all it was shedding a spotlight on, was that I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was depressed because I couldn’t see anything in my future but more of the same as I felt right now. It didn’t matter how much my life looked different on the outside, it still felt the same. 

Sure, there were things I wanted, I had dreams, but because I couldn’t see a path, it was difficult for me to feel inspired for more than two minutes at a time. I didn’t know about moods or how they affected my future. I just knew I didn’t like where I was standing.

That was 35 years ago when my first marriage ended and when I look back, there was so much I needed to know. However, there was no internet, the mobile phone hadn’t even been invented. We didn’t have cable TV. I didn’t know anybody successful or inspirational. All we had were books and magazines. And the magazines were tabloid. They would sensationalize just to sell. There was nothing worthwhile in them. But when you want something and let go of it, it has a way of finding you. (And you only every want or yearn for something because it’s moving you along your path.)


What Would You Do With Your Last $400?

Less than a month after my first marriage ended, I came across an advertisement for a free evening introduction for memory improvement. I knew it was something I could benefit from as my memory retention was poor. (I could never have been an actor with all those lines to memorize.)

So I went along on Thursday night to the free session. It turned out to be a sales evening for a weekend course called Alpha Dynamics. Yes I did learn how to improve my memory and still use some of that today, but the course they were selling was so much more.

It was about healing yourself and distant healing others and the power of the mind. This was the mid 80’s and I’d never heard of anything like this before. But it was $400 and that was a lot of money back then. I also didn’t have any money.

However, as the Universe works, my ex husband had just given me $400, 2 days previously to buy another television as he wanted to take ours with him to his new home. Televisions were expensive back then. (I remember paying off one for $800 just 2 years later and that was only a 51cm, 25”. It’s hard to imagine now.)

So I realized I did have the money to pay for this course and before I walked out that evening, I had signed up and paid. I didn’t need a television and I was ready for a new beginning.

The course was both eye opening and life changing, even for todays standards. And it covered so much that was mind blowing. By the end of the weekend, my whole outlook on life had changed. Finally, I knew there was a path to happiness and I was in control of it.

New Beginnings

4 Years after my marriage ended, I joined an MLM company. The best thing about my year with them was the personal development.

Each week we were given a book to read and a cassette tape to listen to. It opened so many doors for me and turned my life around. The International speakers at the seminars were amazing and the personal development was inspirational. It introduced me to classics like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow rich”, George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” (which is still true of society today) and many of Og Mandino’s books.

In fact, that was the beginning and I have been reading inspirational stories and biographies ever since. The older the better. Even though I loved reading these stories, I couldn’t figure out how they applied in my life.

When a few years later a friend gifted me Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life”, my life took another turn, into healing. The rainbow book as the kids referred to it,  introduced me to different parts of the body being affected by different situations. The causal effect of pain.

I began to absorb others like this as well but wanted a more in depth look at life. So I began the journey of looking at the afterlife. I devoured any book I could find from many libraries on life after death and read many amazing stories. They expanded what I had come to know about reality. I lost my fear of dying completely, if it ever existed. But I still wasn’t happy.

Searching for Purpose

I had met Allan before we decided to take the jump into MLM and it was the beginning of many ventures that didn’t yield financial results. Times were tough and we were growing a family. I stayed at home as a full time mother but there was still no internet! Not even personal computers.

It was the early 90’s. So books were still my main source of education. The library was free so I didn’t need to buy them and I could borrow as many as I could find.

With Jamieson, our youngest

This little guy is now 6ft tall. It was hard to imagine that would happen.

With my girls

These are my girls and granddaughter. The 4 boys and Allan are missing. 

Life is fun now

This volcanic lake is one of my favorite places in the world.

Journey to Spirituality

Just before my youngest daughter was born in 1999, I decided to become a counselor. There was motivation for that decision. I was sick of feeling frustrated with the relationship between Allan and his ex-wife and because there were 2 young boys involved, I wanted some tools to help us both get through this painful time.

