Feeling Lost? Time to Reshape your Destiny

Are you Feeling Lost?

How do you find yourself in amongst the vast ocean of emotions and personalities to reshape your destiny? How do you know who you really are?

It seems we’ve spent so long pretending to be somebody else or emulating another that we don’t have any idea who we really are. That could be because we’ve been expected to be someone in particular or to follow a path that has been laid out for us.

How do you even know if you’re lost?

You know you’re lost because things don’t work out the way you want them to. They’re difficult, relationships don’t flow and we’re not who we thought we’d be by now. There’s frustration, sadness and a feeling that time is running out.

You came in this world to be you, nobody else. So how could this plan go so wrong?

Shaping your Destiny

From the time we were born we were following examples from the people in our lives. As we were growing up, our early days were simply developing patterns that we adopted from those around us.  If the people we were brought up with, weren’t helping us pave our path, then we could have easily got lost.  

We don’t judge whether the patterns we adopted were in our best interests or whether they’ll work for us in the long run. We just observe and process. And we believe what we’re digesting. That this is the path for us. The path that takes us to where we’re going, wherever that may be. There are no choices to be made.

Can you see how this could go very wrong? There was no discernment around whether the habits we were developing were for our highest good. And yet, we were inadvertently creating our own destiny.

As a young child the people we grow up with were God in our eyes and therefore they must know what’s right for us. They even tell us so, therefore there is no doubt.

Cracks in the Life Path

As we grew, there were cracks. Indicators along the way that the habits we’d adopted no longer worked for us.

It’s in the teasing at school or the bullying, no matter whether we were the victim or the bully. It’s in the pain of rejection and the disappointments of failure.

Reflected back to us are the relationships that aren’t working, the whispers and stares. Embarrassing moments and the humiliation. Very soon we’re thinking there’s something wrong with us.

Why you Need to Reshape your Destiny 

There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing has gone wrong.

How you’re feeling is called soul communication. The indicators of your Inner Guidance are showing you via your emotions, that the habits you’ve adopted aren’t working. That’s why it’s painful.

Our experiences are often a painful reflection of what’s not working inside of us. All of us. It’s painful so the message is received. The message is that this pattern isn’t working and something needs to change.

The destiny you’ve designed may not be working so it’s time to reshape your destiny.

You Begin with Reflection

In reflection we can see that those patterns we adopted, say on relationships from our mother may not have been the best path for us, so it’s back to the drawing board. Who do we see around us that’s good at relationships. Who do we admire and say, I’d like one like that? As soon as we recognize an alternative and decide we’d like one like that, then we’ve begun to change the path. We are subconsciously choosing to adopt new patterns to replace the old outdated ones that don’t work for us.

So, who has the work ethic that we’d like? For me it’s somebody who’s uplifting, happy and wealthy. Money just isn’t enough for me to call it successful. So, what do they do? How can I adopt some of those principles in my life? There are many examples. When you recognize it, then say, yes I’d like to do it like that. Another adoption of new patterns.

What kind of parent would I like to be? Who’s great at parenting that I admire? Yes, I’d like to do it like that.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to know these people well. And you aren’t adopting ALL of their patterns, only the ones you admire. They don’t have to have everything.

This is how to Reshape your Destiny

We are born with a personality and a purpose and those expand and grow during this and every lifetime. Of our destiny, we are born with a blank canvas. We create our destiny with patterns of behavior, habits and intentions. That’s why we adopt the ones of the people around us and as we move through life we get to decide what works for us and what doesn’t. It’s a little like learning to paint. You begin with the squiggles and as you develop the work gains more depth in the landscapes and faces. The art resembles who you’ve become.

So rather than trying to find yourself, it’s more a path of self-discovery. To reshape your destiny you ask yourself: Who am I now and who would I want to become? The answer is that it’s always you but with what traits? You get to choose those and that’s what reshapes your destiny.

For instance, you can always decide to buy a car but what type of car would you want and what are the extras that you’d want to add? This is what makes your car different to another. And this path of self-discovery is what makes you unique.

Choose the Traits to Reshape your Destiny

You’re born with your body and a personality but what traits would you like to adopt and how do you wish to mold your personality to become the very best version of yourself. This is how to reshape your destiny.

Everybody changes. Everyone, no exceptions. That’s what we’ve come here to do. Expand our consciousness through the choices and experiences in life. And every experience adds to the palette that you paint life with. So change is a given. The direction you take, the things you achieve, that’s a choice and it’s called your destiny.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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