Do You Support Your Own Goals?

  • Do you have clear goals?
  • Are they succinct in your mind or still a little fuzzy?
  • Do you really know what you want next?

When you answer these the next set of questions is:

  • Do you feel these goals are a probability or a possibility?
  • Are you undermining yourself because you don’t know how to get there?
  • Are there any doubts in your mind about attaining these goals?

If you said yes to some of the last set of questions, then you are probably building your empire with one hand and knocking it down with the other. Whilst you practice this method, your goals can’t manifest and your dreams can’t become a reality.

So you want to get really clear about what you want. It’s ok to have some burgeoning ideas of what you want in the future. We call these dreams. They haven’t quite become goals yet because there are more details to fill in. Don’t put pressure on yourself about not manifesting your dreams, as these are the seeds of your future and they need to build a foundation first. So enjoy the pondering and refining of your dreams. You will always have dreams of some sort, they are the summoning of energy that flows through you. Without them, you would cease to exist.

Goals Seem Probable

Goals are those ideas that seem probable rather than just possible. Your life has developed enough that you can feel the imminent arrival of your goal and it’s exciting. Things are lining up for you. Opportunities arrive and coincidences occur to give you confidence that your goal is on track. Your job now, is to stay in a mood space that compliments your goal.

So practice appreciating where you are and looking for what is working rather than noticing what isn’t. Many of us seem to have been brought up to complain about the storm, rather than appreciate the rainbow. This pattern of noticing what isn’t working will keep your goals from manifesting. There are many people that have what you want, that were standing where you are right now. You’re right on track.

Expectations are normal

In fact, you should expect your goals to manifest. However, you need to let go of what form it will take. People don’t seem to understand that these goals are thought forms that have been released into the Universe and they are organic. They grow just as you do. So let go of what you think it will look like or what shape it will take. Just get excited about what’s to come.

Never give up

It is common to have a time limit for goals. You want to lose weight for a wedding or have a job done by Christmas. That’s great, but it doesn’t always work to a time frame. So don’t give up on your goals because they haven’t happened in your imposed time frame. They never leave you, so allow them to unfold rather than trying to force them to materialise.

Goals can be broken down into many parts. These are called desires. Every desire you hold is bringing you closer and closer to your goals. That instagram course you came across, the 30day Video challenge, Facebook groups and the website designer you just met, are desires that are being fulfilled and all these are the building blocks of your goals. You noticed them because they were desires and the desires came about because of the goals you had.

You Can’t See What’s Coming

Be careful about taking stock. If you haven’t achieved the outcome you have been anticipating, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it isn’t happening. But 90% of any physical manifestation, happens where you can’t see it. Just like an oak tree or a skyscraper, it is the roots or the foundations that give strength to the ideas to come. So take stock by noticing how you are feeling. It is your mood that will let you know whether you are on track or not.

You only ever want something because you think that by having it you will feel better. So take the mood of ‘feeling great’ as the first sign of manifestations and congratulate yourself as this is your goal becoming a reality.

Relax. Everything is unfolding perfectly.

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