There were no degree courses in counseling then, so I joined a crisis centre and began the six month long training program (and stayed for 10 years). Alongside this, I studied “A Course in Miracles”, which turned out to be a wonderful parallel. One taught me counseling skills and the other taught me about personal responsibility. They were a match made in heaven.

A friend came into my life at that time, who taught me about going within. It seems simple but until then I had been projecting everything outside myself, and now I looked deep within. I found my connection and I began to feel peaceful.

There’s Always A Turning Point

There were glimpses of happiness throughout my life, but something had always happened to stuff it up. In fact, I had adopted a saying early on in life which goes “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is”. I applied that to thinking that when I was too happy, something also came along to stuff it up. Because I had that belief, guess what happened? My prophecy was fulfilled every time. I had some really poor patterns going on and I still had no idea I’d created them.

When I was young I was always called ‘moody’ in a critical way and I’d always been told from a teenager that I had a ‘bad attitude’. I thought it was something I was born with and it was just my lot in life.

In fact, I was peeved that I didn’t have the same opportunities as others who were successful. A lot of time my attitude played out in my life as being rude and uncaring, so I can see why I was guided into counseling. As I reflect, there were so many things that needed to change and I’m surprised my guidance was as patient as they were. But each time I shed an old pattern I’d be rewarded with new insights which gave me inspiration to the next step and the next. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come and exciting to think how far I have to go.

In 2006, an angel in the guise of a gutter cleaner (literally a man who cleaned gutters), asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I can’t remember what I told him but then I concluded by saying “but I probably won’t be able to do it”. He said “Do you realize you just undermined yourself?” When he said that, the penny dropped.

I realized I did that all the time. I also made a vow to notice and stop, from then on. He suggested I should read a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called “Ask and It Is Given”. I rang my husband who had just heard of it too. He was away and said he picked up the last copy in the store.

When I eventually began to read this book (months later), it was life changing for me. The video The Secret had come out and it was motivational but superficial. Ask and It Was Given was the instruction booklet I had been looking for.

It helped me to understand a lot about my life. But I was confused because when I recommended it to people, very few actually liked it. Most didn’t get it.

So I began my own simplified and guided version of why things happen the way they do and how you can create what you want in life. It’s called “6 Dimensions of Healing”. The cornerstone is Mood Mastery.

6 dimensions of healing handbookGet your copy of 6 Dimensions of Healing - Handbook here

Finding 6D Mood Mastery

I realised all through my life, it was my moods that were molding and transforming my future and yet up until now, I had absolutely no idea.

I had often been referred to as moody and because I was hyper-sensitive, my mood swings were huge and frequent. I was winging-it through life and hoping for the best. Yet, like most people, it just wasn’t happening.

I would find glimpses of happiness but what I really wanted was to be grounded in feeling happy and free and loved. I now know I can have all of these things because I do have them.

Not because I worked hard or was kind to everyone. Not because I need to feel deserving, even though I do. I don’t need anybody’s permission and nobody can take them away from me. I have learned to master my mood and it molds my life into one with purpose and meaning.

Am I happy all the time? Of course not. If I was, it wouldn’t be called happy, it’d be called normal. But I am happy more often than not. I know what makes me happy and I know how to become happy when I’m not. It’s a pretty good formula.

Magnificent Manifestations

My life now unfolds beautifully. I am one with my guidance and my intuition is strong. I have fully integrated my life and my career with wisdom and love. My decisions are clear and my relationships become stronger.

I have so much appreciation and understanding for how the Universe works and yet I know that I really understand very little. I get to witness the bigger picture in people’s lives, even when they can’t see it for themselves and I trust.

I trust that I am guided lovingly to the next and the next opportunity to create bigger and better things in the world that I haven’t even thought of yet. The future is exciting and I am happy with where I am.

I’d like that for you too. Come on the journey with me.

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